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Sub Inspector Online Test, SI Quiz Questions & Answers For Preparation

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Sub Inspector Online Test

Contenders, who are going to appear in Sub Inspector Recruitment Exam for filling up SI posts, are informed that, you’re right place to get details regarding Sub Inspector Online Test. So aspirants, you can start their preparation for recruitment examination of SI by participating in Online Quizzes and from this page you may also find some Questions & Answers which helpful for obtaining good marks, please have a look..!!

The recruitment process for SI is conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC) and police departments of different states. Each year thousands of aspirants apply for it and give examination. In the next section our team of has mentioned some of the sample questions and answers for the aspirants who are preparing for the post of sub inspector in police.

Sub Inspector Online Test

Q1. If Logx (1 / 8) = -3 / 2, then x is equal to:

Q2.  20 % of 2 is equal to:

Q3. If Log 4 (x) = 12, then log 2 (x / 4) is equal to

Q4. Grand Central Terminal which is in Park Avenue, New York is world's

Q5. Where Garampani sanctuary is located?

Q6. Nobel Prize is awarded for this discipline:

Q7. Choose the correct alternative that will continue the series. 35, 57, 79, ................

Q8. Choose the missing term out of the given alternatives:YEB, WFD, UHG, SKI, ................

Q9.  Laxmi  is very bright ten years old with a mental age of fourteen. Her IQ may be estimated to be:

Q10. Length, breadth, height of a box are 4cm, 12cm and 1m, if density of air is 1.2 kg/m3. The mass of air present in the box is:

Q11. The technique adopted to find out the level of acceptability of an individual by the members of a group is:

Q12. Pointing to a photograph, Bhagavat said she is the only daughter of my grand fathers only son. How is Bhagavat related to the person in the photograph?

Q13. In a certain code language, 749 means fruit is sweet, 248 means very sweet voice, and 637 means eat fruit daily. Which digit stands for is in that code?

Q14.  If A means +, B means - , C means x and D means /, then the value of 18C14A6B16D4 is

Q15. If South - east is called East, North-west is called West, South-west is called South and what will North be called:

Q16. Who is the author of Man - the - Maker of his own Destiny?

Q17. The ................ company was the last to leave India after Independence.

Q18. Detergents are sodium or potassium salts of

Q19. Non metals are generally bad conductors of electricity. However graphite is a good conductor of electricity because it:

Q20. Securing a cross- party consensus on how to deal with clashes remained elusive. Consensus means:

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