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Surface Area Of Cylinder | Formula Of Total, Curved, Lateral Surface Area

Surface Area of Cylinder

In mathematics there are lots of formulas and equation based on various figures. One of them is Cylinder and here we are going to discuss about Surface Area Of Cylinder. The Formula of Surface Area Of Cylinder also distinguished between Total, Curved, Lateral Surface Area.

All of the Total, Curved, Lateral Surface Area Of Cylinder have their own formulas. These formulas are not only important in Standard examination but also play an important role in competitive examinations.

Considering the facts here we the team members of have created this page and have given the Surface Area of Cylinder in detail along with the Formula of Total, Curved, Lateral Surface Area Of Cylinder

Surface Area of Cylinder

Terms of a Cylinder

  • Radius – The radius is the distance from the center to the edge of the circles at each end.
  • Pi – Pi is a special number used with circles. We will use an abbreviated version where Pi = 3.14 or (22/7). We also use the symbol π to refer to the number pi in formulas.
  • Height – The height or length of the cylinder.

Surface Area of CylinderLet’s start with the Area Of Cylinder Surface:

Total Surface Area Of A Cylinder

The Total Surface Area Of A Cylinder is the sum of the areas of all of the faces or surfaces that enclose the solid.  The faces include the tops and bottoms (bases) and the remaining surfaces.

Total Surface Area Of Cylinder:


For Example:

Find the total surface area of a cylinder with a base radius of 5 inches and a height of 7 inches.


A we have studies above that the Formula For Surface Area Of Cylinder is 2πrh+2πr2, now we need to insert values in place of R,H, π


r = 5


Π= 22/7

The Total Surface Area Of Cylinder Formula is:


=120π inches2

Total Surface Area Of Cylinder ≈376.99 inches2

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Curved Surface Area Of Cylinder

The lateral surface area of a solid is the surface area of the solid without the bases.

The Curved Surface Area Of Cylinder with Radius r and Height h is given by 2πrh


Find the area of the curved surface of a cylindrical tin with radius 8 cm and height 10 cm.


Curved Surface Area Of Cylinder Formula (CSA)= 2πrh

= 2*π*8*10

= 2*(22/7)*8*10

Curved Surface Area Of A Cylinder= 502.65

Lateral Surface Area Of Cylinder

The formula for the lateral surface area of a cylinder is L.S.A. =2πrh


Find the lateral surface area of a cylinder with a base radius of 3 inches and a height of 9 inches.


According to the Lateral Surface Area Of Cylinder Formula:

L.S.A. =2πrh

L.S.A. = 2π(3)(9)=54π inches2

Lateral Surface Area Of A Cylinder ≈169.64 inches2

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Volume And Surface Area Of Cylinder

In the above section we have studied about the Surface Area of a Cylinder Formula, now let’s take a look over the Volume Of Cylinder, the

Volume of Cylinder Formula is = πr2h


Find the volume of a cylinder with radius 3 cm and height 5 cm?

Volume = πr2h

= 3.14 x 3 x 3 x 5

= 141.3 cm3

Surface Area Of Hollow Cylinder

Defining Terms:

  • Let ‘r1‘ be the outer radius of the given cylinder and ‘r2‘ be its inner radius and ‘h‘ be its height.
  • ‘C1‘ be the outer circumference and ‘C2‘ be the inner circumference.
  • L1and L2 be the outer and inner surface areas respectively.
  • hbe the height (or length) of a cylinder
  • tbe the thickness of the cylinder (r1−r1)

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Area of Hollow Cylinder Formula

Area of Hollow Cylinder formula

The Circumference of a circle (C) is given by:

c = C=2πr, therefore,

The Lateral Surface Area (L), for a cylinder is:

L=C×h=2πrh, therefore,

L1=2πr1h, the external curved surface area

L2=2πr2h, the internal curved surface area

Total Lateral Surface Area of a hollow cylinder = L=2πr1h+2πr2h

Cross Sectional Area

Let A be the area of a cross-section of a hollow cylinder,

A = πr2, for a circle, therefore,

A1 = πr12 for the area enclosed by r1

A2 = πr2 2 for the area enclosed by r2

A = A1 – A2 for the cross sectional area of hollow cylinder

A = πr12−πr22=π(r12−r22)

Total Surface Area of a Hollow Cylinder:




Surface Area Of Right Circular Cylinder

r: The radius of a circular base of the cylinder

h: The height of the cylinder

S: The surface area of the cylinder

S =2πrh+2πr2

The total Surface area of Cylinder is equal to Surface Area Of Right Circular Cylinder

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Final Note:

We hope with the help of information given here about Cylinder and its Formulas it will become easier for you all to understand the concepts and solving the problem based questions on Cylinders.

If you are satisfied with the information given here on this page and want to keep it safe for further usage then you may bookmark it by using CTRL+d tab. Else if you have any query regarding the details mentioned then you may state your comments in below given comment box.

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