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TCS Placement Papers – Aptitude Sample Paper with Solutions Free PDF

TCS Latest Placement Paper

Those candidates who are going to attend Tata Consultancy Services recruitment Exam are required to take some help from TCS Latest Placement Paper. By doing so, contenders will come to know about the questions which are generally asked in TCS Recruitment Exam.

For your convenience, we are providing some questions with solutions from TCS Placement Papers at the below section of this web page. You can also download TCS Aptitude Sample Paper with Solutions Free PDF by hitting the mentioned links.

About Tata Consultancy Services:

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global leading company in IT services, digital and business solutions that partners with its clients to make simpler, support and transform their businesses.

Some questions with solutions from TCS Placement Paper are given below by the team of, take a look and download the TCS Sample Paper with Solutions Free PDF by hitting the mentioned links.

TCS Recruitment Process

TCS Placement Process:

TCS Written Test Pattern:

  • Total 42 questions from Quantitative Aptitude, Programming Language Efficiency, Coding Test and English Test will be asked in TCS Recruitment Exam.
  • Tata Consultancy Services Recruitment Exam will be of 90 minutes and no extra time will be given to any contender.
SectionNo. of questionsTime allotted (in mins)
Quantitative Aptitude2040
Programming Language Efficiency2020
Coding Test120
English Test110

TCS Placement Papers PDF Download

Contenders can easily download TCS Latest Placement Papers PDF by hitting the links which are given in below table:

TCS Placement PapersDirect Download
TCS Latest Placement PaperDownload Here
TCS Aptitude Sample PaperDownload Here
TCS Sample Question PaperDownload Here
TCS Placement Paper with solutionsDownload Here

TCS Latest Placement Papers

Q.1) 2ab5 is a four digit number divisible by 25. If a number formed from the two digits ab is a multiple of 13, then ab is

     I.        52

   II.        45

  III.        10

  IV.        25

Ans.) 25

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Q.2) The average temperature of Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday was 37 C. The average temperature of Wednesday and Thursday and Friday was 38 C. if the temperature on Friday was 39 C. Find the temperature on Tuesday.

     I.        37.33

   II.        38.33

  III.        36

  IV.        None of the above

Ans.) 36

Q. 3) The length, breadth and height of a room are in the ratio 3:2:1. If the breadth and height are halved, while the length is doubled. Then the total area of the 4 walls of the room will be decreased by

     I.        30%

   II.        18.75%

  III.        15%

  IV.        13.6%

Ans.) 30%

Q.4) Joke is faster than Paul, Joke and Paul each walk 24 KM. The sum of their speed is 7 Km per hour. And the sum of times taken by them is 14 hours. Then, Joke speed is

     I.        3 KM/Hr

   II.        4 KM/Hr

  III.        5 KM/Hr

  IV.        7 KM/Hr

ANS.) 4 KM/Hr

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Q.5) Anusha, Banu and Esha run a running race of 100 meters. Anusha is the fastest followed by Banu and then Esha. Anusha, Banu and Esha maintain constant speeds during the entire race. When Anusha reached the goal post, Banu was 10m behind. When Banu reached the goal post Esha was 10m behind. How far was behind Anusha when the latter reached the goal post.option

     I.        70

   II.        81

  III.        90

  IV.        80

Ans.) 81

Q.6) . In a vessel, there are 10 litres of alcohol. An operation is defined as taking out five litres of what is present in the vessel and adding 10 litres of pure water to it. What is the ratio of alcohol to water after two operations?

     I.        1 : 5

   II.        2 : 3

  III.        1 : 6

  IV.        3 : 2

Ans.) 1:5

Q. 7) In a single throw with two dice, find the probability that their sum is a multiple either of 3 or 4.

     I.        1/3

   II.        1/2

  III.        5/9

  IV.        17/36

Ans.) 5/9

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Q.8) B alone can do piece of work in 10 days. A alone can do it in 15 days. If the total wages for the work is Rs 5000, how much should B be paid if they work together for the entire duration of the work?

     I.        2000

   II.        4000

  III.        5000

  IV.        3000

Ans.) 3000

Q.9) On a 26 question test, 5 points were deducted for each wrong answer and 8 points were added for right answers. If all the questions were answered how many were correct if the score was zero.

     I.        10

   II.        11

  III.        13

  IV.        12

Ans.) 10

Q.10) Arun makes a popular brand of ice cream in a rectangular shaped bar 6cm long, 5cm wide and 2cm thick. To cut costs, the company had decided to reduce the volume of the bar by 19%. The thickness will remain same, but the length and width will be decreased by some percentage. The new width will be,

     I.        5.5

   II.        4.5

  III.        7.5

  IV.        6.5

Ans.) 4.5

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Ques.11) a, b, c are non negative integers such that 28a+30b+31c = 365. a + b + c =?

     I.        Greater than 14

   II.        less than or equal to 11

  III.        13

  IV.        12

Ans. 12

Ques.12) George can do a piece of work in 8 hours. Paul can do the same work in 10 hours, Hari can do the same work in 12 hours.  George, paul and hari start the same work at 9 am, while george stops at 11 am, the remaining two complete the work. What time will the work complete?

     I.        11.30 am

   II.        12 noon

  III.        12.30 pm

  IV.        1 pm

Ans.) 1 Pm

Ques.13) J can dig a well in 16 days. P can dig a well in 24 days. J, P, H dig in 8 days.  H alone can dig the well in How many days?

     I.        32

   II.        48

  III.        96

  IV.        24

Ans.) 48

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Ques.14)mangoes and 4 apples costs Rs.85. 5 apples and 6 peaches costs 122.  6 mangoes and 2 peaches costs Rs.144.  What is the combined price of 1 apple, 1 peach, and 1 mango.

     I.        37

   II.        39

  III.        35

  IV.        36

Ans.) 37

Ques.15) Value of a scooter depriciates in such a way that its value at the end of each year is 3/4th of its value at the beginning of the same year. If the initial value of scooter is 40,000, what is the value of the scooter at the end of 3 years.

     I.        23125

   II.        19000

  III.        13435

  IV.        16875

Ans.) 16875

Ques.16) When numbers are written in base b, we have 12 x 25 = 333, the value of b is?

     I.        8

   II.        6

  III.        None

  IV.        7


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Ques.17) How many polynomials of degree >=1 satisfy f(x2)=[f(x)]2=f(f(x)

     I.        more than 2

   II.        2

  III.        0

  IV.        1

Ans.) 1

Ques.18) The marked price of a coat was 40% less than the suggested retail price.  Eesha purchased the coat for half the marked price at the fiftieth anniversary sale.  What percentage less than the suggested retail price did Eesha pay?

     I.        60

   II.        20

  III.        70

  IV.        30

Ans.) 70

Ques.19) A cow and horse are bought for Rs.2,00,000. The cow is sold at a profit of 20% and the horse is sold a t a loss of 10%.  The overall gain is Rs.4000, the Cost price of cow?

     I.        130000

   II.        80000

  III.        70000

  IV.        120000

Ans.) 80000

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Ques.20) In a particular year, the month of january had exactly 4 thursdays, and 4 sundays.  On which day of the week did january 1st occur in the year.

     I.        Monday

   II.        Tuesday

  III.        Wednesday

  IV.        thursday

Ans.) Monday

TCS Question Papers:

TCS Latest Placement Papers are given for the convenience of those contenders who are going to attend TCS Recruitment process. Candidates can easily download TCS Sample Papers in PDF form by hitting the available links.

Official Note:

Contenders can visit the Official link and they will get further information about TCS Latest Placement Papers. If you have any query regarding TCS Placement Papers then you may write it in the mentioned below comment box.

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