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Study Abroad in USA | United States Guide for International Students–Programs

Study Abroad in USA

United States of America has the world’s largest international student population who want to Study Abroad in USA to broaden their education and life experience. If you are an international student planning to come to the US to study our USA State Guide will help you out.

It will not only determine the value of the degree you earn but also play an important role in defining your career choices ahead. Here on this page, the team of is providing you United States Guide for International Students and details of programs to study Abroad in USA.

Reasons to study abroad in USA universities

For every Indian student, the major consideration when looking at higher study options Abroad is the host country where he/she may pursue his further studies. Some choose to Study Abroad in United States, some plan Australia, New Zealand or Canada.

If you are looking to apply for an undergraduate, postgraduate or research programme in the United States, let us start by evaluating the advantages of International students studying in USA and other benefit that they gain in sort of time.

Study Abroad in USA

United States Guide for International Students–Programs

Why Study in the United States?

A study program in the USA may help you experience new cultures, learn new ideas, and free your mind to discover the global society in which we live.

The United States, a vast country traversing six time zones, is considered the land of opportunity and an exceptional education provider. It’s also a popular destination for international students seeking to study abroad in USA for undergraduate and graduate programs.

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Education system in the USA

There are three types of institutions in the USA:

  1. Universities – Normally, universities in the USA offer a range of graduate programmes, including doctoral programmes. Universities are usually larger than colleges in terms of sizes and opportunities. There are two types of universities in the USA – public and private.

Public universities are funded by the US state government. These universities are often rooted to their local communities, thus making themselves dynamic and vibrant.

Private universities are run by student tuition fees, research outcome, donations and other funding sources. These universities are not owned by any government body.

  1. Community colleges – Community colleges in the USA are small community-based two-year colleges that offer vocational and certificate programmes to students. These colleges work closely with some employers, and also offer different pathways programmes for students.
  2. Liberal arts colleges – Liberal arts colleges in the USA emphasise on providing undergraduate degrees in liberal arts and sciences. These colleges could be either private or public institutions. Compared with a usual vocational or technical or professional degree, a liberal arts degree lasts for four years of full-time study.

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Study options

Biotechnology, computer science and electronics are some of the most popular courses in the USA. Other specialised postgraduate courses in streams like medicine, cosmetic surgery, para-psychology, diabetes and genetics are also popular.

Cost of studying in the USA

The cost of studying in the USA could be quite expensive at times, for some international students. Community colleges cost $17,000 (along with transport and other living expenses).

A four-year public college for international students can cost $39,890, and private non-profit four-year institutions can cost $49,000 (along with transport and other living expenses). Food and living expenses in the USA normally range between $8000 and $12000, barring the cost of transportation and other expenses.

Scholarships for international students

To meet the expenses and the tuition costs, you may apply for scholarships or financial aid. Many international students opt for education loans, which should be repaid to the banks along with an interest rate fixed by the banks.

Besides providing the common funding options, a few universities provide ‘need-blind’ admissions for students with high merits, but who have few resources to support their education. Some of the popular scholarships that you can apply for are

  • Fullbright foreign student programme
  • Aga Khan foundation international scholarship programme
  • ETS TOEFL scholarships
  • British Council IELTS scholarship award for Indian students

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How to apply for study in the US

To be eligible for study in the USA, you should have completed equivalent qualification from an internationally recognized institution. Along with your degree certificate, you will also typically need to provide:

  • One or more letters of recommendation;
  • A research proposal (for PhD and postdoctoral applicants);
  • qualification test result, if required (e.g. GRE/GMAT);
  • Proof of proficiency in English (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS) if you are not a native speaker;
  • A statement of purpose, outlining your aspirations and demonstrating your suitability for the course.

Benefits of Study Abroad in USA

Internationally recognized universities

With over 4000 universities across the country, the United States boasts of some of the top universities in the world. The universities and colleges offer a wide range of degrees and courses in all academic fields.

You may find excellent programs at the undergraduate and graduate level of study. US degrees are recognized and accepted around the world for their excellence

1The Ohio State
3Clemson University, South
4Pennsylvania State
6Texas A&M
7University of Southern
8Massachusetts Institute of
9University of California, Los

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Quality Education And Flexible Academics:

The American higher education system offers flexible options to students according to their needs and interests. Students can choose different courses before they declare their choice for major at the end of second year. This gives students time and options to explore their interests. So, if you are undecided about your field of study it is absolutely alright.

Career Opportunities Offered By US Education System

An international degree opens up a wide range of career options and a degree from reputed universities widens the scope even further. Due to the varied insight into different fields of study offered by universities of USA, it broadens the scope of the career path that the student chooses.

Research and Training Opportunities

U.S. universities offer research and training opportunities to international students at the graduate level. A student can assist a Professor by being a Teaching Assistant to them which also helps in funding their studies and also helps in the broadening of their knowledge and skill set.

Students can assist professors with research on different projects and it also gives them an opportunity to work with the best in their chosen field of study.

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Use Of Technology

U.S. takes pride in its technological advancement and it has made sure that all parts of the education sector are well equipped with the latest technology. This makes life of the student much simpler as they are in easy access to data and other technologies.

It is said that technology plays a vital role in research and development and American universities have made sure they do not fall behind when it comes to the advancement of their facilities and their students by introducing new methods and skills of learning.

American culture and campus life

College life in universities is not just about classes and lectures but an extension to your personality. You may find a lot of mediums to make friends and enjoy college life happily. Indulge in some other activities and hobbies that you love unleash your creativity. You will find many such ways to broaden your experience as per your interests.

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Some More Benefits To Study Abroad

After going through all these benefits, it is little wonder that so many students are choosing to study in the US. It will continue to be the top educational destination for international students and should be seriously considered by every applicant who is considering studying abroad.

  • It’ll look good on your CV
  • Brush up on your language skills
  • Living in a foreign country is completely different to a holiday
  • Meet a diverse range of people
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Discover new and exciting foods
  • Study and learn differently
  • Gain independence
  • Learn self-reliance
  • You’ll gain a greater knowledge of different cultures
  • See your own culture through a new lens
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Become an adult
  • Gain life experience
  • Be spontaneous and adventurous
  • You learn to appreciate the smaller things more
  • Gain a global mind-set
  • Get the perks of international student discounts
  • It’s an unforgettable experience
  • You’ll appreciate your home and family more
  • International student funding is becoming more common
  • Take advantage of lower tuition fees
  • Use your spare time to explore
  • Increase your international job prospects
  • Because “variety is the spice of life”

Final Words:

Indian students who study abroad country are likely to settle down in jobs there and will probably do business at a later time. This will definitely boost the economy of the foreign country, build business networks and create a brand of the foreign country here in India.

We hope you enjoyed it! If you have any queries or want to discuss something with us, then feel free to mention it in the below listed comment box.

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