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Top 10 Countries with Longest Railway Networks – 2018 List, Largest Network Size

Top 10 Countries with Longest Railway Networks

Rail transport is a means of transferring of passengers and goods on wheeled vehicles running on rails, also known as tracks. The list of Top 10 Countries with Longest Railway Networks all over the world includes United States followed by China, Russia and India.

The Network size of Largest Railway Network is 257,722 kilometers. Similarly there are many other Railway Systems that comes in the list the list of Top 10 Countries with Longest Railway Networks. Check out the latest 2018 list and get updated about the same.

List of Countries with Longest Railway Networks!!!

Railway is a mode of traveling for passengers and is considered as a faster way to transport goods in comparison to wheeled vehicles. It is a cheap means of transportation. The development of railway tracks is carried out specially in different countries.

Its significance depends on its usage. Following is a structured list of Top 10 Countries By Longest Railway Networks in the world. To get to know about this list and Network Size Details you must have a glance at the below section of this page of

Top 10 Countries By Longest Railway Networks:

CountryRailway length
Year of
Electrified length
Historic peak length
Area (km2) per km trackPopulation per km trackNationalized or Private
United States257,7222016<1,600409,00043.711,373Private


South Africa31,000201424,80039.391,742

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Description of Rail Networks of countries:

United States:


According to the information database of 2016 the United States probably known as US has the longest railway networks having an operating route length of about 257,722 kilometers.  Freight lines represent concerning 80% of the entire rail network, whereas the total passenger network comprises of length of 35,000km. According to the further information the US Railway track is owned privately. Population per kilometer track is 1,373 passengers.


Central, Hong Kong (Sept 2004), China

China’s rail network possesses a route length of about 127,000 km and positioned as the second largest rail network in the world. The widespread network is managed by China Railway Corporation.

Electrified length of this network is 80,000 km. it is a nationalized railway track and daily around 11048 passengers travel through this network.

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Russia’s whole network is managed by monopoly Russian Railways (RZD) and has a length of about 85,513 km and the electrified length is 43,759. The Russian railway network integrates twelve main lines which leads direct links to European and Asian railway systems.



The Indian nationwide rail network is recognized as the fourth biggest rail network in the world. This network is owned and operated by Indian Railways and comprises of an operating route length of above 67,368 kilometers. The electrified length of this network is 25,367 kilometers. The Indian railway network is categorized into 17 zones and functions more than 19,000 trains per day, that 19000 trains includes 12,000 passenger trains and 7,000 freight trains.

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Canada is having a route length of 46,552 km and thus regarded as the fifth biggest network in the world. Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway are the two main railway networks which are working in the country.

The major Canadian cities are Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. These cities have extensive commuter train systems. Along with that, the Rocky Mountaineer and Royal Canadian Pacific offer luxury rail tours to view the attractive beauty of certain mountainous areas in the nation.



Germany’s 43,468 km railway network is occupying 80% of the entire traffic and 99% of distant passenger traffic. Above 150 private railway companies except DeutsheBahn run on the network are engaged in offering regional passenger and freight services.

Its electrified length is 19,973 kilometers and Historic peak length is 58,297 kilometers. It covers an area of 8.22 km2 per track. Population travel per km track is 1,881. The Ger4man Railway Network is owned by both Private and Nationalized organizations.

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The Australian railway network is the seventh largest network having a length of more than 38,445km. The country’s government is managing and owning the most of the railway network transportation at federal or state level.

There is no high speed line in Australian railway network. There is a proposal of building a high-speed rail network connecting Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Till now it is estimated that the first phase of the 1,748km high-speed network will get established after 2035.



The initial railway line in Brazil had come into existence in 1984. The rail network was state-owned in 1957 with the construction of RedeFerroviária Federal SociedadeAnônima (RFFSA).  The network’s span is of 37,743km and is mainly freight-focused and comprises of major iron ore rail lines.

Its electrified length is 6,988 kilometer and it covers an area of 299.6km2 per track. Population travel per km track is 6986. The Brazil Railway Network is owned by Privateorganizations.

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Argentina’s current rail network occupies a length of 36,000 km and is ranked as the eighth biggest network in the world. Argentina span was of 47,000 km at the end of the Second World War, generally managed by British as well as French-owned railway companies.

Its electrified length is 136 kilometers and Historic peak length is 47,000kilometers. It covers an area of 77.45 km2 per track. Population travel per km track is 1117. The Railway Network of Argentina is owned by nationalized organizations.

South Africa

Top 10 Countries with Longest Railway Networks

According to the information, South Africa has the 10thlongest railway networks having an operating route length of about 31,000 kilometers.

Its electrified length is 24,800kilometers and Historic peak length is not verified in kilometers. It covers an area of 39.39 km2 per track. Population travel per km track is 1,742. The 10th largest Railway Network i.e. South AfricaRail Network is owned by nationalized organizations.

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Paris skyline at dusk from the Hotel Concord roof.

At 29,000 km, the France rail network is ranked as second largest in Europe and ninth largest in the world. The country’s network is primarily passenger-centric and over 50% of the country’s rail lines are electrified.

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