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Words Beginning with ‘W’ | Check 50 Vocabulary Words From W and Meaning

Words Beginning with ‘W’

If you wish to improve your Vocabulary for Job Interview or any other reason, then you must check out the Words Beginning with ‘W’. You can found the 50 Vocabulary Words From W and Meaning in this page.

Now days, in every competitive exam, there is a section of English Comprehension in which your English language skills are checked. So if you wish to improve your Vocabulary then you must definitely check out the Words Beginning with ‘W’ and other Vocabulary Words from A-Z.

50 Vocabulary Words Starting with W

Those candidates who are preparing for any Job Interview must work hard on improving their Vocabulary. You can improve your Vocabulary by spending at least 45 minutes reading any text or listening to news channel.

You can check out the 50 Words Beginning with ‘W’ with their meaning from the below section of this page which is well developed by expert team members of the page

Words Beginning with ‘W’

In the below table, we have provided the list of words Beginning with ‘W’ with their meaning.



walk through relatively shallow waterAt times it was even needful to take out the loads and, wading knee-deep in the ice-cold waters, drag the boats across the many shoals.
Waftbe driven or carried along, as by the airWe were again wafted through the air, and were once more moving over the tops of countless houses on the way.
Waggishwitty or jokingDinner, however, came, and the little waggish doctor could not, for the life of him, avoid his jokes.
Waifa homeless child especially one forsaken or orphaned


Had they not been poor children, little waifs, they would not have been locked in the cabin to perish like rats.


a cry of sorrow and grief


“Is our house going to be covered in mud forever?” she wailed, tears streaming down her cheeks.


do without or cease to hold or adhere to


Before Australian authorities would release Watson to the United States, Alabama had to agree to waive the death penalty as a possible punishment, prosecutors said.


devote oneself entirely to something


It was a crushing blow, but instead of wallowing in depression and giving up on being active, Irish started biking more.


lacking vitality as from weariness or illness or unhappiness


Tom was leaning back, pale and exhausted, his breath was short, his face gray, wan and wasted.
Wantonspend wastefullyA hundred eighty days continuous feast He has oppressed the people of his rule With drunken revels and with wanton waste.
Warblesing or play with trillsAny singer who could warble away at runs and trills was a great artist.
Wardrobecollection of clothing belonging to one personBetty wore amazingly costly clothes, paying for a single dress far more than for her year’s wardrobe in Rhode Island.
Warrantshow to be reasonable or provide adequate ground forAn inmate needs additional evidence of a separate constitutional violation to warrant a federal court’s involvement, the high court ruled.
Warrantywritten assurance that a product or service will be providedSuch sales to investors typically came with promises, known as representations and warranties, to buy back defective loans.
Warrena series of underground tunnels occupied by rabbitsTheir entrances were cunningly contrived to look like rabbit holes, so that strangers might think they led to nothing more than some sandy warren.
Watershedthe geographical area drained by a river and its tributariesThe Coles Hill watershed eventually drains into the drinking water supply for coastal cities.
Waxgo up or advanceCarols had existed for centuries, though their popularity waxed and waned as different governments and religious movements periodically declared them sinful.
Waylaywait in hiding to attackSome of them even waited until I ventured from the house, and waylaid me on the road.
Waywardresistant to guidance or disciplineSubstance addiction and wayward behaviour are not unheard of in someone with such a stormy family background.
Weangradually deprive of mother’s milkIf the mother becomes pregnant it will be necessary to wean, because pregnancy invariably affects the quality of the milk.
Welfaregovernmental provision of assistance to persons in needHigh welfare costs in an impoverished country also ensure that the government does not have enough funds to spend on primary education and infrastructure.
Weltera confused multitude of thingsOf the nonseafood starters, artichoke hearts were slightly lost in a welter of cherry peppers, cubed eggplant, pine nuts and bits of chèvre.
wharfa platform from the shore that provides access to shipsThey would wonder why she was not on the wharf when the boat got in, to meet them.
WafflePause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingnessA few days of waffling back and forth and I ended up going out to a mediocre bistro with my parents.
WaiveDo without or cease to hold or adhere toLow rates have also led retail brokerages to waive fees on money market funds to avoid negative returns for their clients.
WanderTo move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular courseWhile each animal wanderedthrough the maze, its brain was working furiously.
WantonOccurring without motivation or provocationI am not a sentimentalist by any means, yet I abominate wanton cruelty.
WarbleSing or play with trills, alternating with the half note above or belowMeadow larks, as you have undoubtedly noticed, warble many different songs.
WarrantShow to be reasonable or provide adequate ground forIn the United Kingdom and Europe the devices are not used unless the need is warranted by the patient’s medical condition.
WeighTo be oppressive or burdensomeSo far, the political turmoil has not appeared to have discouraged visitors, but prolonged strife could weigh on tourism.
WeltA raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow of a whip), characteristic of many allergic reactionsBut red, itchy welts typically appear within 24 to 48 hours of being bitten.
WheedleInfluence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flatteringOn one level, i expected incessant flattery in attempts to wheedle equipment or even money from American forces.
WhetMake keen or more acuteWhile he described the fishing as “pretty good,” the silver salmon running in the creek only whettedhis appetite to return to Alaska.
WhittleCut small bits or pare shavings fromTad followed, whittling on a stick with his knife and kicking at the shavings as they fell.
WhorlA round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)The flowers are waxy, tubular, fragrant, turning their yellow petals backward in a whorl.
WilfulHabitually disposed to disobedience and oppositionI crossed my arms like a wilfulchild.
WistfulShowing pensive sadnessShe turned toward him, her face troubled, her eyes most wistful.
WontAn established customHe made his customary slick feeds to open teammates, but as is their wont, the nets struggled at times to convert points on his passes.
WraithA mental representation of some haunting experienceWhichever way he turns there loom past wraiths, restless as ghosts of unburied Grecian slain.
WrangleTo quarrel noisily, angrily or disruptivelyHere were many fierce and bitter wrangles over vexed questions, turbulent scenes, and displays of sectional feelings.
WreakCause to happen or to occur as a consequenceThe burden of paying for college is wreaking havoc on the finances of an unexpected demographic: senior citizens.
WryHumorously sarcastic or mocking

She also has a much understated but very wry sense of humour, watch out for it.

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Final note

Candidates we hope that above information about Words Beginning with ‘W’ will be useful to you. You can learn many more new words by going to the above given link. For any query or suggestion about the Words Beginning with ‘W’, do comment in the below given comment box.

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