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Study Abroad Vs Study in India for a Better Career

In India, We respect our nation. However, if we talk about various career options then studying abroad would be the best prospects as studying in India still has major hazards as per the better career in following:

Career for Indian Graduates in Foreign

Job Opportunities:

In foreign countries, it does not matter that a job is of which type- they considers work as god and love it. In fact, in India a candidate with B.Tech degree would not like to work as mechanic as he has an ego that his parents has spent lacs on him to complete his engineering in mechanical. So, this is the reason here why people opt an option as a career but made another option as their career. However, thereby amount in dollars and ours in rupees effect the opportunities.

This has even increased the brain-drain policy which is not a good sign for our nation.

Cramming Vs Understanding:

According to Indian education pattern, people used to learn whatever is being taught to them. However, in abroad – people used to think whatever can be possible as innovatively. This differs the understanding in the pattern of education.

Creative Factor:

Creativity normally arises when studying abroad involves all practical methods and training. Their motive in education is researching process from 5 years of age. They don’t interpret to child but children interpret there. In fact for further query, you may contact to the consultants there by with the help of clicking here:

Best Study Abroad Consultants in India

Changing Policy:

As in India we follow, “Work while you work, Play while you play”. But thereon, people used to do two works at the same time. While studying getting degree, working job and running own business as main agenda. Thus, changing policy is the main factor.

Cost Factor:

Studying abroad is an expensive context as higher education in India is subsidised in the government sector. From the financial prospects, I need to take calculated risk regarding MBA India/Abroad as which gives ROI?

Time Consideration:

Time is considered very important in abroad and this is the very basic reason to employ and study simultaneously. That’s why India is a developing country and abroad is developed ones.

Future Prospects as a Career:

The above mentioned points are very clearly defined about the prospects and future of the students who are pursuing education in India as everywhere education has become hub and a source to earn by getting a degree. As you can see DU has announced to accomplish the 4 years graduation course in 10 years from now would degrade the education field likewise and its value too.

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