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TNPSC Group 2a Model Question Paper in Tamil, English PDF Free Download

TNPSC Group 2a Model Question Paper

In the month of August Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission organizes Group 2a exam is at specific center. Candidates can practice TNPSC Group 2a Model Question Paper for the better preparation of Tamil Nadu PSC Group-2 Exam. We have provided the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Group 2a previous year papers of Tamil, English, and General Studies PDF. Aspirants who had applied for the TNPSC Group 2a Notification must download the model question paper for group 2 PDF by hitting the below displayed link.

TNPSC model question paper group 2 provides you detailed analyze concerning level of questions asked in paper. The team of has provided the TNPSC group 2 main exam model question paper in Tamil for the ease and convenience of applicants. Individuals, desirable to collect additional information regarding TNPSC Group 2a previous year question papers, must check the beneath segment of this page.

TNPSC Group 2a Model Question Paper

TNPSC Group 2a Question Answer

Question-1) If speed of rotation of the earth increases, weight of the body–

  1. increases
  2. remains unchanged
  3. decreases
  4. may decrease or increase

Answer: 3

Question-2) A body falling freely from a height towards the earth moves with unifrom–

  1. speed
  2. velocity
  3. acceleration
  4. weight

Answer: 3

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Question-3) The purest form of water can be obtained from–

  1. a deep tubewell
  2. a running stream
  3. a hot water spring
  4. a heavy shower of rain

Answer: 4

Question-4) The conservation of hawks and owls is important to mankind chiefly because these birds eat–

  1. numerous weed seeds
  2. harmful birds
  3. many harmful rodents
  4. harmful reptiles

Answer: 3

Question-5) The drug quinine is used in the treatment of–

  1. bubonic plague
  2. malaria
  3. typhus
  4. yellow fever

Answer: 2

Question-6) The life history of human malarial parasite in Anopheles was first described by–

  1. Patrick Manson
  2. Laveran
  3. Ronald Ross
  4. Richard Pfeiffer

Answer: 3

Question-7) Reproductive cell in normal human beings are produced–

  1. in greater numbers for a longer period of time in the Male
  2. for a longer period in the female than in the male
  3. in equal numbers in both sexes
  4. in greater numbers by the female than by the male

Answer: 1

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Question-8) The volume of which of the following materials decreases when it is heated from 0°C to 5°C?

  1. Air
  2. Copper
  3. Water
  4. Mercury

Answer: 3

Question-9) Which of the following is based on the process of fusion?

  1. Atom bomb
  2. Hydrogen bomb
  3. Ordinary bomb
  4. Napalm bomb

Answer: 2

Question-10) If the plane of the earth’s equator were not inclined to the plane of the earth’s orbit, –

  1. the year would be longer
  2. the winters would be longer
  3. there would be no change of seasons
  4. the summers would be warmer

Answer: 3

Question-11) Hybridization is–

  1. downward movement of water through the soil
  2. a process of tilling the land
  3. decayed vegetable matter
  4. cross-fertilisation between two varieties

Answer: 4

Question-12) Waiting for a bus is a —– experience

  1. kills
  2. kill
  3. killing
  4. is killing

Answer: 3

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Question-13) Without the advice of a doctor —– medicines is dangerous.

  1. taking
  2. to takes
  3. takes
  4. is taking

Answer: 1

Question-14) India become independent in 1947

  1. SVOA
  2. SVA
  3. SVOO
  4. SVAC

Answer: 2

Question-15) The Chairman is ill and we’ll have to ……. the meeting for a few days.

  1. put on
  2. put of
  3. put away
  4. put off

Answer: 4

Question-16) In questions choose the word opposite in meaning to the Plausible:

  1. inplausible
  2. unplausible
  3. implausible
  4. displausible

Answer: 3

Question-17) எதிர்ச்சொல் தருக : அண்டி Correct!

  1. மண்டி
  2. விலகி
  3. காண்டி
  4. தாண்டி

Answer: 2

Question-18) எதிர்ச்சொல் தருக : நல்வினை

  1. நல்லவினை
  2. செய்வினை
  3. நன்மை
  4. தீவினை

Answer: 4

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Question-19) பசுமை – பெயர்ச் சொல்லின் வகை அறிக.

  1. தொழிற்பெயர்
  2. காலப்பெயர்
  3. பண்புப்பெயர்
  4. சினைப்பெயர்

Answer: 3

Question-20) படுகை – பெயர்ச் சொல்லின் வகை அறிக.

  1. பண்புப்பெயர்
  2. பொருட்பெயர்
  3. காலப்பெயர்
  4. இடப்பெயர்

Answer: 4

Question-21) அகர வரிசைப்படி சொற்களை சீர் செய்க :

  1. முன்பனி, மாதம், மேலாளர், மைத்துனி
  2. மைத்துனி, மேலாளர், முன்பனி, மாதம்
  3. மாதம், முன்பனி, மேலாளர், மைத்துனி
  4. மாதம், முன்பனி, மைத்துனி, மேலாளர்

Answer: 4

Question-22) ஒலி வேறுபாடறிந்து சரியான பொருளைத் தேர்க: தண்மை -தன்மை

  1. குளிர்ச்சி – இயல்பு
  2. தன்னை – அருகில்
  3. இயல்பு – குளிர்ச்சி
  4. தண்ணீர் – தனிமை

Answer: 1

Question-23) பிரித்து எழுதுக : ஊராண்மை

  1. ஊராண் + மை
  2. ஊர் + ஆண்மை
  3. ஊர் + ஆள்மை
  4. ஊ + ஆண்மை

Answer: 2

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Question-24) எதிர்ச்சொல் தருக : இன்சொல்

  1. வன்சொல்
  2. மென்சொல்
  3. கடுஞ்சொல்
  4. தன்சொல்

Answer: 1

Question-25) செய்வினை சொற்றொடரைக் கண்டறிக

  1. கட்டுரை கனிமொழியால் எழுதப்பட்டது
  2. கனிமொழி கட்டுரை எழுதினாள்
  3. கட்டுரை கனிமொழி எழுதுவித்தாள்
  4. கனிமொழி கட்டுரை எழுதுவாள்

Answer: 2

Download TNPSC 2a Question Paper

For scoring good marks in TNPSC paper, you may download Model Question Paper in PDF form. Tamil, General Studies & English subjects sample paper’s links are here.

TNPSC group 2a model question paper with answers in TamilDownload here
TNPSC group 2a model question paper with answers in EnglishDownload here
TNPSC Group 2a Model Question Paper of General StudiesDownload here
Model Question Paper of TamilDownload here
TNPSC 2018 group 2a model question paper with answers in EnglishDownload here
Model question paper of General StudiesDownload here
TNPSC Group 2a Model Question Paper of TamilDownload here
TNPSC Group 2a Model Question Paper of EnglishDownload here
Group 2a Model Question Paper of General StudiesDownload here

Procedure to Get TNPSC group 2a model question paper 2018 PDF:

  • At first step, contenders may visit official site of organization which is
  • Move your cursor to right side under “Examination” tab.
  • Hit on “Previous Question Papers” link.
  • At new page, press on “Hit here to download Latest Examinations’ Question Papers and Answer Keys” link available over there.
  • Choose TNPSC Group 2a Model Question Paper link.
  • Within few seconds, TNPSC group 2a model question paper will open up at you screen.
  • Download group 2a model question papers & plan out your studies accordingly.

TNPSC Group 2a 2018 Exam Pattern

SubjectNo. of QuestionsMaximum MarksDuration
General Studies (Degree Standard)751503 hours
Aptitude and Mental Ability Test (S.S.L.C. Std.)25
General Tamil/General English (S.S.L.C. Std.)100150

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Final words:

To be acquainted with more details about TNPSC Group 2a Model Question Paper, you may visit its Official Link. Stay tuned with us for receiving more updates about recruitment, exam, and result, admit card & others.

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