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Vocabulary Quiz | for Competitive Exams of UPSC, Bank, SSC, Railway

Vocabulary Quiz

Want to check that you have Strong Vocabulary or not, Then Take This Quick Vocabulary Quiz To Find Out How Good Your Vocabulary Is for appearing in Competitive Exams of UPSC, Bank, SSC and Railway etc.

In most of the competitive exam, there will be a section of English aptitude. If you want to score well in this section, you need to improve your Vocabulary. It can be done by solving our Online Vocabulary Quiz.

Vocabulary Quiz

By taking this Vocabulary Quiz of recruitmentresult.comfor Competitive Exams, you maybe learn several latest words and strong your Vocabulary. If you want to strong your English section, then must take this Vocabulary Quiz Test.

One Word Substitution Question And Answer

Ques1. A person living permanently in a certain place

  1. Resident
  2. Native
  3. Domicile
  4. Subject

Answer: 3

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Ques 2. One who loves mankind is called

  1. Optimist
  2. Philanthropist
  3. Optometrist
  4. Truant

Answer: 2

Ques3. Mania for stealing articles

  1. Hypomania
  2. Kleptomania
  3. Logomania
  4. Stelomania

Answer: 2

Ques4. A Government run by a dictator is termed as

  1. Autocracy
  2. Democracy
  3. Oligracy
  4. Theocracy

Answer: 1

Ques5. A remedy for all disease is

  1. Medicine
  2. Medical
  3. Medica
  4. Panacea

Answer: 4

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Ques6. More than enough in amount or capacity

  1. Derisory
  2. Ample
  3. Inadequate
  4. Liberal

Answer: 2

Ques7. An office for which no salary is paid

  1. Hospitable
  2. Free
  3. Honorary
  4. Gratis

Answer: 3

Ques8. A handwriting by which cannot be easily read

  1. Illegible
  2. Legible
  3. Lucid
  4. Edible

Answer: 1

Ques9. One who comes to settle in a country

  1. Tourist
  2. Emigrant
  3. Immigrant
  4. Visitor

Answer: 3

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Ques10. One who is habitually good to others:

  1. Helper
  2. Altruist
  3. Angel
  4. Humanitarian

Answer: 2

Synonyms English Vocabulary MCQs


  1. Lean
  2. Gaunt
  3. Emaciated
  4. Obese

Answer: 4


  1. Tense
  2. Stringly
  3. Strict
  4. Causing to Shrink

Answer: 3



  1. Small
  2. Little
  3. Short

Answer: 4

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  1. Misappropriate
  2. Balance
  3. Remunerate
  4. Clear

Answer: 1


  1. Opening
  2. Stodge
  3. End
  4. Past tense of go

Answer: 1


  1. Common
  2. Ridiculous
  3. Dignified
  4. Petty

Answer: 3

Ques17. CANNY

  1. Obstinate
  2. Handsome
  3. Clever
  4. Stout

Answer: 3


  1. Energetic
  2. Observant
  3. Intelligent
  4. Watchful

Answer: 4

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  1. Soldier
  2. Sailor
  3. Pirate
  4. Spy

Answer: 1


  1. Far
  2. Removed
  3. Reserved
  4. Separate

Answer: 1

Ques21.A place to bury dead bodies:

  1. Catacomb
  2. Crypt
  3. Cemetery
  4. Sepulcher

Answer: 3

Ques22. Living for years and years

  1. Perennial
  2. Permanent
  3. Annual
  4. Continuous

Answer: 1

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Ques23.The yearly return of a date:

  1. Birthday
  2. Recurrence
  3. Anniversary
  4. Ceremony

Answer: 3

Ques24.One who cannot be changed or reformed

  1. Invulnerable
  2. Hardened
  3. Incurable
  4. Incorrigible

Answer: 4

Ques25.The cessation of warfare before signing a treaty:

  1. Armistice
  2. Truce
  3. Ceasefire
  4. Suspension

Answer: 1

Ques26.The absence of government:

  1. Misrule
  2. Unruly
  3. Anarchy
  4. Chaos

Answer: 3

Ques27.A broad road bordered with trees

  1. Boudoir
  2. Avenue
  3. Boulevard
  4. Facade

Answer: 3

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Ques28.The killing of one man by another man

  1. Suicide
  2. Homicide
  3. Fillicide
  4. Insecticide

Answer: 2

Ques29.A hundred year old man:

  1. Century
  2. Centurion
  3. Cent
  4. Centenarian

Answer: 4

Ques30.A substance in the blood tending to neutralize matter that is harmful:

  1. Antidote
  2. Antibiotic
  3. Antiseptic
  4. Antibody

Answer: 4

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Final Note:

This Vocabulary Test is designed to help students who are preparing for any competitive or entrance exam as there is no option better than an online practice test / quiz. Without proper practicing it’s very difficult task to clear any exam when the competition is too high.

So, Test your vocabulary knowledge through online Vocabulary quiz given on this page and examine your current Vocabulary level. If you have any query regarding this, then you can tell us via comment in the box provided, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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