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UPTET Sample Paper 2017 Free Model Question Papers Download PDF Online

UPTET Sample Paper

It’s time to prepare for UPTET Entrance Exam!!! Get UPTET Sample Paper and Question Papers from here!!! Candidates who are going to appear in Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test they must prepare with UP TET Model Question Papers to achieve great marks. Candidates can download the sample papers in the form of pdf through online mode. Candidates can also get the UPTET Sample Paper 2017 for free through the below section of this page.

Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test is organized in two phases. Paper I is held for class I to V and Paper II is held for class VI to VIII. Candidates can check the exam pattern and solved question and answers for both the papers from here. From the below section of this page, you can also obtain the UPTET Previous Year Question Papers. To get other information, please scroll down this page which is created by the team of

Download PDF of UPTET Paper I Previous Year Papers

SubjectPrevious Year Papers
Child development and pedagogyGet Details
English Language I (Tamil)Get Details
English Language IIGet Details
Environmental StudiesGet Details
MathematicsGet Details

UPTET Model Paper

UPTET Sample Paper of Paper 1Download Here
UPTET Sample Paper of Paper 2Download Here

UPTET Sample Paper

Ques.1) Choose the correct order of words:

  1. Do you live where?
  2. Do live you where?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. Where you live do?

Ans.) Correct option is C

Ques2) Which of the following has a correct sentence pattern ?

  1. He gave her a book
  2. He gave a book her
  3. He her gave a book
  4. He a book gave her

Ans.) Correct option is A

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Ques.3 ) Complete the following sentence with the correct option : The sky suddenly became …………

  1. darkly
  2. dark
  3. darkness
  4. darken

Ans.) Correct option is B

Ques.4) Which one of the following words is a noun?

  1. Write
  2. Wrote
  3. Written
  4. Writer

Ans.) Correct option is D

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Ques. 5) Supply the correct pronoun: Arun and Lata have a house. ………… house is quite big

  1. Their
  2. His
  3. Her
  4. Theirs

Ans.) Correct option is C

Ques.6) Pick out the verb from the following:

  1. Create
  2. Creation
  3. Creator
  4. Creativity

Ans.) Correct option is D

Ques.7) Select the correct verb form: Sachin has ………….. many records.

  1. brokened
  2. broken
  3. broke
  4. breakened

Ans.) Correct option is C

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Ques.8) Fill in the correct form of the verb: The train had left before I …………. the station.

  1. reached
  2. had reached
  3. was reach
  4. was reached

Ans.) Correct option is C

Ques.9) Complete the following sentence: If we …………….. a lottery. we will buy a car.

  1. will win
  2. have won
  3. won
  4. win

Ans.) Correct option is A

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Ques.10) Supply an appropriate determiner: 1 have ……………… glass of milk every morning.

  1. The
  2. a
  3. any
  4. some

Ans.) Correct option is D

Ques.11) The temporary change in behavior due to continuous exposure to stimuli is called

  1. Habituation
  2. Learning
  3. Temporary learning
  4. Motivation.

Ans.) Correct option is A

Ques.12) The teachers should not use which of the following ways to change the attitudes of students?

  1. Coercive persuasion
  2. Repetition of idea or assertion
  3. Endorsement by an admired person
  4. Association of the message with a good feeling.

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Ans.) Correct option is A

Ques.13) Which of the following statements regarding achievement motive is true ?

  1. Achievement motive is necessary for survival
  2. If the satisfaction of personal potentialities is emphasized, the achievement motive may be classified as a growth motive
  3. If the stress is on competition among people, the achievement motive can be considered a social motive
  4. All of these

Ans.) Correct option is D

Ques.14) During 6 to 10 years children start taking interest in

  1. Religion
  2. Human body
  3. Sex
  4. School

Ans.) Correct option is D

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Ques.15) Which theory believes that human mind is like an iceberg mostly hidden and has three levels of consciousness?

  1. Trait theory
  2. Type theory
  3. Psychoanalytical theory
  4. Behaviorist theory

Ans.) Correct option is C

Ques.16) Some people say that whenever anger draws upon children, they go to play. Until they feel better which of the defence mechanisms is represented by this behavior?

  1. Projection
  2. Displacement
  3. Reaction formation
  4. Sublimation

Ans.) Correct option is B

Ques.17) Adjustment means accommodating oneself to various circumstances in order to satisfy

  1. others
  2. motives
  3. goals
  4. needs

Ans.) Correct option is D

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Ques.18) Which of the following behaviors is not a manifestation of emotional disturbance ?

  1. Delinquency
  2. Bullying nature
  3. Truancy
  4. Autism

Ans.) Correct option is D

Ques.19) A provision for education for the children with disabilities can be done through

  1. Inclusive education
  2. Mainstreaming
  3. Integration
  4. None of these

Ans.) Correct option is A

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Ques.20 Which of the following is not a characteristic of mental retardation ?

  1. I.Q. between 25 to 70
  2. Learning in a slow pace and unable to do the activities of daily routine
  3. Poor adaptation with the environment
  4. Poor interpersonal relations.

Ans.) Correct option is D

UPTET Exam Pattern

Paper I:

Sr. No.Paper NameMax Ques.Max Marks
1Child development and pedagogy3030
2Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu)3030
3Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu)3030
5Environmental Studies3030

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Paper II:

Sr. No.Paper NameMax Ques.Max Marks
1Child development and pedagogy3030
2Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu)3030
3Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu)3030
4Mathematics & Science6060
5Social Studies6060

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By studying with the above mentioned UPTET Solved Question Papers and previous year papers, candidates can prepare well for their Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test. We hope that the above specified information will provide you lead in qualifying the test. So candidates, we wish Good Luck for your exam and preparations.

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