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Tips To Prepare For SSB Interview – Best Strategies To Crack Interview

Tips To Prepare For SSB Interview

1Tips To Prepare For SSB Interview: Most of us have a dream of Joining Defence force like Army, Navy or Air Force and to join any one of these forces aspirants have to pass technically designed tests at Service Selection Boards (SSB). Here on this page we are providing Tips to Prepare for SSB Interview or Best Strategies to Crack Interview.

Serving for your own country is really a blessing, but not all who want to have this blessing, get successful when actually trying for it, because there is a hurdle of SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview which most aspirants find difficult to clear. You need not worry as here we are providing you some prominent Tips to Prepare for SSB Interview that is analyzed by our expert professionals.

SSB Interview preparation is an important part before actually appearing to that stage because a person who knows the Best Strategies to Crack Interview, his selection is guaranteed. Your Single mistake can spoil up your complete performance and ultimately your selection in SSB. So, you should go through the below mentioned tips so that you can’t commit any mistake during the Interview process.

Best Strategies To Crack Interview

Interview Overview:

Interview is one to one private meeting between the candidate and the interviewer. There will be one or two Officer taking your interview in SSB. During your whole interview you have to sit on chair but the Interviewer will try to pull you from that chair by his questions.

Personality Improvement Tips

In interview you must wear a good Dress because first impression is the last impression. Before of your interview the interviewer will make you feel comfortable by asking you about your stay, trip and accommodation at the Board. After that they start their questions to interviewee.

Some General Questions

  • Why you wants to Join Army/Navy/Air Force?
  • Have you taken Coaching for SSB?
  • Tell me something about your journey?

Interview Dress:

The most important thing is your dressing sense because your outfit is not the only thing what the interviewer is looking for, it is the thing that matters is how you are from Inside. But following some ordinary dress code will surely work in your favour.


Don’t do too much about your features of face as they will remain same as God has made them. Before you are going for Interview, remove all the oiliness, dust and sweat from your face and must go with a pleasing smile which refresh the interviewer’s mood.

Hair Cut:

As all are know about the hair cut of defence candidates, even there is an also a style from their hair style that is army cut. Your Hair cut is simply suitable to your face, So, catch a proper hair cut before going to SSB Interview.


Candidates must prefer a light colour shirt with full sleeves when going for Interview. One thing that is most important is that, you must feel easy, comfortable and confident in the clothes which you choose to wear.


You can choose a dark colour pant that will surely improve up your personality, but if you have any other idea you can try that too.

Neck Tie & Belt:

You can wear a good neck tie that suites your clothes and normal belt, not the fancy belts which have rotating wheel on them and wear the belts that match your shoe colour.

Socks and Shoes:

You can choose dark color socks and shoes, the socks should be similar to your shoe colour, never use red color socks on black shoes. Make sure that your shoes must be properly polished and have lasses.

Memory Improvement Techniques

Winter Dress

In winters, You can wear a coat or sweater, you can also wear  the sweater inside your Shirt that will be very fine.

Rapid Fire Questions:

The Rapid Fire Question round is not difficult at SSB it is very simple, and the questions are normally related to candidate’s life. For example they will ask you about your educational / academics qualifications, which probably you can answer like:

Rapid Fire No.1

  • tell me your education qualification from 10th class onward with percentage, subjects, year and any achievement?
  • Subjects which you like and why,
  • subject which you didn’t liked and why,
  • teacher which you like and didn’t like with reasons,
  • your hobbies

Rapid Fire No.2

The second rapid fire will be about your family. It may be like:

  • Tell me about all members in your family, their age, educational qualification, occupation.
  • If you are faced with a problem then whom will you approach first Father of Mother.

Many more questions can be asked in another form and will be added by the IO.

How to Improve English

Personal Questions

Don’t try to show off in the Interview and don’t use your SMS language in Interview. We are providing you some types of questions which are generally asked in interview:

  • Meaning of Father’s/Mother’s/Siblings/Your Own Name.
  • Details about your religion and cast if you are strong follower to these things.
  • Do you have a Girl Friend if yes then ready for follow up questions and if No then why you don’t you have one.
  • Your Liking and disliking of particular matter.
  • Your comparison with your Father/Mother/Brother/Sibling.
  • Questions about your School Life.
  • Subjects and Teacher you like and whom you don’t like that much and why?.
  • Among you Father and Mother whom you like the most and why?.
  • Do you smoke or drink?

Interview Questions and Answers

Questions on Games

Below we are providing some essential questions which may be asked in interview, there is no limit on questions but you can answer them easily, if you really played that particular game:

  • How did you start playing this game or why you like this particular game/games.
  • What are the basic rules of this game.
  • Who is your favorite player and why, for which team he plays?.
  • How will you organize a tournament of Football/Hockey/Cricket.
  • How does a ball in Cricket/Football swings.
  • What are the dimensions of the field/court used in this game.
  • At what position you prefer to play.
  • Name any all time great of the game.
  • Name few major tournaments of the game and few domestic tournaments.
  • Name the last International/Domestic tournament of the game.

Current Affair Questions

When you are going for SSB Interview you should have complete knowledge of current affair. The questions that can be asked by interviewer as like:

  • Who is the current Defence/Finance/Telecom/Home Minister of India.
  • Name the entire women chief minister in India.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of FDI in Retail.

PIQ Form

PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) is the question bank for your Personal Interview; Most of the questions that will ask by the Interviewer will be made on the basis of your PIQ details, which might be directly or indirectly linked to your PIQ Form.

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