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SSC Stenographer Previous Question Paper, Download Last 3 Years Paper

SSC Stenographer Previous Question Paper

Plan To Qualify SSC Stenographer Exam, Download Last 3 Years Papers For Well Preparation!!! Great News for all aspirants who are searching SSC Stenographer Previous Question Paper, they can get whole information from this page. Staff selection commission conducts Stenographer exam for those candidates who want to grab jobs in government sector. Applicants who have applied for the SSC Stenographer Recruitment Exam they must do their preparation by the help of Model Question Paper with Answers and may also download it free from the official web portal.

Yearly, a huge number of aspirants apply for SSC Recruitments to enhance their career in government sector. To crack the SSC Steno exam applicants need to prepare well through online practice test, preparation books and previous year question papers which are best way to get prepare for the examination. You can get complete information about SSC Stenographer Model Question Paper from this page which is created by team of

Staff Selection Commission Stenographer Exam includes a written paper which is consist of 100 Objective Type/ multiple choice questions which will be divided into 3 parts like:

  • General Intelligence & Reasoning (50 questions)
  • General Awareness (50 questions)
  • English Language and Comprehension (100 questions)

SSC Stenographer Previous Question Paper

Ques.1)You need not come unless you want to.

  1. You don’t need to come unless you want to
  2. You come only when you want to
  3. You come unless you don’t want to
  4. You needn’t come until you don’t want to
  5. No correction required

Ans. 1

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Ques.2) There are not many men who are so famous that they are frequently referred to by their short names only

  1. initials
  2. signatures
  3. pictures
  4. middle names
  5. E.No correction required


Ques.3) The man to who I sold my house was a cheat.

  1. to whom I sell
  2. to who I sell
  3. who was sold to
  4. to whom I sold
  5. No correction required


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Ques.4) A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The sum is:

  1. Rs. 650
  2. Rs. 690
  3. Rs. 698
  4. Rs. 700


Ques.5) Mr. Thomas invested an amount of Rs. 13,900 divided in two different schemes A and B at the simple interest rate of 14% p.a. and 11% p.a. respectively. If the total amount of simple interest earned in 2 years be Rs. 3508, what was the amount invested in Scheme B?

  1. Rs. 6400
  2. Rs. 6500
  3. Rs. 7200
  4. Rs. 7500
  5. None of these


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Ques.6) A sum fetched a total simple interest of Rs. 4016.25 at the rate of 9 p.c.p.a. in 5 years. What is the sum?

  1. Rs. 4462.50
  2. Rs. 8032.50
  3. Rs. 8900
  4. Rs. 8925
  5. None of these


Ques.7) An aeroplane covers a certain distance at a speed of 240 kmph in 5 hours. To cover the same distance in 1 hours, it must travel at a speed of:

  1. 300 kmph
  2. 360 kmph
  3. 600 kmph
  4. 720 kmph


Ques.8) A train can travel 50% faster than a car. Both start from point A at the same time and reach point B 75 kms away from A at the same time. On the way, however, the train lost about 12.5 minutes while stopping at the stations. The speed of the car is:

  1. 100 kmph
  2. 110 kmph
  3. 120 kmph
  4. 130 kmph


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Ques.9) In a certain store, the profit is 320% of the cost. If the cost increases by 25% but the selling price remains constant, approximately what percentage of the selling price is the profit?

  1. 30%
  2. 70%
  3. 100%
  4. 250%


Ques.10) A vendor bought toffees at 6 for a rupee. How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20%?

  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 6

Ans. 3

Ques.11) A alone can do a piece of work in 6 days and B alone in 8 days. A and B undertook to do it for Rs. 3200. With the help of C, they completed the work in 3 days. How much is to be paid to C?

  1. Rs. 375
  2. Rs. 400
  3. Rs. 600
  4. Rs. 800


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Ques.12) he length of the bridge, which a train 130 metres long and travelling at 45 km/hr can cross in 30 seconds, is:

  1. 200 m
  2. 225 m
  3. 245 m
  4. 250 m


Ques.13) Despite his best efforts to conceal his anger …..

  1. we could detect that he was very happy
  2. he failed to give us an impression of his agony
  3. he succeeded in camouflaging his emotions
  4. he could succeed in doing it easily
  5. people came to know that he was annoyed


Ques.14) Even if it rains I shall come means……

  1. if I come it will not rain
  2. if it rains I shall not come
  3. I will certainly come whether it rains or not
  4. whenever there is rain I shall come
  5. I am less likely to come if it rains


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Ques.15) His appearance is unsmiling but ……

  1. his heart is full of compassion for others
  2. he looks very serious on most occasions
  3. people are afraid of him
  4. he is uncompromising on matters of task performance
  5. he is full of jealousy towards his colleagues


Ques.16) She never visits any zoo because she is strong opponent of the idea of ……

  1. setting the animals free into forest
  2. feeding the animals while others are watching
  3. watching the animals in their natural abode
  4. going out of the house on a holiday
  5. holding the animals in captivity for our joy


Ques.17) Which one of the following is always found in ‘Bravery’?

  1. Experience
  2. Power
  3. Courage
  4. Knowledge


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Ques.18) The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of

  1. Sutlej and Beas
  2. Jhelum and Chenab
  3. Ravi and Chenab
  4. Ganga and Yamuna


Ques.19) The Parliament of India cannot be regarded as a sovereign body because

  1. it can legislate only on subjects entrusted to the Centre by the Constitution
  2. it has to operate within the limits prescribed by the Constitution
  3. the Supreme Court can declare laws passed by parliament as unconstitutional if they contravene the provisions of the Constitution
  4. All of the above


Ques.20) The members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by

  1. the people
  2. Lok Sabha
  3. elected members of the legislative assembly
  4. elected members of the legislative council


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Above provided question and answers are beneficial for you to qualify SSC Exam. There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer. Aspirants must check the previous year question paper with answers which are well mentioned above.

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