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Sub Inspector Online Test | Practice Quiz, SI Ques/Ans, Free Mock Test

Sub Inspector Online Test

Online Test helps to measure knowledge of applicants.Online Test provides a clear demonstration of actual examination. Make SI Exam Preparation up to mark with help of Sub Inspector Online Test.

Candidates can practice Sub Inspector Online Mock Test and devise a strategy for the upcoming SI Examination. With the help of Sub Inspector Online Practice Test, applicants can prepare well for upcoming examination.

Free Online Test for Sub Inspector!!!

Self-confidence and continuous preparation are quite enough to qualify the Sub Inspector Online Test.With help of Sub Inspector Online Quiz or Sub Inspector Mock Test, applicants will get to know which type of questions will be asked in Sub Inspector Exam.

To get more details regarding Sub Inspector Online Practice Test, you need to go through the below section of this page which is well prepared by team members of Have a look for Sub Inspector Quiz Question & Answer!!!

Sub Inspector Online Test

Download Here: Sub Inspector Online Test Free PDF

Sub Inspector Questions & Answers:

Question 1: The Lotus plants have no root hairs because–

  1. The conducting tissue is not well developed in roots.
  2. It can store water in the stem.
  3. The roots are adventitious.
  4. It need not absorb water by roots.

Answer: 4

Question 2:Each chromosome in the nucleus of a call consists of–

  1. two chromatids only
  2. two centromeres only
  3. two centromeres attached to a chromatid
  4. two chromatids attached to a centromere

Answer: 4

Question 3: Alta Vista is a/an–

  1. browser
  2. search engine
  3. application
  4. software

Answer: 4

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Question 4: Cold air blows from sea towards land during day particularly in the afternoon because of–

  1. Expansion of air of land causing the air to rise up.
  2. Lower specific heat and greater absorbing power causes land to be hotter then sea causing convection current in air.
  3. Lower specific heat of land compared with water.
  4. Greater absorbing power of land compared with water.

Answer: 2

Question 5: Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in–

  1. 1976
  2. 1979
  3. 1969
  4. 1971

Answer: 2

Question 6: The natural gas is–

  1. Hydrogen sulphide
  2. Methane
  3. Nitrogen dioxide
  4. Sulphur trioxide

Answer: 2

Question 7: The book ‘It was Five Past Midnight’ is on –

  1. Bhuj Earthquake
  2. Orissa Floods
  3. Andhra Cyclone
  4. Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Answer: 4

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Question 8: Teen Bigha Corridor links –

  1. India and Pakistan
  2. India and China
  3. Bangladesh and Pakistan
  4. Bangladesh and India

Answer: 4

Question 9: What is the field in which outstanding work may be recognized with the award of Pulitzer Prize ?

  1. Science and Technology
  2. Literature and Journalism
  3. International Understanding
  4. Environmental Studies

Answer: 2

Question 10: Vijay Stambha at Chittor was built by –

  1. Maharana Pratap
  2. Rana Sangram Singh
  3. Rana Kumbha
  4. Rana Ratan Singh

Answer: 3

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SI Online Test Questions and Answers:

Question 11: Uttarakhand : Dehradun : : Mizoram : ?

  1. Aizawl
  2. Kohima
  3. Shillong
  4. Darjeeling

Answer: 1

Question 12: ADGJ : BEHK : : DGJM : ?

  1. KPUB
  2. GJMP
  3. KNQT
  4. PSVY

Answer: 2

Question 13: ACE : BDF : : GIK : ?

  1. HJL
  2. AXP
  3. CFG
  4. GFC

Answer: 1

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Question 14: CAT: BIG : : DDY : ?

  1. CLL
  2. CLM
  3. CML
  4. CEP

Answer: 1

Question 15: The following numbers fall in a group. Which one does not belong to the group?

53, 63, 83, 73

  1. 53
  2. 63
  3. 83
  4. 73

Answer: 2

Question 16: Ajit has a certain average for 9 innings. In the tenth innings, he scores 100 runs thereby increasing his average by 8 runs. His new average is:

  1. 20
  2. 21
  3. 28
  4. 32

Answer: 3

Question 17: The average temperature for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was 40oC. The average for Thursday, Friday and Saturday was 41oC. If temperature on Saturday was 42oC, what was the temperature on Wednesday?

  1. 39 Degree C
  2. 44 Degree C
  3. 38 Degree C
  4. 41 Degree C

Answer: 1

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Question 18: The unit digit in the product (624 * 708 * 913 * 463) is:

  1. 2
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 8

Answer: 4

Question 19: 3639 + 11.95 – x = 3054. Find the value of x.

  1. 09
  2. 75
  3. 93
  4. 95

Answer: 4

Question 20:If 2x +3y = 30 and (x+y)/y = 11/8, then find the value of 5y + 6x

  1. 72
  2. 58
  3. 64
  4. 29

Answer: 2

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Benefits of Sub Inspector Online Test:

  • Online examinations are highly communicating, customizable, reliable, secure, and can be accessed in multiple devices.
  • These Sub Inspector Online Test / Sub Inspector Practice Papers provide a clear demonstration of actual examination to help applicants get familiarized to all aspects of the exam.
  • Sub Inspector Online Test helps students identify the gaps in their preparation and start rectifying them.
  • To take a Sub Inspector Online Test, all you need to do is just log in with a username and a password.
  • Sub Inspector Online Test Free Download PDF is available on above page.

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Final Words:

Applicants can also subscribe to our free email services to get information regarding Sub Inspector Test Series directly in your inbox. If you have any query regarding Sub Inspector Online Test, then you may ask in the below comment box.

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