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Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus 2019 BA/MA/B.Sc/M.Sc (UG, PG) Syllabus

Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus

Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus for BA/MA/B.Sc/M.Sc and other UG/ PG Programmes is available on this page. Download Thiruvalluvar University UG & PG Syllabus PDF to do the preparation of semester or annual examination. For acquiring more updates regarding Thiruvalluvar University Course Syllabus, please move your cursor downwards on this page.

Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus 2019

Thiruvalluvar University Course Syllabus PDF Download

Course NameDownload
Thiruvalluvar University BBA SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University BCA SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University M.Phil Chemistry SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University MBA SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University M.Com Computer Application SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University M.Sc Physics SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University B.Com SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University B.Sc Botany SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University B.Sc Mathematics SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University UG Degree Courses SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University M.Phil Social Work SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University B.A. English SyllabusDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus B.A. TamilDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Exam Syllabus- B.Lit. TamilDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus 2018- B.A. EnglishDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus PDF – B.A. HistoryDownload
Thiruvalluvar University 2018 Syllabus B.A. EconomicsDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus– B.A. Defence and strategic studiesDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus B.S.W.Download
Syllabus of Thiruvalluvar University – B.A. Political ScienceDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus – B.A. Corporate EconomicsDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus M.A. TamilDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus PDF- M.A. EnglishDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus – M.A. HistoryDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus– M.A. EconomicsDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus – M.A. Public AdministrationDownload
Thiruvalluvar University Examination – Syllabus M.S.W.Download

 Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus



Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus – Semester-I Paper -1 – Indian Writing In English

Unit I Poetry
Sarojini Naidu Love And Death
Jayanta Mahapatra Evening Landscape By The River
Rabindranath Tagore Lyric No. Lxxiii (From Gitanjali)
Toru Dutt Our Casuarina Tree
Unit II Prose
Jawaharlal Nehru A Tryst With Destiny
 Rabindranath Tagore Realization Of The Infinite
Shashi Tharoor Ajanta And Ellora In The Monsoon
Unit III Short Stories
1. Ruskin BondThe Eyes Have It
2. Anita Desai A Devoted Son
Unit IV Drama
Girish Karnad The Fire And The Rain
Unit V Fiction
R.K. Narayan The Bachelor Of Arts

Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus – Paper – 2 – Advanced English Grammar


 Introduction to Modern English grammar Sentences – various types of sentence – simple – compound – complex – declaratives – interrogatives – imperatives – exclamatives. Basic sentence patterns in English – constituents of sentences – subject – verb – object – complement – adverbials.

UNIT IIClauses – main and subordinate clauses – noun clauses – relative clauses – adverbial clauses – finite and non-finite clauses – analysis and conversion of sentences – Active to Passive and vice versa – Direct to Indirect and vice versa – Degrees of Comparison, one form to the other.
UNIT IIIPhrases – various types of phrases – noun, verb, adjectival and prepositional phrases. Words – parts of speech – nouns – pronouns – adjectives – verbs – adverbs – prepositions – conjunctions – determinatives.
UNIT IVNouns – different types – count and uncount – collective – mass – case – number – gender. Pronoun – different types – personal, reflexive – infinite-emphatic – reciprocal. Adjectives – predicative – attributive – pre- and post-modification of nouns. Verbs – tense-aspect – voice -mood – Concord – types of verbs – transitive – intransitive finite – non-infinite. Helping verbs and modal auxiliaries – function and use.

Adverbs – different types – various functions – modifying and connective. Prepositions – different types – syntactic occurrences – prepositional phrases – adverbial function. Conjunctions – subordinating and coordinating Determinatives articles – possessives – quantifiers Same words used as different parts of speech – Words followed by appropriate prepositions.

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Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus – Allied – 1 – Paper – 1 – Literary Forms And Terms


  1. The Essay
  2. The Short Story
  3. Biography
  4. Autobiography


  1. The Lyric
  2. The Sonnet
  3. The Elegy
  4. The Epic
  5. The Ode
  6. The Ballad


  1. Comedy
  2. Tragedy & Tragic Comedy
  3. One-act play
  4. Mystery and Miracle Play
  5. The Absurd Drama
  6. Monologue


  1. Historical Novel
  2. Psychological Novel
  3. Stream of consciousness Novel
  4. Realistic Novel
  5. Science Fiction


  1. Poetry: Simile, Metaphor, Allusion, Rhyme, Oxymoron, Blank-Verse, Symbolism
  2. Drama: Soliloquy, Climax and Anti-climax, Unity of Time, Place and Action
  3. Prose: Allegory, Didacticism, Fable, Satire, Irony

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Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus – Paper – 3 – British Literature I

UNIT I POETRY (Detailed Study)

Geoffrey Chaucer

 The Prologue to Canterbury Tales – Whan that april with his shoures soote….And eek in what array that they were inne; (1-41lines)
Edmund SpenserSonnet 75- One Day I Wrote Her Name upon the Strand
UNIT II PROSE (Detailed Study)
Francis Baconof Adversity, of Beauty, of Honour and Reputation
UNIT III  DRAMA (Detailed Study)
Christopher Marlowe Dr. Faustus
UNIT IV  POETRY (Non-Detailed Study)
John Donne The Good Morrow
George Herbert The Pulley
UNIT V  DRAMA (Non-Detailed Study)
Ben Jonson Every Man in His Humour

Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus – Paper– 4 – American Literature-I

UNIT I  POETRY (Detailed)
Whitman One’s Self I Sing
E.A. Poe To Helen
Emily Dickinson I taste a liquor never Brewed
UNIT II  POETRY (Non- Detailed)
Carl Sandburg Happiness
Robert Frost Mending Wall
Ezra Pound The Rest
Emerson The American Scholar
UNIT IV DRAMA (Detailed)
Eugene O’Neil The Hairy Ape
UNIT V FICTION (Non- Detailed)
Herman Melville Moby Dick (The Whale)

Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus – Allied – 1 – Paper – 2 – The Social History Of England


  1. Tudor England (1485 to 1603)
  2. The Renaissance
  3. The Reformation and the Counter Reformation


  1. Puritanism
  2. Restoration England (1660 to 1688): Social Life
  3. The Age of Queen Anne (1702 to 1714)
  4. The Industrial Revolution and the Agrarian Revolution


  1. The effects of the French Revolution on British Life.
  2. The Victorian Age (1837 to 1901)
  3. The Reform Bills


  1. The Dawn of Twentieth Century
  2. Life Between the Two World wars (1919 to 1939)
  3. The effects of World War II and the Cold War
  4. Life in the Sixties.


  1. Life in the Seventies
  2. Life in the Eighties
  3. The Origin and Growth of Political Parties in England
  4. Contemporary Life in England.

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Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus – Paper –5– British Literature II

UNIT I  POETRY (Detailed Study)
John Milton

 Paradise Lost Book IV- (Lines 131-287) So on he fares, and to the border comes…Of living creatures, new to sight and strange

Thomas Gray Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
William Blake

 The Tyger

Prose (Detailed Study)
Samuel Johnson

 Preface to Shakespeare- His histories, being neither tragedies nor comedies… are to copy nature and instruct life (extract)

Drama (Detailed Study)
Oliver Goldsmith She Stoops to Conquer
UNIT III  POETRY (Non-Detailed Study)

Andrew Marwell

 On a Drop of Dew
John Dryden

 A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day

UNIT IV PROSE (Non-Detailed Study)
Joseph Addison 1. Popular Superstitions ,  2. Will wimble Selections from ‘The Spectator’
UNIT V FICTION (Non-Detailed Study)
Jonathan Swift Gulliver’s Travels

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  • Go to the Links tab available at the menu bar of the homepage
  • Select and hit on Regulations and Syllabus link
  • Afterwards a new page will come out along with various Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus links
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  • The Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus in the form of PDF will appear in front of you
  • Check the whole syllabus and download it
  • At last take a print out of Thiruvalluvar University Exam Syllabus and keep it safe for further usage

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To avail more details about Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus 2019 candidates may also go through this Official Link. To keep this page safe for further usage candidates may bookmark it by using CTRL+d tab.

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