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Tips To Crack JEE Advanced 2017–2018 Exam Preparation Tricks & Strategies

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Tips To Crack JEE Advanced

Even you’ve been the brightest student in your entire study span, but while preparing for an exam like JEE, it becomes critical to manage everything when you don’t have the right direction. So, here we’re with the amazing “Tips To Crack JEE Advanced exam” which will definitely let the students cover-up the study material on time, either you’re a bright student or average one! This question always arises in one’s mind before going for JEE Advanced Exam that How to Crack JEE Advanced. Now no need to wonder anymore as by analyzing the general trends of JEE advanced we have come up with the coolest tricks and strategies to clear the JEE advanced smoothly in first attempt.

Cracking JEE Advanced Exam will no more be a challenging task from no onwards, as we have very accurately prepared some very needy tips and strategies with the help of which you can crack you’re JEE advanced and make a direct path towards your dream college. We recommend you to go through the underneath page thoroughly and read all the points carefully. Come on let’ take a tour.

Tips To Crack JEE Advanced

Subject Wise Preparation Tips And Strategies


  1. Topics such as Vectors and 3D, Probability, Indefinite integration, Complex numbers, and Definite integral require a lot of attention.
  2. Differential calculus is another important topic, for which one should specialize in solving roots of equations with the utilization of Rolle’s and Lagrange’s theorems.
  3. One also needs to excel in problems based on Permutation Combination and Probability, as they are essential topics in Algebra.
  4. Simplify Integral calculus via using some basic varieties of integrable functions. Try to keep the properties in mind while using them to complete solutions on time.
  5. Excelling in Coordinate Geometry depends on proper knowledge of parametric forms of various conic sections. Further, one should be highly capable of converting the tougher parts to these basic forms, which would help in simplification.
  6. Practice mathematics as much as you can while taking a cue from previous years’ JEE papers.

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  1. Improve your focus on conceptual clarity, application skills and awareness of the prescribed syllabus.
  2. Stress more on topics such as Mole concept, Chemical Equilibrium and Electrochemistry.
  3. Practice Organic Chemistry more while improving your hold on topics like Stereochemistry, GOC (General Organic Chemistry) and Functional Group Analysis.
  4. Pay extra attention to topics like Chemical Bonding and Coordination Chemistry as they are highly conceptual.

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A major part of JEE (Advanced) consists of questions related to physics, which makes it an important subject in terms of marks distribution.

  1. Scoring topics include Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, etc.
  2. Topics requiring extra attention constitute Kinematics and Particle dynamics. These are important parts of Mechanics and are regularly witnessed in JEE papers.
  3. According to the general trend, Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism are the most important topics in terms of the number of questions have been asked in JEE of previous years.

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  1. Some of the Physics topics which were a part of previous year’s papers are mentioned here.
  • Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism (Equal importance)
  • Modern Physics
  • Optics
  • Heat, Thermodynamics, Waves and Sound
  • Measurement and errors

Must Follow Exam Strategies For JEE Advanced 2017


Focus more on understanding the topics rather than cramming. This way you can ensure that you imbibe the method used to arrive at the formulae and doing so will mean you will never forget the formulae.

Organize your time:

Watch the time taken to solve the questions; another way to maximize your score is to go through the question paper before so you can attempt the easier ones and less calculation involving questions before you start off with the questions that require longer calculations. It is smarter if you know when to leave a question so you can give that time saved to another one.

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Fulfill Targets Daily:

Your daily study plan must include learning and revision so assign daily goals for you and fulfill them. This will boost your confidence and avoid time wastage.

Practice solving past years’ papers:

Once you are through with a concept or chapter, solve past years’ papers (at least last 8-10 years). This will guide you about the transition in pattern of questions and will prepare you for what to expect.

Subject-wise planning:

Based on your preference, select subject wise topics to be covered each day. Remember your weakness may be someone else’s strength so never ignore a less favorite topic. Refer to the latest JEE Advanced syllabus for your study plan.

Keep The concepts Clear And Simple:

Develop a clear thinking process so that the moment you see a question you know the correct theory or formula to be used.

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From Basics to Superior:

Starting from fundamentals and then moving further is a good choice. In this way, you can tackle even a difficult problem as you are well-versed with the concept. Straight away jumping to an advanced level problem is not a good idea.

Numericals are Weighty:

Solving enough numericals is crucial to crack JEE Advanced. So, practice at least 40-50 numerical on each day of your JEE Advanced preparation. With subjects like Math’s, Physics and Chemistry there is no dearth of numerical problems.

Save best for the last:

Study more crucial sections of the syllabus in the beginning and push easier ones for later. Mark difficult portion in the notes so that revision towards the end becomes easier and you must remember at that time.

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Discuss with your peers:

Discussing and clearing doubts with fellow aspirants and mentors can help you overcome your weaknesses. Interact with them without any hesitation to devise an efficient study plan for yourself.

Here are Toppers Top 10 Tips For Cracking JEE Advanced 2017

  • Find a mentor in your close circle. It can be your brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, class teacher – anyone. You need to be motivated throughout these 2 years.
  • On the JEE Exam day, follow your test taking strategy – Toppers strategy was to attempt Chemistry first as it was a tough subject for some of them (owing to the vast syllabus) and they solved Physics and Maths after Chemistry.
  • Friends can be a distraction. Choose wisely whom you want to be friends with over these 2 years.
  • Take breaks between studies. Play your favorite sports to keep yourself fit and rejuvenated.
  • Fitness is absolutely important during these 2 years. Not being fit is one of the major reasons behind a bad JEE rank.
  • Avoid Social Media distractions like Facebook and Mobile distractions like Whatsapp for these two years, but you could Join useful Facebook groups and Google+ communities to keep a tab on what other students are up to – how are they preparing differently.
  • Build a good timetable and follow it religiously. Systematic study is more important than studying concepts randomly.
  • The number of hours you study is more important than how much you actually get done in those hours. Concentration in whichever subject you study is the key!
  • JEE is NOT tough. You just need to develop a natural interest in Physics, Chemistry and Maths – think in terms of actual scenarios and not just solving problems.
  • Start preparing for JEE right after your Class 10 exams. Do not waste your time.

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Some Highlights To Keep In Mind To Pass Smoothly JEE Advanced

  • Attentive Mind And Concentration
  • Systematic Time
  • Attainable Targets
  • Past Year Tests
  • Thorough Revision and analysis.

Your dedication and hard work will surely going to lead you to the path of your favorite college. To get regular notifications and updates on the related topic you can also subscribe our website and avail the maximum benefits of our free services. You are free to share your review with us. You can easily list all of them in the below given comment box.

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