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10 Tips to Build a Remarkable Vocabulary in 10 Days

10 Tips to Build a Remarkable Vocabulary in 10 Days

Today everyone wants to speak in English but not everyone has a strong Vocabulary. Vocabulary is the body of words used in a particular language. Here are some fabulous 10 Tips to Build a Remarkable Vocabulary in 10 Days

Having a good vocabulary is must to communicate better in everyday life and express you in the best way possible.Howbeit Good Vocabulary gives a positive impact on words you are using while speaking or writing.

So here we the team members of are providing 10 Tips to Build a Remarkable Vocabulary in 10 Days. These tips will help you to enhance your English Speaking and Writing Skills, have a look…

10 Tips To Build A Remarkable Vocabulary In 10 Days

1) Read –

Reading is the finest way to enhance your vocab without putting many efforts. Reading not only enhances your Vocabulary but also helps you in having a Fluency In Speaking. Read more and more books and while reading you will get many different words that will definitely help in boosting your Vocab up.

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2) Write –

While Reading or listening something, if you find any new or different word then note it down at instant. If you do the same then at last you will have your own collection of new words that you can use while speaking and that will make your vocab more powerful.

You can also make a pocket diary so that whenever you get a new word just write it down and this will definitely give a lot of benefit.

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3) Watch English Movies with Sub Titles:

Try to watch English Movies having Sub Titles. It will help you in understand what the character is saying and will also help in getting new words to use. For this you can also download Sub title app so that each and every time you watch a movie sub titles of it appear in below section of your screen.

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4) Listen to learn –

Apart from Reading Books or any other stuff, you can also listen to various speeches or songs. In starting you will find it difficult to understand the whole but in 02 or 03 days only you will start enjoying and you will get new ways to say a sentence or any fact.

This Learning technique is also known as pay attention-to-learn technique. This technique can also be opted while doing some other work as you can use your earphones while washing dishes, or jogging/walking at park.

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5) Use the Dictionary

While reading, listening or doing any other activity of you get any word and you don’t know the meaning of same then do not get tensed use your dictionary. With the help of Dictiionary you will get the exact meaning of that word along with usage.

6) Research –

Research demonstrates that the sizable greater part of words is found from context. It won’t be underscored adequate, as acing in setting of conditions and sentences has vast focal points for each of the 3 components of vocabulary procurement, contemplating, review and maintenance. Vocabulary need to ordinarily be learnt in setting now not in confinement.

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7) Thesaurus

Use Thesaurus to get more synonyms of same word. This will also help you in generating and finding new words. Even in Thesaurus you will get meanings according to level of difficulty like from easy to complex level.

8) Use the New Word

While any verbal exchange, try to use the new words you are getting. Once you start using them it will become a habit to use new words. Usage of new words will also enhance your Verbal ability and vocabulary.

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9) Make Use Of Smartphones

Today if you have a Smartphone then you have all the stuff of your requirement. Use the facilities like vocabulary development motion pictures; learn the Synonyms, antonyms and specific elements of speech of the word at a time.

10) Use Social Sites As Learning Element

While using your social account keep your eyes and ears open. Try to chat with usage of more and more new words. Get involved with minded people and try to talk to them in English language. This will also boost your English Vocab up.

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We hope that these tips will definitely help you to build a Remarkable Vocabulary in 10 Days. If you are satisfied with this article and want to share your views then do not hesitate and mention your comments in below stated comment box.

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