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UP Assistant Teacher Previous Papers सहायक अध्यापक Sample Paper PDF Download

UP Assistant Teacher Previous Papers

For those who’re preparing for UP Assistant Teacher Exam with Syllabus for stuff to be covered and Exam pattern for an understanding of the exam paper format, UP Assistant Teacher Previous Papers can also be so much beneficial.

Download UP Assistant Teacher Sample Paper PDF from here subject-wise and do preparation according to it. By solving UP Assistant Teacher Previous Papers, you can know the pattern of questions asked in examination as well as tricks used to solve questions.

UP सहायक अध्यापक Sample Paper PDF

To get Uttar Pradesh Assistant Previous Year Papers/ Sample Papers in the form of PDF via online process you are advised to go through this page prepared by the team of

UP Assistant Teacher Previous Papers will helps to those candidates, who are going to prepare for recruitment exam. By these questions you can easily solve paper at time of examination. Below on this page we have provided direct PDFs links to download UP Assistant Teacher Previous Papers.

UP Assistant Teacher Previous Papers

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 UP Assistant Teacher Previous Papers

UP Assistant Teacher Previous Year Question and Answers

Question 1: Georgia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan became the members of UNO in

  1. 1991
  2. 1992
  3. 1993
  4. 1994

Answer: 2

Question 2: Guru Gobind Singh was

  1. the 10th Guru of the Sikhs
  2. founder of Khalsa, the inner council of the Sikhs in 1699
  3. author of Dasam Granth
  4. All the above

Answer: 4

Question 3: Hermann Scheer (Germany) received right Livelihood Award in 1999 for

  1. his indefatigable work for thepromotion of solar energy worldwide
  2. his long standing efforts to end the impunity of dictators
  3. showing that organic agriculture is a key to both environmental sustainability and food security
  4. None of the above

Answer: 1

Question 4: Germany signed the Armistice Treaty on ____ and World War I ended

  1. January 19, 1918
  2. May 30, 1918
  3. November 11, 1918
  4. February 15, 1918

Answer: 3

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Question 5: During World War II, when did Germany attack France?

  1. 1940
  2. 1941
  3. 1942
  4. 1943

Answer: 1

Question 6: Frederick Sanger is a twice recipient of the Nobel Prize for

  1. Chemistry in 1958 and 1980
  2. Physics in 1956 and 1972
  3. Chemistry in 1954 and Peace in 1962
  4. Physics in 1903 and Chemistry in 1911

Answer: 1

Question 7: The ozone layer restricts

  1. Visible light
  2. Infrared radiation
  3. X-rays and gamma rays
  4. Ultraviolet radiation

Answer: 4

Question 8: Eugenics is the study of

  1. altering human beings by changing their genetic components
  2. people of European origin
  3. different races of mankind
  4. genetic of plants

Answer: 1

Question 9: Euclid was

  1. Greek mathematician
  2. Contributor to the use of deductive principles of logic as the basis of geometry
  3. Propounded the geometrical theorems
  4. All of the above

Answer: 4

Question 10: Ecology deals with

  1. Birds
  2. Cell formation
  3. Relation between organisms and their environment
  4. Tissues

Answer: 3

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Question 11: Filaria is caused by

  1. Bacteria
  2. Mosquito
  3. Protozoa
  4. Virus

Answer: 2

Question 12: Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) was established in

  1. 1958
  2. 1957
  3. 1956
  4. 1955

Answer: 2

Question 13: A woman came in with a baby who, she said, …… a safety pin.

  1. was just swallowing
  2. swallowed
  3. had just swallowed
  4. just swallowed

Answer: 3

Question 14: The Hubble Space Telescope will search for planets around the stars, a key to the …… extraterrestrial life, and examine interstellar dust and gases out of which stars are born.

  1. perception
  2. discovery
  3. enquiry
  4. quest

Answer: 4

Question 15: She …… Rs 80 out of the bank every Friday.

  1. obtains
  2. draws
  3. pulls
  4. extracts

Answer: 2

Question 16: The American …… presented his credentials to the President of India.

  1. adviser
  2. ambassador
  3. delegate
  4. representative

Answer: 2

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Question 17: Once he has signed the agreement, he won’t be able to ……

  1. back up
  2. back in
  3. back at
  4. back out

Answer: 4

Question 18: It was difficult to remove my feet as it had got stuck …… in the mud.

  1. fairly
  2. greatly
  3. widely
  4. firmly

Answer: 4

Question 19: He is a very careful person, he never takes side but remains ……

  1. impartial
  2. unbiased
  3. neutral
  4. prejudiced

Answer: 1

Question 20: West Bengal …… plentiful rainfall and is consequently a very green part of the country.

  1. misses
  2. receives
  3. expects
  4. regrets

Answer: 2

Question 21: This brand of TV is quite inferior …… that one.

  1. than
  2. to
  3. with
  4. over

Answer: 2

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Question 22: It is not what you say that …… but what you do

  1. matches
  2. implies
  3. matters
  4. moves

Answer: 3

Question 23: The pilot had been warned about the storm, before he ……

  1. took away
  2. took up
  3. took over
  4. took off

Answer: 4

Question 24: Hardly had he arrived …… it started raining.

  1. before
  2. when
  3. than
  4. after

Answer: 2

Question 25: I …… a car to be absolutely necessary these days.

  1. consider
  2. regard
  3. think
  4. agree

Answer: 1

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Notable Note:

Candidates who are going to appear in UP Assistant Teacher Recruitment Exam they can get UP Assistant Teacher Previous Papers from here. After getting UP सहायक अध्यापक Sample Paper PDF, if you have any type of query then writes in below given comment box. We will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

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