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Syntel Interview Experience | Unveil Some Reviews, Tips & Hiring Process

Syntel Interview Experience

Hi friends, I am Rohit Gahlot and I am sharing my interview experience with you, So that it can help you while attending syntel. The job interview for Hiring Process of mine with Syntel was exciting and I want to share my Experience and unveil Some Reviews with all of you so that if you go an interview at Syntel you can keep some points in your mind.

Numbers of candidate look for online interview experiences of candidates so that they can get a little help about their interview. Now, I would like to share my Syntel Interview Experience with you.

Rohit Gahlot Syntel Interview Experience

Name: Rohit Gahlot

Location: Chennai

Syntel conducted off campus in the month of August, wherever the written examination was persevered 13th Aug in Hyderabad. It was a sophisticated task to answer 90 questions in sixty min. I answered most of the queries without reading, due to lack of time. Thus Time potency is vital in written test.

The Result was proclaimed twenty days later, by god’s grace I cleared it. They aforementioned they’re going to mail for next round details shortly.

After watching for quite three months I got my next round details. It is in Chennai GDC on Nov 17.

There were 3 rounds,

1) GD

2) Technical.

3) HR.

GD Round

GD Time: 10.00AM. In my GD panel there have been eleven members (6 ladies, 5 boys), the subject was “Whether girls are smart Managers or Not”. I thought to start out the discussion however other guy started it. After eight guys I got the chance to speak. I started Supporting, girls are smart managers and gave some examples like chanda kochary (ICICI ceo) etc. when each spoke HR asked a pair of ladies whether or not you would like to feature some additional points. I thought I am rejected, but HR announced my name to add some points and I added. At the end she called three names a pair of ladies and one boy (myself) to wait in other room. Remaining peoples asked to submit their Tag and leave.

Time: 10.30AM.

After going to other room they asked us to fill the form and said to wait for the next round (TR). I got my chance at 4.00 pm. My technical panel was somewhat straightforward as a result of once I reached my panel there was only one tag on the table (1 person got rejected) and he was polite and emoticon.

Technical Round

Me: afternoon sir.

Interviewer: afternoon.

Interviewer: Introduce yourself?

Me: It is my pleasure to introduce myself and thank you for giving this opportunity. My name is Rohit Gahlot. I have completed my B.Tech in ECE recently. I love my family. My father name is Sardar. He is a private employee and he is a wonderful hero in my life.

Interviewer: you’re from ECE, therefore what languages you know?

Me: I am trained in Java.

Interviewer: Asked basic queries like object, class, Inheritance, polymorphism, preponderant and overloading?

Me:  I was replied for all of the question brefily by giving some examples.

Interviewer: Asked you know HTML, CSS (which was there in my resume)?

Me: Yes sir, I designed an internet site in this language.

Interviewer: Which website?

Me: XXXX consulting services.

Interviewer: Ok well you wait in the other room.
Me: Thank you sir.

Lucky to have my Tag with me only

My TR panel was straightforward then others, as a result of panel asked them to write programs.

Time: 4.30pm.

People cleared TR asked to wait in other room.

HR Round

In room I met new friends we were asking what ques asked in HR to the people that attended. I enjoyed my time.

Different ques asked like ten completely different currency, Australian Pm etc.

At last at 7.30Pm I got my chance.

The HR was standing and wished (good morning with shaking hands).
Interviewer: Sit down.
Me: Thank you sir.

Interviewer: I want to stand and continue this round.. are you ok for this?
Me: Me: No sir please sit as a result of it feels me unpleasant.

Interviewer: Then he sat.

Interviewer: Introduce yourself?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Which movie you watched recently?

Me: Sir I do not keep in mind however two days back I watched BATMAN BEGINS in TV.

Interviewer: What do know about Christopher Nolan?

Me: In confusion I said he is a decent actor.

Interviewer: actor..?

Me: sorry Director.
Interviewer: Your Favourite car?

Me: Honda City.

Interviewer:  Why?

Me: The look and features are glorious sir that why.

Interviewer: What regarding Hyundai verna style it’s also sensible atomic na, why City.

Me: Verna is my next favorite…

Interviewer: Ok fine your interview is finished you can leave now; we have a tendency to mail you the end in two days.

Me: sir please say whether I’m selected or not.

Interviewer: You’re selected (Golden words).

Me: Thank you very much sir.

Friends cracking syntel is easy just be confident.

Waiting for my joining date…

Thank You.

Overall the Syntel Interview was pleasing for me. The interview questions were technical but not very hard or complicated.

Dear Viewers, this was the Syntel Interview Experience shared by Rohit Gahlot on our portal Job seekers are advised that be prepared if you are going to attend the interview in Syntel like Rohit Gahlot.

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