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10 Tips To Absorb Information What You Read – Art of Reading, Remembering

10 Tips To Absorb Information What You Read

Open a book, Read and then Close book, later simply move on to next book…. That’s what we generally do and reading seems a basic task, doesn’t it? But we actually not remembering the art of Reading, so in same concern check out these 10 Tips to Absorb Information What You Read. It is so because, when you’re reading simply for entertainment or passion, it’s that easy. But, there’s a different kind of reading and in that case, you might be shocked to grab, learn things that it’s not as simple as opening the book and simply reading. Yes! So read out below listed 10 Tips To Absorb Information What You Read.

10 Tips To Absorb Information What You Read

10 Tips To Absorb Information What You Read

#1 Know, What Type of Book you’re Reading…

Before taking effort to read book, take a moment and just know what type of book it is. Since, some books usually contain a huge resource of facts, ideas and this is a big cause of boredom of a person to think they will be able to read through once and remember everything.

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#2 Know Your Purpose

Each and everything happens or done with a purpose, so find out your own intention or purpose behind reading. The advantage for knowing this will help the reader to stay on reading. Identifying the purpose should be easy if you freely choose what to read.

#3 Try A Brand New Way Of Reading

Yes! Take a unique approach just to read at your ease within a healthy surrounding, this will help you to read more and more attentively—one helps you read faster and the other helps you digest books quicker.

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#4 Scan first or simply Take a Quick Recap

Sometimes reading requires summarizing before starting reading and depending on the purpose; you should slow down and read carefully as that contributes to satisfying the reading purpose.

#5 Get the Mechanics Right

Summarizing or skimming actually guide eyes to move without discipline. Didn’t get?? Well, when you read carefully, the eyes must snap. Poor readers stumble along from word to word truly have a tendency to lower comprehension and that is a main reason they can’t remember what they read.

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While You’re Reading the Book

#6 Be Judicious in Highlighting and Note Taking

Use pen or sketch pen (favorite color)   as a highlighter to spot useful stuff at few key points, almost every student use to highlight just to identify key parts of that particular text. A better approach is to highlight just a few key words on a page. It is crucial to think about the meaning of text. Every few paragraphs or pages, depending on the information density, the reader should stop and self-quiz to make sure the important material is being memorized.

#7 Imagine and Think in Pictures

Yes, thinking and capturing in pictures while reading are much easier to memorize than words. Sometimes it helps to make mind thoughts, imagined Pictures also become easier to remember when they are clustered into similar groups or when they are chained together to tell a story. Ordinary readers can use to good affect the practice of making mental images of the meaning of text.

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#8 Rehearse As You Go Along

Read in short segments and paraphrasing the meaning of what is written just to rehearse you needs to memorize. Think about the content in each segment in terms of how it satisfies the purpose for reading as this also helps to focus on what is not said.

#9 Be activate within interest first!

Paying attention is actually most required thing for memorization; really trying to read when you can’t focus is totally wastage of time. Since most people have short attention spans, they should take a break and quiz themselves on what they just read.

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#10 Go over Soon After you’ve Finished

At the end repeat what you learned right away by taking a quick recap as this avoids distractions and multitasking because they obstruct longer-term memory.

Hopefully these tips will help you in some way to develop your book reading understanding and accepting. If you have any more tips or suggestions, or perhaps even appreciation, please comment.

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