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Surface Area of Sphere: Formula of Curved, Total Surface Area of Sphere

Surface Area of Sphere

A sphere is a perfectly round geometrical 3-dimensional object where Surface Area of Sphere is basically the number of square units that will exactly cover the surface of a sphere.

 Now, it’s time for the visitors to check the Formula of Surface Area of Sphere, Curved and Total Surface Area of Sphere from this page which is well designed by the expertise team members of

Surface Area of Sphere

What do we mean by their perimeter and areas, what are rectangles, squares and circles, and how can we find them. We have learned these in earlier classes.

It would be interesting to see what happens if we cut out many of these plane figures of the same size and size from the cardboard sheet and stack them in a vertical stack.

Through this process, we have some concrete figures (briefly called concrete) in the class as such a cuboid, a cylinder, etc. You will also get to know the surface areas and quantities of cuboids, cubes and cylinders.

We now have to find the cuboids and the surface areas and quantities of cylinders in details and some other concrete such as cones and areas will learn to expand this study.

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How to Find the Surface Area of a Sphere?

Step 1: Know the Parts Of The Equation

Surface Area = 4πr2

Where r= radius

Π= 3.14

4= 4 times as large as the area of a circle with the same radius.

Step 2: Find The Radius Of The Sphere.

Use above given formula and first try to calculate radius as given below:

Radius= 5 inches

r2= 5 * 5 =25


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Step 3: Square the radius by multiplying it by itself

Now you need to Square the radius by multiplying it by itself either manually by manually multiplying (52 = 5 * 5 = 25) or by using your calculator’s “square” function as given below.

= 4 * 25 * π

= 100π

Step 4: Multiply this result by 4

If our radius is 5, like above, you would be left with 4 * 25 * π, or 100π.

Π = 3.14

       = 100 * π

           = 100 * 3.14

= 314

Step 5: Multiply the results by pi (π).

Use the approximation π=3.14 or your calculator’s π button.

Surface Area = 314 units

Other Required Formulae!!!

  • Formula of Curved Surface Area = πrl
  • Total Surface Area = πrl + πr2

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Practice With An Example

Example 1: What is the total surface area of a sphere whose radius is 5.5 meters?

r =5.5 
Surface area of the sphere:
SA = 4 × π × r2 
SA = 4 × π × (5.5)2
SA = 4 × 3.14 × 30.25
SA = 379.94
Thus the surface area of the sphere is 379.94 m2.

Example 2: A spherical ball has a surface area of 2464 cm2. Find the radius of the ball, correct to 2 decimal places, using π = 3.142.

SA = 4 × π × r2
In order to find r, we need to isolate it from the equation above:
r2 = SA / (4π)
r2 =2464 / (4 × π)
r2 =196.054
r = √(196.054)
r = 14.00 cm

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Example 3: Find the surface area of the sphere whose radius is 18 cm. [π = 3.14]

r = 18 cm
The surface area of a sphere is given by:
SA = 4 × π × r2
SA = 4 × π × 182
SA = 4 × π × 342
SA = 4069.44 cm2

The surface area of the sphere is 4069.44 cm2.

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Interesting Facts!!!

For a given volume, the sphere is the shape having the smallest surface area. That’s why it appears in nature so much, such as water drops, bubbles and planets.

The surface area of a sphere is exactly four times the area of a circle with the same radius. You can see this in the area formula, since the area of a circle is


and the surface area of a sphere is


We hope the above provided stuff in concern of Surface Area of Sphere will be beneficial for your, candidates having any query must comment in the below tuned comment box, our experts of will surely solve it as soon as possible.

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