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UPTU Previous Year Question Paper, Sample Paper Solved Download PDF

UPTU Previous Year Question Paper

For the better preparation of Uttar Pradesh Technical University entrance exam check the UPTU Previous Year Question Paper here. Candidates can easily download the UPTU Sample papers by accessing the online mode.

UPTU MBA previous year question paper is considers as one of the most useful study material as it provide the complete info to aspirants about the exam format. On this page we have provided the direct link of UPTU previous year question paper PDF.

Easy Way to Download UPTU Previous Year Question Paper

In order to download the UPTU previous year question paper 2018-19 PDF, desirable applicants need to reach at the official website of the Uttar Pradesh Technical University. After that, find the suitable link of previous year question paper of UPTU.

The team of has provided the UPTU solved sample paper PDFs link on this web page. Individuals can easily get PDF by hitting the appropriate link of previous year question paper of UPTU entrance exam.

UPTU Previous Year Question Paper

What is the importance of Previous Year Question Paper UPTU?

With the help of solved UPTU Sample Papers, students get to know about which types of questions they need to face in the examination.  They can start their UPTU exam preparation accordance UPTU Previous Year Papers.

Contenders if you also want get admission in Uttar Pradesh Technical University then you will have to qualify the entrance exam. Candidates if you want to qualify the entrance exam then must go through UPTU Sample Papers.

Download Free UPTU Previous Year Question Paper PDF

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UPTU Previous Year Question And Answer

Q.1 If 3.8 × 10-6 is added to 4.2 × 10-5 giving due regard to significant figures, then the result

Will be:

1) 4.58 × 10-5

2) 4.6 × 10-5

3) 4.5 × 10-5

4) None of these


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Q.2 If the electric field is given by (5i + 4j + 9), the electric flux through a surface of area 20

Unit lying in the Y-Z plane will be

1) 100 unit

2) 80 unit

3) 180 unit

4) 20 unit


Q.3 which of the following are true?

1. A body having constant speed can have varying velocity.

2. Position time graphs for two objects with zero relative velocity are parallel.

3. The numerical ratio of velocity to speed of an object can never be more than one.

1) 1 only

2) 2 and 3

3) All

4) None of these


Q.4 The centripetal acceleration of a body moving in a circle of radius 100 m with a time period of 2s will be

1) 98.5 ms-2

2) 198.5 ms-2

3) 49.29 ms-2

4) 985.9 ms-2


Q.5 which statement is true?

1. Kirchhoff’s law is equally applicable to both AC and DC.

2. Semiconductors have a positive temperature coefficient of resistance.

3. Meter bridge is greater sensitive when the resistances of all the four arms of the bridge are of the same order.

4. The emf of a cell depends upon the size and area of electordes.

1) 1 and 4

2) 2 and 4

3) 3 and 4

4) None of these


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Q.6 Induction furnace is based on the heating effect of

1) Electric field

2) Eddy current

3) Magnetic field

4) Gravitational field


Q.7 How many NAND gates are used in an OR gate?

1) Four

2) Two

3) Three

4) Five

Ans 3

Q.8 Phenolphthalein of pH range [8-10] is used in which of the following type of titration as a suitable indicator:

(1) NH4OH and HCI

(2) NH4OH and HCOOH

(3) NH4OH and C2H4O2

(4) NaOH and C2O4H2


Q.9 The molar concentration of chloride ions in the resulting solution of 300 ml. of 3.0 M NaCI and 200 ml. of 4.0 M BaCl2 will be:

(1) 1.7 M

(2) 1.8 M

(3) 5.0 M

(4) 3.5 M


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Q.10 Which of the following is weak acid:

(1) C6H6

(2) CH3-C≡CH

(3) CH2=CH2

(4) CH3-C≡C-CH3


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Q.11 Gypsum is:

(1) CaSO4.H2O

(2) CaSO4. 2H2O

(3) 2CaSO4. 2H2O

(4) CaSO4


Q.12 The minimum nos. of carbon atoms in ketones which will show chain isomerism will be:


(2) Four

(3) Six

(4) Five


Q.13 In which of the following compound there are maximum no. of sp2 hybrid C atoms:

(1) Benzene

(2) 1, 3, 5-hexatriene

(3) 1, 2, 4-hexatriene

(4) Both 1 and 2


Q.14The shape of the molecule having hybrid orbitals of 20% character will be:

(1) Octahedral

(2) Tetrahedral

(3) Square planer

(4) Triangular bipyramidal


Q.15 A letters of the word ‘CEASE’ are arranged in a row then the probability that two E are found together.

(1) 7/5

(2) 3/5

(3) 2/5

(4) 1/5


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Q.16 Three numbers are selective randomly between 1 to 20 then the probability they arec consecutive numbers will be.

(1) 7/190

(2) 3/190

(3) 5/190

(4) 1/3


Q.17 33th exponents of the eleventh roots of unity will be.


(2) -11

(3) 0

(4) 11


Q.18 The sum of the numbers divisible by 7 and lies between 100 to 300 will be.


(2) 8588

(3) 5086

(4) 5586


Q.19 The area of the triangle represents by z, iz and z-iz will be.

(1) 2 z2

(2) z2

(3) z2/2

(4) 0


Q.20 If a+b =a-b, then the angle between a and b will be.

(1) 1800

(2) 900

(3) 600

(4) 00


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About Uttar Pradesh Technical University

UPTU or Uttar Pradesh Technical University is an advanced Education provider recognized in Uttar Pradesh. Numbers of candidates complete their technical education from this university.

Due to enhanced education, many of candidates from the other states also take admission to get graduate & post graduate degrees. Uttar Pradesh Technical University releases the entrance exam forms in the month of December, January.

Number of candidates appears for written exam in the month of March & then score card is announced in the month of April. Technical Education (, BCA, MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech etc.) is related with it.

Final Note

All significant details related to UPTU Previous Year Question Paper have been well provided on this page. Candidates are advised to stay connected with us for getting more latest information.

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