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SSC CHSL Previous Papers – Prepare Well From Sample Question Paper PDF

SSC CHSL Previous Papers

Seek Your Dream Then Begin Your Preparation with SSC CHSL Previous Papers!!! Aspirants, who want to get Jobs in SSC by qualifying in Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam, may start their preparation through SSC CHSL Sample Question Paper. Aspirants, you can also save the comprehensive PDFs of the best selected previous year question paper that will give a boost to your SSC CHSL preparation. You’re advised to keep in touch with us on our web portal to grab latest updates regarding the same and Prepare Well for upcoming exam.  

Staff Selection Commission conducts SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level exam to hire dedicated and skilled contenders to fill up Data Entry Operator, Lower Division Clerk, Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant posts. Appliers may also get detailed information about SSC CHSL Model Question Paper from this page which is created by team of

SSC CHSL Previous Papers

Q-1. (112 x 54) = ?

  1. 67000
  2. 70000
  3. 76500
  4. 77200

Answer: B

Q-2.  What least number must be added to 1056, so that the sum is completely divisible by 23?

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 18
  4. 21

Answer: A

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Q-3. How many of the following numbers are divisible by 132? 264, 396, 462, 792, 968, 2178, 5184, 6336

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 7

Answer: A

Q-4. The cost price of 20 articles is the same as the selling price of x articles. If the profit is 25%, then the value of x is:

  1. 15
  2. 16
  3. 18
  4. 25

Answer: B

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Q-5. The cube root of .000216 is:

  1. .6
  2. .06
  3. 77
  4. 87

Answer: B

Q-6. A can contains a mixture of two liquids A and B is the ratio 7: 5. When 9 litres of mixture are drawn off and the can is filled with B, the ratio of A and B becomes 7: 9. How many litres of liquid A was contained by the can initially?

  1. 10
  2. 20
  3. 21
  4. 25

Answer: C

Q-7. Reena took a loan of Rs. 1200 with simple interest for as many years as the rate of interest. If she paid Rs. 432 as interest at the end of the loan period, what was the rate of interest?

  1. 3.6
  2. 6
  3. 18
  4. Cannot be determined

Answer: B

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Q-8. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word-

  1. Misappropriate
  2. Balance
  3. Remunerate
  4. Clear

Answer: A

Q-9. Choose the word which is the exact Opposite of the given word-

  1. Soft
  2. Average
  3. Tiny
  4. Weak

Answer: D

Q-10. Find the correctly spelt word-

  1. Foreign
  2. Foreine
  3. Fariegn
  4. Forein

Answer: A

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Q-11.  Find the correctly spelt word-

  1. Pessenger
  2. Passenger
  3. Pasanger
  4. Pesanger

Answer:  B

Q-12. Choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Indirect/Direct speech- “If you don’t keep quiet I shall shoot you”, he said to her in a calm voice.

  1. He warned her to shoot if she didn’t keep quiet calmly.
  2. He said calmly that I shall shoot you if you don’t be quiet.
  3. He warned her calmly that he would shoot her if she didn’t keep quiet.
  4. Calmly he warned her that be quiet or else he will have to shoot her.

Answer: C

Q-13. Choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Indirect/Direct speech- I told him that he was not working hard.

  1. I said to him, “You are not working hard.”
  2. I told to him, “You are not working hard.”
  3. I said, “You are not working hard.”
  4. I said to him, “He is not working hard.”

Answer: A

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Q-14. Choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Indirect/Direct speech- Who is creating this mess?

  1. Who has been created this mess?
  2. By whom has this mess been created?
  3. By whom this mess is being created?
  4. By whom is this mess being created?

Answer: D

Q-15. Entomology is the science that studies

  1. Behavior of human beings
  2. Insects
  3. The origin and history of technical and scientific terms
  4. The formation of rocks

Answer: B

Q-16. Who was known as Iron man of India?

  1. Govind Ballabh Pant
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. Subhash Chandra Bose
  4. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Answer: D

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Q-17. Jude Felix is a famous Indian player in which of the fields?

  1. Volleyball
  2. Tennis
  3. Football
  4. Hockey

Answer: D

Q-18. Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2000 was awarded to the former President of South Africa along with

  1. Sathish Dawan
  2. Subramanian
  3. Grameen Bank of Bangladesh
  4. World Health Organisation

Answer: C

Q-19. Who has been awarded the first lifetime Achievement Award for his/her contribution in the field of Cinema?

  1. Ashok Kumar
  2. Hou Hsio-hsein
  3. Akiro Burosova
  4. Bernardo Burtolucci

Answer: A

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Q-20. The Battle of Plassey was fought in

  1. 1757
  2. 1782
  3. 1748
  4. 1764

Answer: A

Above stated questions and answers are beneficial to prepare well for SSC CHSL Exam and Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam contains Objective Type Written Examination followed by Skill Test for position of Data Entry Operator and Objective Type Written Test with typing Test for the post of Postal, Sorting Assistant & LDO. Written Examination will be of two hours duration containing four sections of papers.

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