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SSC LDC Model Paper 2017 Check Latest Sample Question Papers in Hindi/Eng

SSC LDC Model Paper

Decided To Achieve Something Big Then, Start Your Preparation with Latest SSC LDC Model Paper!!! Staff Selection Commission conducts SSC Lower Division Clerk Exam yearly to hire dedicated and skilled contenders for LDC posts. Aspirants may scroll down to look at this page in which SSC LDC Sample Questions Papers are provided for you in Hindi and English language for general awareness, general intelligence & aptitude. Aspirants, we’re also trying to collect other information related to SSC LDC Model Paper 2017 so stay tuned with us on our web portal.  

Below provided questions are most likely to come again, so must solve them to boost your preparation and SSC LDC Sample Paper with answers will help you to score good marks in examination. Aspirants may acquire whole information about SSC LDC Model Question Paper like question with answers etc from below segment of this page which is created by team of recruitmentresult.com.

SSC LDC Model Paper

Ques 1-The average weight of 8 person’s increases by 2.5 kg when a new person comes in place of one of them weighing 65 kg. What might be the weight of the new person?

  1. 76 kg
  2. 76.5 kg
  3. 85 kg
  4. Data inadequate

Answer: C

Ques 2- Find the correctly spelt words. (solve as per the direction given above)

  1. Ommineous
  2. Omineous
  3. Ominous
  4. Omenous

Answer: C

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Ques 3-Prior to the European Union, the unit of currency (money) of the Netherlands was the:

  1. mark
  2. dollar
  3. guilder
  4. pound

Answer: C

Ques 4-On selling 17 balls at Rs. 720, there is a loss equal to the cost price of 5 balls. The cost price of a ball is:

  1. Rs. 45
  2. Rs. 50
  3. Rs. 55
  4. Rs. 60

Answer: D

Ques 5-I remember my sister taking me to the museum.

  1. I remember I was taken to the museum by my sister.
  2. I remember being taken to the museum by my sister.
  3. I remember myself being taken to the museum by my sister.
  4. I remember taken to the museum by my sister.

Answer: B

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Ques 6-The length of a rectangle is halved, while its breadth is tripled. What is the percentage change in area?

  1. 25% increase
  2. 50% increase
  3. 50% decrease
  4. 75% decrease

Answer: B

Ques 7-.Ms Bachendri Pal had undertaken a unique expedition for focussing attention on which of the following themes?

  1. National Integration
  2. The Girl Child
  3. Spirit of Adventure
  4. One Nation One Family

Answer: C

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  1. Ungraceful
  2. Rough
  3. Slovenly
  4. Dirty

Answer: B

Ques 9-A and B can do a work in 8 days, B and C can do the same work in 12 days. A, B and C together can finish it in 6 days. A and C together will do it in :

  1. 4 days
  2. 6 days
  3. 8 days
  4. 12 days

Answer: C

Ques 10-MORTAL

  1. Divine
  2. Immortal
  3. Spiritual
  4. Eternal

Answer: B

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Ques 11-Two tailors X and Y are paid a total of Rs. 550 per week by their employer. If X is paid 120 percent of the sum paid to Y, how much is Y paid per week?

  1. Rs. 200
  2. Rs. 250
  3. Rs. 300
  4. None of these

Answer: B

Ques 12-20% of 175 + 25% of 200 = ?

  1. 95
  2. 85
  3. 90
  4. 75

Answer: B

Ques 13-The average monthly income of P and Q is Rs. 5050. The average monthly income of Q and R is Rs. 6250 and the average monthly income of P and R is Rs. 5200. The monthly income of P is:

  1. 3500
  2. 4000
  3. 4050
  4. 5000

Answer: B

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Ques 14-In each question, five pairs of words are given. Select the pair that refers most directly to a single concept.

  1. apple-automobile
  2. orange-apple
  3. automobile-cloud
  4. charity-automobile

Answer: B

Ques 15 A man buys a cycle for Rs. 1400 and sells it at a loss of 15%. What is the selling price of the cycle?

  1. Rs. 1090
  2. Rs. 1160
  3. Rs. 1190
  4. Rs. 1202

Answer: C

Ques 16-Darjeeling grows tea.

  1. Tea is being grown in Darjeeling.
  2. Let the tea be grown in Darjeeling.
  3. Tea is grown in Darjeeling.
  4. Tea grows in Darjeeling.

Answer: C

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Ques 17-What is the least number of squares tiles required to pave the floor of a room 15 m 17 cm long and 9 m 2 cm broad?

  1. 814
  2. 820
  3. 840
  4. 844

Answer: A

Ques 18-Ashok Pandit is known for his outstanding performance in which of the following ?

  1. Swimming
  2. Wrestling
  3. Shooting
  4. Kabaddi

Answer: C

Ques 19-1 , 2 , 4 , 3 , 9 , 4 , 16 , 5 , ?

  1. 45
  2. 25
  3. 30
  4. 55

Answer: B

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Ques 20-The first field Marshal of India was

  1. Vaidya
  2. K.M. Cariappa
  3. Sunder ji
  4. S.H.F.J. Manekshaw

Answer: D 

Some Interesting Facts About Commission

SSC is acronym as Staff Selection Commission that organizes SSC Recruitment Exam to appoint dedicated and skilled aspirants for different posts in the dissimilar Subordinate Offices and in Ministries and Departments of the Government of India. Currently, Commission has seven provincial offices at Guwahati, Chennai, Allahabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

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