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Syllogism Tips & Tricks – Shortcuts To Solve Questions For Bank PO Exams

Syllogism Tricks

Syllogism is a verbal reasoning type problem which is a most important and frequently asked topic in many competitive examinations. If you have applied for any competitive exam, you should know Syllogism Tricks to solve questions of any exam like Bank PO, SSC CGL etc.

What is Syllogism?

It is a type of logical reasoning test which organized to check the deductive skills of any person. Syllogism is a Greek word for Conclusion or Inference. Given a set of “Statements” and assuming them to be true, Syllogism questions queries whether a “Conclusion” is true or not.

There are so many applicants which are facing several issues in solving these questions. So, for those, we have provided shortcuts to solve Syllogism questions. From the beneath section, you may get Tips & Tricks to solve the question of Syllogism. So have a look below and learn to solve Syllogism Reasoning section.

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Syllogism Tricks

Tips and Tricks to Solve “Syllogism” questions:

Generally, 4 to 5 questions are likely to be asked Syllogism in the examination from the Syllogism. To solve Syllogism is like a fun game, if you understand the concepts. So, here we have mentioned some tips to solve question based on Syllogism, so please have a look….

  • Firstly, candidates need to create a Venn diagram and go for all the statements given in the question one by one.
  • You should know that how to draw Venn Diagrams for each statement
  • Try to observe if there are any familiar concepts or statement in the given syllogism.
  • Secondly, you need to find out the conclusion.
  • Understand how to draw a conclusion for each concept/statement.
  • There is no need to memorize any statement or conclusion.
  • All you need is to understand the Concept and draw the Venn diagram accordingly.
  • The key point here is to attempt the question in a sequential manner.

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Rules to solve “syllogism” questions:

Firstly, have a look on the Main rules to solve Syllogism Problems

  • All + All => All
  • All + No => No
  • All + Some => No Conclusion
  • Some + All => Some
  • Some + No =>  Some Not
  • Some + Some =>  No Conclusion

If the conclusion provided in the question is in “Possibility” case then you must proceed as per the following rules.

  • If All A are B => Some B are Not A is a Possibility
  • If Some B are Not A => All A are B is a Possibility
  • If Some A are B => All A are B is a Possibility & All B are A is a Possibility

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Some Examples of Syllogisms solved using Venn Diagrams are:


  • All Dogs are asses
  • All asses are bulls


  • Some dogs are not bulls.
  • Some bulls are dogs.
  • All bulls are dogs.
  • All dogs are bulls.

First of all, forget the solutions and concentrate on the Statements.

You have to make a Venn diagram on the basis of both statements


  • All the locks are keys
  • All the keys are bats
  • Some watches are bats

Also Check:


  • Some bats are locks
  • Some watches are keys
  • All the keys are locks
  1. Only (1) and (2)
  2. Only (1)
  3. Only (2)
  4. Only (1) and (3)

From the Statements, there are 3 possible Venn Diagrams because there is no clarity about the Bats!

Syllogism looks easy but isn’t that much. Generally, Venn diagram method (Easy) is used to solve these types of questions but sometimes they will consume time in case of NO/Possibility conclusion cases.

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In any competitive exam like SSC, Bank PO etc has reasoning section which includes many important topics like Analogy, Arithmetic Reasoning, Number Series, Relationship Concepts, Coding Decoding, Non Verbal Reasoning, Statement Conclusion, Syllogism and many more.

It is the most important topic of reasoning section in competitive examination. It has a high weightage in the exam which means more marks. Hope!!! You are satisfied from the above described information related Syllogism Tips & Tricks.

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