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Stress Management-Effective Tips For Students/Employees To Manage Stress

Stress Management

Stress is a kind of tension or depression in mind that is caused due to family problems, work load and many others resulting in an unnecessary behaviour of a person. Stress creates problems that might affect a lot in our relationships and day to day activities.


Stress Management is required to have a control in your life regarding emotions, thoughts. Stress Management provides a method to deal with day to day problems resulting in positive attitude and behavior. In today’s world, it becomes necessary to find ways of How To Reduce Stress being not addicted to unhealthy habits.

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Here are some effective tips for students and Employees to manage stress-

Best Ways to Manage Your Stress

Develop Control:

  • This is the key factor to manage your stress in different situations in daily life. Being developing a control on our emotions and thoughts, a person can manage his stress effectively.
  • You can control yourself by giving less attention to the things that you doesn’t like such as if you get anxious by evening news, turn off the T.V at evening etc.
  • It means doing the things you are interested in and keeping yourself away from the things that make you angry and stressful, you can manage your stress.

Meditating Your-Self:

  • If you view to clear your thoughts and mind by meditating yourself, you can easily cope up with the tension and stress you have in your mind.
  • Take a deep breath to relax yourself. For meditating, a person can sit in silence to know and experience what the mind is doing.
  • It provides steadiness and calmness to the person and his mind to relieve his stress. Other factor can be counting your breath steaming in and out. This results in the control of stress naturally without regulating your breath.


Searching for Pleasure:

  • If you have a kind of tension in your mind, you should switch your mind to things that please yourself such as go for a drive and chatting on social sites with your special friend.
  • If some person who causes you stress, stay away or spend less time as you can with that person so as not to get upset yourself or End the relationship with that person entirely.
  • Try to adopt the things that create amusement in your life for your leisure time so as to not get pressurized in unadorable situations.

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Relaxing Your-Self:

  • This is the best method to have a control on your stress. Take a deep breath daily for at least 10 minutes to relax your mind from pressure of day to day activities. You can also join classes for relaxation as yoga.You can relax yourself by writing yours feelings and your thoughts at that moment that are residing in your mind on a paper.
  • Another way can be Eliminating the sources of stress as much as you can like getting rid of a friend that only make s you sympathetic and sad ,avoiding stressful circumstances from your life like cooking for a while to relax yourself if you like cooking.

Sharing Feelings:

  • The person who is stressed must share his feelings with others to relieve your stress. Many problems disappear if a person talks to others about his problem.
  • You can talk to your close friend about your thoughts and feelings in a way to take an advice from him/her. Sharing your feelings can make you stressless and good.
  • You can also talk to your family member whom you think can understand you better. A family member can provide you the affection and support you need to relieve your stress.

Positive Attitude:

  • This is another an effective approach to manage your stress .If a person thinks positive then ultimately problems doesn’t last long in his life. Developing a positive attitude towards others also helps to remove problems and cope up with stress.
  • You can do positive thinking exercises to relieve your stress like talking to yourself as affirmative can help you release negative thoughts from your mind and make you feel calm and peaceful.
  • By developing strong positive feelings in yourself and thinking about the things that you appreciate in your life including your own positive qualities can help you a lot to manage your stress.

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Take a Good Sleep:

  • If a person takes a good sleep then definitely stress will not be felt by that person. Sleeplessness results in unwanted behavior that might create depression in that person.
  • Adequate sleep refreshes your mind and bo9dy to think well and behave as required according to situation. If a person feels tired, then also he gets stressed and behaves inadequately.
  • Good sleep helps you to concentrate your mind towards your work and your day to day activities resulting in a good behavior.


  • If a person forgives others in spite of angering himself then a person can also controls his stress to prevent problems in his life and thus preventing relationships. No one is perfect.
  • With respect to this statement, a person must learn to forgive others about the mistakes in spite of getting angry.
  • Try to lose out negative feelings of mind and cope up your situation by moving on forward in your life.
  • This will always make you happy and relieve your stress. Possessiveness also creates a ladder of success for a person in his work.

So, stress management is essential to cope up with you from your stress and daily activities so that pressure might not affect your mind and work. Moreover, Healthy mind always resides in healthy body.

It is also essential to take care of your body by not switching to wrong habits and actions. Be away from the sources that cause a stress and depression in you.

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