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UPPSC Sample Papers 2020 | Previous Year 2019, 18,17,16 Papers, Model Questions PDF

UPPSC Sample Papers 2020

Candidates preparing for UP Public Service Commission Exam must download the latest UPPSC Sample Papers 2020 and model papers PDF. Here in this page, candidates can found the UPPSC Previous Year Papers of the year 2018, 17, 16 which can be downloaded for free from here.

To clear the UPPSC Recruitment Exam, candidates must download the UPPSC Previous Year Question Papers. By regularly practicing from UPPSC Sample Papers, candidates will be able to get an idea on type of questions asked in exams.

Check UPPSC Previous Year Papers

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission conducts state level recruitment test to fill Vacant Posts in Government Organization. Every year a large of candidates take part in this test to get hired. So candidates, you need to prepare for the exam at your best level.

Candidates can prepare through UPPSC Model Papers which include question and answers asked in the previous year UPPSC Exams. You can also check the questions and answers of UPPSC Sample Papers through the below section of this page of

UPPSC Sample Papers

Want to Crack UPPSC Exam in first attempt then Prepare with UPPSC Solved Papers!!! Candidates who have a dream to join Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission they are required to qualify its written examination which can be done through well preparations.

Candidates can check UPPSC Previous Year Papers With Solution through this page to get a close idea of exam. Candidates can also download the UPPSC sample papers in the form of PDF by online process.

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UPPSC Sample Papers

Q1- Who was the leader of the Swadeshi Movement in Madras ?

  1. Srinivas Sastri
  2. Rajagopalachari
  3. Chidambaram Pillai
  4. Chintamani

Ans 3

Q2- Which one of the following was directly related to the Poona Pact of 1932 ?

  1. Indian women
  2. Indian labour class
  3. Indian farmers
  4. Indian depressed class

Ans 4

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Q3- Subhas Chandra Bose had founded ‘Forward Bloc’ in the year—

  1. 1936 A.D.
  2. 1937 A.D.
  3. 1938 A.D.
  4. 1939 A.D.

Ans 4

Q4- The Gujarra minor rock edict, in which the name of Ashoka is mentioned, is located in—

  1. Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh
  2. Datia district of Madhya Pradesh
  3. Jaipur district of Rajasthan
  4. Champaran district of Bihar

Ans : 2

Q5- Which of the following sites has yielded skeleton of dog along with human skeleton in burial?

  1. Brahmagiri
  2. Burzahom
  3. Chirand
  4. Maski

Ans 2

Q6- The State having highest scheduled caste population in India is—

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Uttar Pradesh

Ans 4

Q7- Bagalihar Project lies on the—

  1. Jhelum river
  2. Ravi river
  3. Chenab river
  4. Indus river

Ans 3

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Q8- Chilka lake is situated in—

  1. West Bengal
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Orissa
  4. Tamil Nadu

Ans 3

Q9- The deepest lake of the World is—

  1. Pushkar lake in Rajasthan
  2. Lake superior in America
  3. Victoria lake in Africa
  4. Baikal lake in Russia

Ans 4

Q10- The Fundamental Duties of a citizen do not include duty—

  1. to protect and improve the natural environment
  2. to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom
  3. to strive towards abolition of untouchability
  4. to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of enquiry and reform

Ans 4

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Q11- To avoid slipping while walking on ice, one should take smaller steps because of the.

a)    Friction of ice is large

b)    Friction of ice is small

c)    Larger normal reaction

d)    Smaller normal reaction

Ans b

Q12-   The number of moles of solute present in 1 kg of a solvent is called its

a)    molality

b)    molarity

c)    normality

d)    formality

Ans a

Q13- The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is

a)    ethylene

b)    ethane

c)    carbon dioxide

d)    acetylene

Ans a

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Q14-   Monotremes are unique mammals because they

a)    posses hair

b)    give birth to live young

c)    secret milk in a pouch

d)    lay eggs

Ans d

Q15-Plant bends towards the source of light on account of the movement of curvature known as

a)    geotropism

b)    thigmotropism

c)    chemotropism

d)    phototropism

Ans d

Q16- A body of mass m moves in a circular path with uniform angular velocity. The motion of the body has constant.

a)    Acceleration

b)    Momentum

c)    Velocity

d)    Kinetic energy

Ans d

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Q17- In fireworks, the green flame is produced because of

a)    sodium

b)    barium

c)    mercury

d)    potassium

Ans b

Q18- Marsh gas is

a)    nitrogen

b)    ethane

c)    methane

d)    hydrogen

Ans c

Q19- Air is a/an

a)    compound

b)    element

c)    electrolyte

d)    mixture

Ans d

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Q20- Which metal pollute the air of a big city?

a)    Copper

b)    Chromium

c)    Lead

d)    Cadmium

Ans c


The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission Exam contains the question related to general awareness, current affairs, English. Candidates must have to prepare for each section to qualify the exam. Candidates can practice for each section by go through the UPPSC sample Papers 2020. We wish all the very best to the participants of UPPSC Exam to prepare well.

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