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TNPSC Maths Shortcuts | 2019 In Tamil, TNPSC Maths Study Material PDF

TNPSC Maths Shortcuts

Mathematics is the most scoring subjects among other in any TNPSC competitive examination. Maths required lots of practice in each section, thus to make your preparation easy we have provided TNPSC Maths Shortcuts 2019 In Tamil here.

Check TNPSC Maths Shortcuts Tricks & Tips and get best Tamil Nadu PSC Maths Study Material PDF and start your preparation in systematic way to score better marks in exam. There are different concepts, formulas, theorems for each topic in Math and remembering all is difficult, so one need to know TNPSC Maths Shortcuts to qualify the exam

TNPSC Maths Shortcuts In Tamil

What we have learned in our school days was basics and that is well enough for passing our school exams. Now it’s time for competitive exams thus we have to learn something new use smart and TNPSC Maths Shortcuts tips to crack mathematics section,

Those, who want to score highest marks in Mathematics, they must learn Best Short Tricks & Tips. To check all TNPSC Maths Shortcuts in Tamil, scroll down this page which is well prepared by the expert team member of

TNPSC Maths Shortcuts

TNPSC Maths Shortcuts for Time and Work

  • If a Person does a piece of work in n days, then person’s finish the work in n days.
  • If a Person do a piece of work or job in n days, then work in 1 days = 1 / n.
  • If a Person work in 1 days = 1 / n, then person can completed the work in n day’s.
  • If a person A done twice work of another person B, then the ratio of work done by A and B is = 2 : 1.
  • When more people working on a similar type of work, then there group work = Sum of each person 1 day’s work.
  • Suppose P, Q, R work same piece of work by each person ( P + Q + R )”s 1 day’s work = P’s 1 day’s work + Q’s 1 day’s work + R’s 1 day’s work.

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TNPSC Maths Shortcuts for LCM & HCF

Find out Highest Common Factor and Least common multiple, with the help of shortcut tips and prepare well by memorizing listed tricks.

  • Product of two numbers = Their HCF * Their LCM
  • HCF of given numbers always divides their LCM
  • HCF of given fractions = HCF of numerator/ LCM of denominator
  • LCM of given fractions = LCM of numerator / HCF of denominator
  • If d is the HCF of two positive integer a and b, then there exist unique integer m and n, such that d = am + bn
  • HCF of a given number always divides its LCM

For Example:

Least number which when divided by 35,45, 55 and leaves remainder 18,28,38; is?


In this case we will evaluate L.C.M and here the difference between every divisor and remainder is same i.e. 17.

Therefore, = LCM of (35, 45, 55)-17 = (3465-17)= 3448.

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TNPSC Mathematical Shortcuts For Percentage

Question: Mike bought a DVD for $ 750 and sold it for $ 875. Find Mike’s gain per cent.


CP = $ 750 and SP = $ 875.
Since (SP) > (CP), Mike makes a gain.
Gain = $ (875 – 750) = $ 125.

Gain% = {(gain/CP) × 100} %
= {(125/750) × 100} %
= (50/3) % = 16 (2/3) %

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TNPSC கணித குறுக்குவழிகள் For Surface Area and Volume

Question 1: A cylinder has two circles (each with a radius of 2 cm) and one rectangle (with a length of 5.8 cm and a width the circumference of the circles).

Circle 1

π x 22 = 4π 12.56 cm2

Circle 2
π x 22 = 4π 12.56 cm2

Rect 1 5.8 x 4π = 23.2π
72.85 cm2
Total   97.97 cm2

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Question 2: Find the volume of a cube whose perimeter of each face is 20 feet.


The perimeter of one face of a cube = 20 feet
The face of a cube has 4 edges.
The length of an edge of the cube = 20/4 = 5 feet.
The volume of the cube having A as an edge is A3 unit3.
Then volume = 53 = 125 feet3.

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TNPSC Group 4 Maths Shortcuts In Tamil For Simple Interest

SI = P x R x T/100
Principal = Simple Interest ×100/ R × T
Rate of Interest = Simple Interest ×100 / P × T
Time = Simple Interest ×100 / P × R
If rate of Simple interest differs from year to year, then Simple Interest = Principal × (R1+R2+ R3…..)/100

Question: Find the simple interest of Rs.75000/- at 4% per annum for 4 years.


Here, P = 75000
R% = 4 per annum
T = 4 years

SI = (P x T x R / 100) =
75000 x 4 x 4 / 100 = 12000

So, the Simple Interest of Rs.75000/- would be Rs.12000/-.

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Final Words:

Hope above provided TNPSC Maths Shortcuts in Tamil is helpful in better preparation for Aptitude Test. To get instant updates or to know more TNPSC Mathematics Shortcuts In Tamil you can keep visiting to our site Follow us on Facebook / Google plus to watch TNPSC Maths Shortcuts Videos directly.

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