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SSC Data Entry Operator Question Paper, CHSL (10+2) Model/Sample Paper

SSC Data Entry Operator Question Paper

Have you any idea of question asked in SSC CHSL Exam? If no, then this page is going to be beneficial for you!!! Check out SSC Data Entry Operator Question Paper through this page and prepare for exam in better way. Candidates must prepare for SSC LDC/DEO Exam by studying through SSC CHSL (10+2) Model Papers and Sample Papers. Candidates can also check the Sample Question and Answers from the beneath segment of this page.

SSC CHSL Sample Paper with Solution helps the candidates in their preparations by providing easy solutions for the candidates. Applicants can get the new short cut methods and tricks to solve the questions by regular practicing with SSC CHSL Model Question Paper. To check the question and answer of CHSL Exam, candidates can go through this page which is well tailored by the team of

SSC Data Entry Operator Question Paper

The Staff Selection Commission Data Entry Operator Exam covers following parts:

  • English Language
  • Numerical Aptitude
  • General Intelligence & Reasoning
  • General Knowledge

Candidates can practice with questions of these sections by checking this page completely.

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SSC CHSL Question And Answer

Question 1. Which is not the concern of the local government?

  1. Public Health
  2. Sanitation
  3. Law and order
  4. Public Utility Services


Question 2. Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the worlds

  1. largest railway station
  2. highest railway station
  3. longest railway station
  4. None of the above


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Question  3. Entomology is the science that studies

  1. Behavior of human beings
  2. Insects
  3. The origin and history of technical and scientific terms
  4. The formation of rocks


Question 4. Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the UN in 1993, is in the continent of

  1. Asia
  2. Africa
  3. Europe
  4. Australia


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Question  5.
Garampani sanctuary is located at

  1. Junagarh, Gujarat
  2. Diphu, Assam
  3. Kohima, Nagaland
  4. Gangtok, Sikkim


Question  6. For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize awarded?

  1. Physics and Chemistry
  2. Physiology or Medicine
  3. Literature, Peace and Economics
  4. All of the above


Question  7. Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is known as-

  1. Labour Party
  2. Nazi Party
  3. Ku-Klux-Klan
  4. Democratic Party


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Question  8. FFC stands for

  1. Foreign Finance Corporation
  2. Film Finance Corporation
  3. Federation of Football Council
  4. None of the above


Question  9. Epsom (England) is the place associated with

  1. Horse racing
  2. Polo
  3. Shooting
  4. Snooker


Question  10. First human heart transplant operation conducted by Dr. Christian Bernard on Louis Washkansky, was conducted in

  1. 1967
  2. 1968
  3. 1958
  4. 1922


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Question  11. In a certain store, the profit is 320% of the cost. If the cost increases by 25% but the selling price remains constant, approximately what percentage of the selling price is the profit?

  1. 30%
  2. 70%
  3. 100%
  4. 250%


Question  12. Two trains running in opposite directions cross a man standing on the platform in 27 seconds and 17 seconds respectively and they cross each other in 23 seconds. The ratio of their speeds is:

  1. 1: 3
  2. 3: 2
  3. 3: 4
  4. None of these


Question  13. A, B and C can do a piece of work in 20, 30 and 60 days respectively. In how many days can A do the work if he is assisted by B and C on every third day?

  1. 12 days
  2. 15 days
  3. 16 days
  4. 18 days


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Question  14. Present ages of Sameer and Anand are in the ratio of 5 : 4 respectively. Three years hence, the ratio of their ages will become 11: 9 respectively. What is Anand’s present age in years?

  1. 24
  2. 27
  3. 40
  4. Cannot be determined
  5. None of these


Question  15. A certain amount earns simple interest of Rs. 1750 after 7 years. Had the interest been 2% more, how much more interest would it have earned?

  1. Rs. 35
  2. Rs. 245
  3. Rs. 350
  4. Cannot be determined
  5. None of these


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Question  16. If A + B means A is the mother of B; A – B means A is the brother B; A % B means A is the father of B and A x B means A is the sister of B, which of the following shows that P is the maternal uncle of Q?

  1. Q – N + M x P
  2. P + S x N – Q
  3. P – M + N x Q
  4. Q – S % P


Question  17. Statements: Some actors are singers. All the singers are dancers.

Conclusions: Some actors are dancers.

No singer is actor.

  1. Only (1) conclusion follows
  2. Only (2) conclusion follows
  3. Either (1) or (2) follows
  4. Neither (1) nor (2) follows
  5. Both (1) and (2) follow


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Question  18. Look at this series: 22, 21, 23, 22, 24, 23, … What number should come next?

  1. 22
  2. 24
  3. 25
  4. 26


Question  19. A, P, R, X, S and Z are sitting in a row. S and Z are in the centre. A and P are at the ends. R is sitting to the left of A. Who is to the right of P ?

  1. A
  2. X
  3. S
  4. Z


Question 20. ELFA, GLHA, ILJA, _____, MLNA

  1. OLPA
  2. KLMA
  3. LLMA
  4. KLLA


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Aspirants must solve these questions to get an idea of CHSL Exam Question. The above provided section is created for the easiness of candidates. Participants can check section wise questions for LDC/ DEO Exam through the pdf file given above. To get more updated SSC Data Entry Operator Question Paper, candidates keep visit this page time to time.

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