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Vocabulary From The Letter ‘B’ | List of Words Starting With B (English Vocab)

Vocabulary From The Letter ‘B’

B is the second letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabets. Vocabulary From The Letter ‘B’ is quite helpful for students as mostly all exams are held in English. Here is a List of Words Starting With B (English Vocab) provided on below of page.

In order to understand each word written in English language, it is essential to learn vocabulary. Through getting knowledge about Vocabulary from the Letter ‘B’, you can perform better in comprehension passages, story completion test & others.

Words Starting With B:

Besides this, by knowing Words Starting With B, you will also improve your reading and writing skills. By gaining knowledge about Words With B will also guide you in scoring well in English section of competitive examination.

Vocabulary from the letter ‘B’ also acts as a beneficial and fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge. For knowing more details about Vocabulary from the letter ‘B’, go through this page prepared by team of

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Vocabulary From The Letter ‘B’

List of Words Starting With B:

Word Meaning Sentence


be a mystery or bewildering toHis speeches carry us but a little way beyond the mental range; his novels rather baffle than instruction
balefuldeadly or sinisterHis glance fell on Van Bleit, pallid, red-eyed, obviously suffering, observing him with the baleful look of some savage captive beast
balkrefuse to complyCongressional Republicans, particularly in the House of Representatives, have balked at raising the debt ceiling unless it is accompanied by significant spending cuts
ballada narrative song with a recurrent refrainThe ballad supplied him with the outline of a simple and striking plot
banprohibit especially by law or social pressureIt is a hard fate to be banned by the world,


banalrepeated too often; overfamiliar through overuseHe doesn’t like English poetry, he finds it very banal
banishexpel, as if by official decreeThe state will banish but not execute its enemies–removing dissidents and avoiding martyrs.
banterconverse in a playful or teasing wayIf the banter between the award presenters is not exciting, no one will watch the show
barbaricwithout civilizing influencesThe coinage of a succeeding king, Hermaeus, indicates a barbaric irruption.
barragethe heavy fire of artillery to saturate an areaThe buildings blocked the sun, and the barrage of sensations overwhelmed her
barrenproviding no shelter or sustenanceThe district is the most barren and backward portion of the province
bastionprojecting part of a rampart or other fortificationThe soldiers hid behind the bastion, hoping to avoid any of the arrows coming towards them
batheticeffusively or insincerely emotionalTaken together, her tribulations have the makings of bathetic melodrama.
bearingcharacteristic way of holding one’s bodyHe thought her face, her whole bearing, singularly composed in view of his announcement.
beckonsummon with a wave, nod, or some other gestureTen minutes more and the orderly opened the door, and, obedient to my beckoning finger, stepped out as the lady was ushered in
bedlama state of extreme confusion and disorderWith more than 190 people killed and hundreds wounded just three days before the country’s general election, Spain was thrown into politicalbedlam.
befuddlebe confusing or perplexing toBut regulators are profiling data to help find patterns in trading activity that previously would have left regulators befuddled and scratching their heads.
beguileattract; cause to be enamoredThis is such an entertaining, beguiling, charming and exciting picture.
behemothsomeone or something that is abnormally large and powerfulThe monster truck rally showcased a behemoth whose tires were twice as tall as I am.
beholdenunder a moral obligation to someoneNow, this obligation has offended me very much, because I am proud, and do not like to be beholden to people.
behoovebe appropriate or necessaryThe Hamburg magistrates had offered one hundred thalers for my arrest; consequently it behooved me to be very cautious.
beliebe in contradiction withTang’s congenial and accommodating administrative style, however, sometimes belies a harder edge.
belittlelessen the authority, dignity, or reputation ofA splendid or an affecting story may be degraded or belittled by being told in an unworthy style.
bellicosehaving or showing a ready disposition to fightIt was one of several bellicose statements by one of its coalition partners.
belligerentcharacteristic of an enemy or one eager to fightBelligerent noises are now coming out of the United States.
bemoanregret stronglyFacing life-threatening surgery, Adam calls his therapist and bemoans all the things he’s never done
Benevolentshowing or motivated by sympathy and understandingIt turns out, however, their motives are not so benevolent
benignnot dangerous to health; not recurrent or progressiveBut its images cannot distinguish malignant tumors from benign growths filled with harmless breast tissue
BestowpresentIt was the greatest award bestowed upon man.
biasinfluence in an unfair wayAnalytical thinking happens in the left hemisphere of the brain and is essential to making more objective, less biased decisions
bilateralaffecting or undertaken by two parties

Theca compressed in the oro-anal and a bilateral symmetry

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List of Words Starting With B:

Word Meaning
bickerargue over petty things
bifurcateddivided into or made up of two parts
bilateralaffecting or undertaken by two parties
billowingcharacterized by great swelling waves or surges
bingean occasion for excessive eating or drinking
blanchturn pale, as if in fear
blandlacking stimulating characteristics; uninteresting
blandishmentflattery intended to persuade
blaremake a strident sound
blaseuninterested because of frequent exposure or indulgence
blasphemyprofane language
blatantconspicuously and offensively loud
bleakoffering little or no hope
blemisha mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something
blithecarefree and happy and lighthearted
blunderan embarrassing mistake
bluntcharacterized by directness in manner or speech
blurtutter impulsively
blusteract in an arrogant, overly self-assured, or conceited manner
boastpossess or display some desirable feature
bodeindicate by signs
bogusfraudulent; having a misleading appearance
bohemiana nonconformist who lives an unconventional life
boisterousnoisy and lacking in restraint or discipline
bolstersupport and strengthen
bombardmentan attack by dropping explosive devices
bombasticostentatiously lofty in style
boonsomething that is desirable, favorable, or beneficial
boorishill-mannered and coarse in behavior or appearance
bountifulproducing in abundance
bourgeoisbeing of the property-owning class
bouta period of illness
bovineany of various wild or domestic cattle
bowdlerizeedit by omitting or modifying parts considered indelicate
boycottrefuse to sponsor; refuse to do business with
brackishslightly salty
braggadociovain and empty boasting
braggarta very boastful and talkative person
brandishexhibit aggressively
brashoffensively bold
bravadoa swaggering show of courage
brawla noisy fight in a crowd
brawnpossessing muscular strength
brazenunrestrained by convention or propriety
breachmake an opening or gap in
breadththe extent of something from side to side
brevitythe attribute of being short or fleeting
brinkthe limit beyond which something happens or changes
briskquick and energetic
broachbring up a topic for discussion
broodhang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing
browbeatdiscourage or frighten with threats or a domineering manner
bruntthe main part, especially of a force or shock
bucolicidyllically rustic
buffoona rude or vulgar fool
buoyantcharacterized by liveliness and lightheartedness
burdenan onerous or difficult concern
bureaucracyunnecessary procedures that obstruct action
burgeongrow and flourish
babeldoma confused sound of voices
babirusalarge wild pig of Indonesia
babooneryfoolishness; stupidity; nonsense
bacchanaldrunkard; reveller
baccivorouseating berries
bacillicidekiller of berries
backpiecearmour covering the back
bagarrescuffle or brawl
balbrigganknitted cotton fabric
balzarinelight cotton dress material

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Vocabulary From The Letter ‘B’ are well provided on this page. Stay connected with us for knowing more updates on your timeline.

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