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Hindi Meaning Of Traffic Signs Symbols And Images

Traffic Signs 

The rules that are inlisted by Government of India regarding the traffic rules sign and symbols cannot be understandable by everyone. So, here we are providing the Hindi Meaning Of Traffic Signs Symbols. Traffic signs are the soundless speakers on the road through which pedestrian get instructions how to execute on street and choose the path securely. Being unaware of road signs occur a big catastrophe, so we have well furnished the article ‘Hindi Meaning Of Traffic Signs Symbols And Images’ for the assistance of each. Every citizen is supposed to be familiar with Traffic Signs Symbols and understand the accurate meaning of Traffic Signs.

Traffic Signs

Government of India has set up some rules for traffic, which should be carefully followed by people on the road. In daily life we are listening various accident this is happens just because of mistakes of people while driving on the road. For them, Indian Government has made Traffic Signs In India as well as Traffic Signs Images. Readers if you don’t know the Traffic Signs And Meanings then you are at the correct place as we have mentioned the Traffic Signs And Their Meanings on this page. So, have a peek!!! Road safety is very necessary while being on the road and must know by all because road accidents are the leading cause of death.

Some peoples do not follow any Traffic Signs And Symbols and become victims of the accident. This accent tells us the story of India’s poor driver and not following the rules of his Traffic Signs. This is not the case in today’s time, when we do not listen to any road attendant; it is due to not following the rules of all the driver’s traffic and not just care for others for their hobbies. Nowadays small children also do driving, they do not understand the rules of traffic either, nor do they want to follow them, they just join the race to get ahead. So, individuals can get complete details related to Traffic Signs In Hindi/ Traffic Signs In India from this web page which is well designed by the team members of

Traffic Signs

Road Traffic Signs – Signals

Basic Rules of the Road:

All the essential rules included in this category are for those who share all the roads. So, read complete Traffic Signs In India And Their Meaning from here. The idea behind creating such rules of Traffic Signs is that the roads are not only for drivers (including motorcycles), but shared by pedestrians and animals on the road is. It is compulsory to follow the rules related to these categories while using the roads. You can follow all the above-mentioned rules only if you are patient, thoughtful and careful.

Traffic Signals:

  • Traffic lights, traffic signals or stop lights are a signaling device, which is placed at the traffic circle of the road, to signify that it is safe when it is lifted.
  • The traffic signal passes on its information using a universal color code.

Traffic Signs

Road Signals:

Trafficking is an important and vital part of the system for the safety of road users. So, individuals must know about Traffic Signs And Their Meanings, as given on this single web page. According to Indian Road Congress (IRC), Traffic Signs (road signals) are classified into 3 types:

  • Mandatory Signs or Regulatory Signs
  • Cautionary Signs or Warning or Precautionary
  • Informatory Signs

Hand Signals:

On the other hand, Hand Signals or Manual Regulation Signs are the gestures which used to regulate traffic on the road using the hand movements. Traffic police uses these functions to regulate traffic on intersections, while drivers use these signals to use other users to inform their intentions on the road. Based on the person these can be categorized as:

  • Hand Signals by Policeman
  • Hand Signals by Drivers

Road Markings and Pavement Markings:

In the year of 1920, Road markings or pavement markings were introduced. To indicate the road’s centerline, they were used. But, as long as they increased in traffic, they were used to define lanes with roads and alleys and later multi-lane roads. Over time, they have also been adorned with information to help motorists pass safely on Road Marking Signs. So, from all above you must check Traffic Signs In Hindi as given here.

Get Directly: Traffic Signs Symbols And Images

Traffic Signs In India And Their Meaning

Traffic Road safety signs are basically divided into three broad categories, namely- Mandatory signs, Cautionary signs and Informatory signs. Have a glance on Traffic Signs Chart and we have also given Traffic Signs And Symbols In Hindi Pdf on this single web page!!!

Mandatory Traffic Signs:

These Traffic Signs Pdf are used to ensure free movement of traffic and make the road users cognizant of certain laws and regulations, restrictions and prohibitions. Violation of these signs is an offence, as per law.

Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs Hindi MeaningTraffic Signs NameTraffic Signs  Meanings
रुकेंStopAt the indication of stop sign drivers have to stop at their place.
रास्ता देंGive WayGive Way sign instruct to the traffic to Give Way to right side drivers
प्रवेश निषेधNo EntryNo Entry sign is the instruction board about restricted area and indicates driver should not go there.
एक रास्ताOne WayIn one way traffic is allowed to move in a one direction.
वाहन दोनों दिशाओं में निषिद्धVehicles Prohibited in Both DirectionsThis sign is the clear indication of that area ahead is blocked from both the sides.
दाएं बंद निषिद्धRight Turn ProhibitedThe sign represents the driver should not take right turn
वाम मोड़ निषिद्धLeft Turn ProhibitedThe sign represents the driver should not take left turn
यू-टर्न निषिद्धU-Turn ProhibitedThe sign represents the driver should not take left turn
अधिक से अधिक निषिद्धOvertaking ProhibitedAt some places such as roads are narrow, small bridges where overtaking can be very dangerous to drivers this sign is put to ensure safety.
हॉर्न निषिद्धHorn ProhibitedAt some places honking is not required to keep silence this sign is put so that the drivers must be aware and do not use horn.
पार्किंग नहींNo ParkingThe sign indicates no vehicle should be parked at that place.
गति सीमाSpeed LimitDiver must follow the Speed Limit which is indicted in the Speed Limit board.
अनिवार्य बारी वामCompulsory Turn LeftDriver must take Left Turn only due to the diversion.
अनिवार्य आगेCompulsory AheadThe sign notifies that driver must go in straight direction.
अनिवार्य अधिकार बारीCompulsory Right TurnDue to diversion driver must take right turn and obey to sign.
अनिवार्य आगे या दाएं मुड़ेंCompulsory Ahead or Turn RightThis is the indication that driver can either go straight or turn right.
अनिवार्य आगे या वाम मोड़Compulsory Ahead or Turn LeftThis sign represents driver either go straight or turn left.
अनिवार्य ध्वनि हॉर्नCompulsory Sound HornThis sign give directives to blow horn compulsory. Generally this sign are installed at the highways where you do not have any idea about the oncoming traffic.

Traffic Signs With Names/ Cautionary Signs:

These Traffic Signs And Symbols Pdf make the road users conscious of hazardous conditions on the road beforehand. The drivers, accordingly, take necessary actions to handle the situation.

Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs Hindi MeaningTraffic Signs NameTraffic Signs Meanings
दायां हाथ वक्रRight Hand CurveIt represents about a right hand curve on the way forward.
वाम हाथ वक्रLeft Hand CurveIt represents about a left hand curve on the way forward.
सही हेयर पिन बैंडRight Hair Pin BandAnyone can see this sign board on the mountainous roads where the sharp ones are sharp. When a sharp side moves forward, it takes care to move you right.
वाम हेयर पिन बैंडLeft Hair Pin BandThis signal will alert you about a sharp left turn. These are very important on mountainous roads.
सही रिवर्स बैंडRight Reverse BandThis Z-shaped signal shows the formation of Z-shaped like the road ahead to the right direction, it warns to reduce speed.
वाम रिवर्स बैंडLeft Reverse BandThis Z-size signal indicates the formation of the same Z-shaped form of the road forward. It warns to reduce driver’s speed.
खड़ी चढ़ाईSteep AscentThese signs are usually found in mountainous areas where there is a sharp fluctuation
अत्यधिक अवरोह, अतिशालीनSteep DescentThis sign is found on mountainous roads where a slope is sloping down.
संकीर्ण सड़क आगेNarrow Road AheadThis signal indicates further the narrowing of the road so that the driver could reduce the speed.
सड़क आगे बढ़ती हैRoad Widens AheadThis sign tells about the intersection of the road so that the traffic can be adjusted accordingly.
तंग पुलNarrow BridgeNext this sign board is built next to a narrow bridge.
फिसलन सड़कSlippery RoadDue to any leakage of water or oil spill etc., this signal tells about the slippery road.
खुली बजरीLoose GravelThis signal is usually placed on mountainous routes where the possibility of loose soil or gravel decreases.
चक्र क्रॉसिंगCycle CrossingThe cycle of crossing the main road is the path, the sign will warn the driver about it.
पैदल चलने वालों का मार्गPedestrian CrossingPedestrians should first be served before the rest of the traffic. When this is done, it means that the driver should reduce the speed or stop the vehicle and the pedestrator must first cross the road
स्कूल आगेSchool AheadThis sign represnts about a school ahead.
काम चल रहा हैMen at WorkThis shows that any kind of work or repair is going on the road.
पशुCattleThere are possibilities that a cattle can be wandering on the road.
गिरती हुई चट्टानेंFalling RocksDue to landslides in excessive climates, the signs warn about further rocks fall.
क्रॉस रोडCross RoadThis signal indicates two roads crossing forward.
औसत में गैपGap In MedianThe sign suggests that a provision of U-turn is there ahead.
साइड रोड राइटSide Road RightThe sign indicates of a right side turn along with a straight way ahead.
साइड रोड बाएंSide Road LeftThe sign indicates of a left side turn along with a straight way ahead.
वाई के चौराहेY-intersectionA Y-shaped form is further formed; it shows the actual formation of the road.
चौंका पड़नाStaggered IntersectionWhere it turns left and right, this sign is given, there is a short distance between them both on the direct road.
टी चौराहेT-IntersectionIndicates the signals that there is a T crossroad on the road and from which you cannot go forward
प्रमुख सड़क आगेMajor Road AheadThis mark is placed where there is a big cross on the road ahead.
दौर के बारे मेंRound AboutThis signal can be used as a crossing road.
खतरनाक डुबकीDangerous DipIt sign indicates there is a dip ahead on the road.
हंप या रफ रोडHump or Rough RoadA hump is made on the road so that the driver can slow down. The signal indicates the same.
अनग्रेड लेवल क्रॉसिंगUnguarded Level CrossingThe sign indicates that there is a railway crossing ahead. An unknown type of description is that when a train is coming, the driver must cross the road at his own risk.
संरक्षित स्तर क्रॉसिंगGuarded Level CrossingThis sign indicates that further railway crossings are Guarded by any person.

Informatory Signs:

These Traffic Signs guide the road users about destinations, distance, alternative routes, and prominent locations like food joints, public toilets, nearby hospitals, etc. So, get

Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs Hindi MeaningTraffic Signs NameTraffic Signs Meanings
सार्वजनिक टेलीफोनPublic TelephoneThe signal indicates that anyone can avail of a telephone service nearby.
पेट्रोल पंपPetrol PumpThis signal clearly indicates the availability of a petrol pump on the way forward.
अस्पतालHospitalThis sign shows the availability of the closest one hospital
फर्स्ट ऐड पोस्टFirst Aid PostThis informative sign will tell you about the first aid facility for further assistance.
खाने की जगहEating PlaceThis signal will usually be seen on highways which will indicate the convenience of any food ahead.
हल्की ताज़गीLight RefreshmentThis signal will inform about the availability of any light refreshment on the road.
कोई अच्छी रोड नहींNo Thorough RoadThis sign is placed where you cannot get out.
कोई अच्छी साइड रोड नहींNo Thorough Side RoadThis mark is raised when it is not on the main road from any side.
पार्क इस तरफPark This SideThis indicates where you can park the vehicle.
पार्किंग स्कूटर और मोटरसाइकिलेंParking Scooters and MotorcyclesOne can park his scooter or motorcycle at such a place where this sign is kept.
पार्किंग लॉट साइकिलParking Lot CyclesThis informative signal indicates that parking is only for cycles
पार्किंग लॉट कारेंParking Lot CarsThis informative signal indicates that parking is for cars only
शांत स्थानResting placeIf any motel or a lodge is nearby you will find this sign on the road.

According to the statistical reports published in the year of 2013, Driving in India can be dangerous for you as you can imagine, every minute in India is an accident. When all developed countries are concentrating on reducing the rate of casual mortality, Indian roads have become worse than ever. The World Health Organization (2013) published the report, According to this report; India has the highest number of road accidental deaths (105,725 people died on the road) in the world.

Above provided information regarding Traffic Signs is very beneficial for you all. So, have a look on Traffic Signs in India and Their Meaning. If you have any problem regarding Traffic Signs And Their Meanings then you need to get complete details related to Traffic Signs And Symbols In Hindi Pdf from here.

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