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TNTET Model Question Papers 2018 Papers 1, 2 Previous Years PDF Download

TNTET Model Question Papers

Download TNTET Model Question Papers PDF from this single page. Aspirants who are going to appear in Tamilnadu Teacher Eligibility Test must practice from Previous Years Question Papers to score passing marks.

Here, on the page of, we have brought TNTET Papers 1, 2 PDF. Students can download TNTET previous year question papers with answers PDF by going through the direct links available on this page.

Tamilnadu Teacher Eligibility Test is organized by Teachers Recruitment Board to recruit eligible aspirants on the vacant positions of Upper and Lower Primary Teachers in Tamilnadu. To get more info, please have a look in beneath section of the page.

Get TNTET Previous Year PDF:

TNTET English Question Paper  Hit Here
TNTET Language Question Paper  Hit Here

TNTET Model Question Papers

Ques 1: Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air?

  1. Oxygen
  2. Hydrogen sulphide
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Nitrogen

Ans: 2

Ques 2: Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?

  1. Phosphorous
  2. Bromine
  3. Chlorine
  4. Helium

Ans: 2

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Ques 3: Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring chelate compound in which central metal is

  1. copper
  2. magnesium
  3. iron
  4. calcium

Ans: 2

Ques 4: Which of the following is used in pencils?

  1. Graphite
  2. Silicon
  3. Charcoal
  4. Phosphorous

Ans: 1

Ques 5: Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?

  1. Tin
  2. Mercury
  3. Lead
  4. Zinc

Ans: 2

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Ques 6: The gas usually filled in the electric bulb is

  1. nitrogen
  2. hydrogen
  3. carbon dioxide
  4. oxygen

Ans: 1

Ques 7: Washing soda is the common name for

  1. Sodium carbonate
  2. Calcium bicarbonate
  3. Sodium bicarbonate
  4. Calcium carbonate

Ans: 1

Ques 8: Quartz crystals normally used in quartz clocks etc. is chemically

  1. silicon dioxide
  2. germanium oxide
  3. a mixture of germanium oxide and silicon dioxide
  4. sodium silicate

Ans: 1

Ques 9: Which of the gas is not known as green house gas?

  1. Methane
  2. Nitrous oxide
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Hydrogen

Ans: 4

Ques 10: The Homolographic projection has the correct representation of

  1. shape
  2. area
  3. baring
  4. distance

Ans: 2

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Ques 11: The latitudinal differences in pressure delineate a number of major pressure zones, which correspond with

  1. zones of climate
  2. zones of oceans
  3. zones of land
  4. zones of cyclonic depressions

Ans: 1

Ques 12: The higher the wind speed and the longer the fetch or distance of open water across which the wind blows and waves travel, the ____ waves and the ____ energy they process.

  1. larger, more
  2. larger, less
  3. smaller, more
  4. smaller, less

Ans: 1

Ques 13: The hazards of radiation belts include

  1. deterioration of electronic circuits
  2. damage of solar cells of spacecraft
  3. adverse effect on living organisms
  4. All of the above

Ans: 4

Ques 14: The great Victoria Desert is located in

  1. Canada
  2. West Africa
  3. Australia
  4. North America

Ans: 3

Ques 15: The intersecting lines drawn on maps and globes are

  1. latitudes
  2. longitudes
  3. geographic grids
  4. None of the above

Ans: 3

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Ques 16: The Paithan (Jayakwadi) Hydro-electric project, completed with the help of Japan, is on the river

  1. Ganga
  2. Cauvery
  3. Narmada
  4. Godavari

Ans: 4

Ques 17: The percentage of irrigated land in India is about

  1. 45
  2. 65
  3. 35
  4. 25

Ans: 3

Ques 18: The southernmost point of peninsular India, that is, Kanyakumari, is

  1. north of Tropic of Cancer
  2. south of the Equator
  3. south of the Capricorn
  4. north of the Equator

Ans: 4

Ques 19: The pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri Hills in south India is called

  1. the Palghat gap
  2. the Bhorghat pass
  3. the Thalgat pass
  4. the Bolan pass

Ans: 1

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Ques 20: Which of the following factors are responsible for the rapid growth of sugar production in south India as compared to north India?

Higher per acre field of sugarcane

Higher sucrose content of sugarcane

Lower labour cost

Longer crushing period

  1. I and II
  2. I, II and III
  3. I, III and IV
  4. I, II and IV

Ans: 4

Ques 21. Robert Gagne’s theory of Hierarchial learning includes _________types of learning

  1. 5
  2. 7
  3. 8
  4. 6

Ans: 5

Ques 22. The book titled ‘Dream Analysis’ was published by

  1. John Dewey
  2. William James
  3. Edward Tichenes
  4. Sigmund Freud

Ans: 4.

Ques 23. Types of Mental Conflicts are ___________

  1. 4
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 8

Ans: 3

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Ques 24. VIBGYOR is a good example of

  1. abbrevation
  2. Mnemonics
  3. easy learning
  4. monics

Ans: 1

Ques 25. The two types of memory are

  1. STM & LTM
  2. ATM & GTM
  3. LTM & ATM
  4. ATM & STM

Ans: 1

Ques 26. How many stages are there in psycho-social growth of man according to Erickson?

  1. 6 Stages
  2. 4 Stages
  3. 10 Stages
  4. 8 Stages

Ans: 4.

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Ques 27: The two factor theory of intelligence was proposed by

  1. Spearman
  2. Wechsler
  3. Piaget
  4. Binet

Ans: 1.

Ques 28. During fertilization the chromosome received from the male partner is

  1. Y
  2. X
  3. XY
  4. XX

Ans: 3

Ques 29. I thought it might ______________

  1. reign
  2. rein
  3. ruin
  4. rain

Ans: 4

Ques 30. Stimulus – response is due to

  1. Brain
  2. Maturity
  3. Sense organs
  4. Experience

Ans: 3

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TNET Exam Pattern For Paper 1 and 2:

Aspirants preparing for Tamilnadu Teacher Eligibility Test should aware from the TNTET Exam pattern 2018. We have provided complete exam pattern of TNTET in below section of the page. Candidates must scroll down this page:

TNTET Paper 1 Exam Pattern

SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarksDuration
Child Development and Pedagogy30 MCQs each30 marks each90 minutes
Language I
Language II
Environmental Studies
Total150 questions150

TNTET Paper 2 Exam Pattern

SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarksDuration
Child Development and Pedagogy (compulsory)30 MCQs each30 Marks each90 minutes
Language I (compulsory)
Language II (compulsory)
For Mathematics and Science teacher60 MCQs60 Marks
For Social Science teacher60 MCQs60 Marks
Total150 questions150

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