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Words Starting With “M” With Meaning | Vocabulary List From Letter ‘M’

Words Starting With M

If you wish to improve your Vocabulary for the preparation of Interview or any exam then you must check out these Words Starting With “M” With Meaning. Here in this page, we have provided the Vocabulary List From Letter ‘M’ that you can easily use in your conversation.

Many government jobs exams are being conducted by various organizations and there is aEnglish Section in every exam.Candidates are unable to complete this section properly because of their lack of knowledge of English and handful of vocabulary.

Words Beginning With M 

Knowing many words will help you to communicate during a job Interview in an engaging way. You will be able to describe an event or emotion in an interesting way and this will definitely impress your Interviewer.

Candidates, here we have provided the list of Words Starting With M or Words That Begin With ‘M’. You can read the Words Start With “M”, from the below section of this page which is well developed by expert team members of the page

Words Starting With M

In the below table we have provided the list of Words Starting With M. Check out these words from below:



shockingly repellent; inspiring horrorThus was uncovered one of history’s most macabre bouts of serial killing.
Machinationa crafty and involved plot to achieve your endsWith life experiences like those behind her, the extreme plot machinations of Hollywood melodrama must have possessed an everyday familiarity for Stanwyck.
Maelstroma powerful circular current of waterThe entire bowl was now a maelstrom of swirling bodies, legs and arms.
Magnanimousnoble and generous in spiritShe will love to dwell on that large, generous, magnanimous, open, forgiving heart.
Magniloquentlofty in styleThe day was spent in magniloquent addresses, which affected the style of ancient types, urgent exhortations to war, poetical orations, rounds of applause, rapturous demonstrations.
Magnitudethe property of relative size or extentBut an aftershock of almost the same magnitude, less deep that the first quake, hit soon after he finished speaking.
Maiminjure or wound seriously and leave permanent disfigurationThink of the maimed, the mutilated, the mangled!
Majestichaving or displaying great dignity or nobilityBy-and-by the three temples loomed into view, standing in all their beauty on the barren waste, majestic, uninjured, extraordinary.
Maladyany unwholesome or desperate conditionAs with most of the infectious maladies, scarlet fever extended to the Western World through European shipping.
Malaisea general feeling of discomfort, uneasiness, or depressionSammy was placed on antibiotics in case a bacterial infection was causing his fever and malaise.
Malapropismmisuse of a word by confusion with one that sounds similarNew words are eagerly seized; hence the malapropisms and solecisms so frequently made fun of, without appreciation of their cause.
Malevolentwishing or appearing to wish evil to othersThey are malevolent and murderous and may be summoned by black magic
Malicefeeling a need to see others sufferBut it would have been easy enough to simply say that no malice was intended and she regretted if anyone was offended by the phrase.
Malignantdangerous to healthThe latest growth is “most likely malignant,” Chávez conceded – aggressively so, medical experts are suggesting – leaving him “preparing to face the worst.”
Malingerersomeone shirking duty by feigning illness or incapacityOn the other hand, the malingerer may actually produce injuries on his person either to excite commiseration or to escape from work.
Malleableeasily influencedLaws are malleable, and courts can be purchased or influenced to a local’s advantage.
Manifestationan indication of the existence of some person or thingNay, the process was going on within, though its visible manifestations may have ceased.
Manifoldmany and varied; having many features or formsThen, too, there are innumerable separate agencies, working in ways manifold and diverse.
Manipulateinfluence or control shrewdly or deviouslyIt says Google manipulated Safari users into believing they could permanently opt out of targeted advertising, when in reality they couldn’t.
Manumitfree from slavery or servitudeThe slave, now free, would lay down his life for the man who has manumitted him.
Marrender imperfectThis energetic and clear-textured approach allowed for plenty of striking details of percussion and phrasing, marred only by a few brass blemishes
Maritalof or relating to the state of marriageIn many jurisdictions, if your separately owned property increases in value during the marriage, that increase is also considered marital property.
Maritimerelating to ships or navigationIn any case, the report argues, international maritime law in theory obligates ships to come to the assistance of those in trouble at sea.
Maculatespotted, blotched, hence defiled, impure (opposite: immaculate)They placed her foot in the solvent to maculate the cement she had stepped in.
Magnanimitya quality of nobleness of mind, disdain of meanness or revenge, forgiving, unselfishBeing full of magnanimity he asked the thief only for an apology and set him free.
Maledictionputting a curse on someone, talking negatively about another With the threat of aNever having a nice word to say about anyone, her conversations are full of malediction.
Malefactoran evil personThe malefactor ordered everyone to work over the holidays..
Malevolentwishing evil (opposite: benevolent)The man threatened his opponent with threats and malevolentwords.
MaliciousSpiteful, vindictiveThe malicious employee slashed her tires for revenge.
Malignto speak evil of, having an evil disposition toward others (opposite: benign)In her statement to the judge she maligned her soon-to-be ex-husband.
Malleable easy to shape or bend, pliableThe malleable material was formed into a U shape.
MandateOrder, chargeThe new manager wrote a mandate declaring that smoking was now prohibited in the office.
Manifestto show clearly, to appear, obvious, clearThe image should manifest itself as the building when the fog lifts.
MardamageThe statue was marred by the ravages of time.
Marauder plunderer or raiderThe marauder had been travelling for two months searching for the large stash.
Maudlinfoolishly and tearfully sentimentalThe maudlin affair consisted of three speeches in honour of the benefactor.
Mavericka person who does not conform to the normThe maverick drove a large truck as others were purchasing compact cars.
MelancholyDepression, gloomThe funeral parlor was filled with the melancholy of mourning.
Mendaciousnot truthful, lyingThe couple was swindled out of their life’s savings by the mendacious con men.
MentorTeacher, wise and faithful advisorAlan consulted his mentor when he needed critical advice.
Mercenary Working or done for payment only,  hired (soldier)Lila was suspicious that Joe had jumped at the chance only for mercenary reasons.
Mercurialquick, changeable, fickleThe mercurial youth changed outfits six times before deciding what to wear.
MesmerizeHypnotizeThe swaying motion of the swing mesmerized the baby into a deep sleep.
Metamorphosischange of formA metamorphosis caused the caterpillar to become a beautiful butterfly.
MeticulousExacting, preciseThe lab technicians must be meticulous in their measurements to obtain exact results.
Mettlespirit, courage, ardorHe proved he had the mettle to make it through basic training.
Mienappearance, being or mannerHer mien was typically one of distress, especially after the mishap.
MimicryImitationThe comedian’s mimicry of the president’s gestures had the audience rolling in the aisles.
MinatorythreateningThe minatory stance of the dog warned the thief of an attack.
Minuteextremely small, tiny

Being on a sodium-restricted diet, he uses only a minute amount of salt in his dishes.

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Why Is Vocabulary Important?

It is said that“Without grammar, very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed”. If you have a good Vocabulary, you can describe an event or emotion and you will be able to communicate in a more engaging way.

Vocabulary has a deep connection with reading and writing skills. If you know many words, you will be easily able to read and understand more complex texts. One of the best ways to improve your Vocabulary is by reading. You should at least spend 60 minutes per day reading new texts. This will help you improve your knowledge, background and definitely Terminology.

Final note

Candidates we hope that above given Words Starting with M will be useful for you. We hope that you will use these words in your daily life to improve your Vocabulary. For any query or suggestion about the above information about Words Starting with M, do comment in the below given comment box.

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