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Warning! Never Share/Post These 5 Things on Facebook or Whatsapp – Know Here

Warning! Never Share/Post These 5 Things on Facebook or Whatsapp

You will be shocked when you get to know here what social networks know about you just from your posts and comments. So the team of is giving you warning that never Share / Post These 5 Things on Facebook or Whatsapp.

Be careful what you share on social media because you never know when something could come back and ruin your life. Even the most innocent and well-intentioned posts could be used against you in ways you’ve never thought possible.

Things You Should Never Share On Social Media

Sharing has always been a prominent part of what the Internet is and how it functions. We share news, information, pictures and experiences, and by doing this we can build and maintain relationships as well as create new connections that we would have otherwise never met or worked with.

Not only websites track your social tracks and use that information to build behavioral profiles on you. A lot of people worry about how evil corporations are “stealing” our data, but the sad truth is that you and I freely give away more than we think do.

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Beware of Scams Using Fake Profiles

We spend a lot of time on social media, and for good reason. It has collapsed the communication distance between us and other people, bringing us closer. At the moment, Facebook has 1.7 billion users. Instagram has around 600 million. Twitter over 300 million.

But a scammer only sees millions upon millions of potential victims. Because of their design, some social networks, such as Facebook are more feature rich, and provide more ways for a scammer to defraud you.

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5 Things which you Never Share/Post on Facebook or Whatsapp

For the sake of the safety of you and your family, there is some information that you should never post on Facebook or Whatsapp. Here are 5 things you should consider removing or not posting to Facebook and/or other social networks.

#1: Your Address/Personal Information

You never know who might be looking at your profile. Don’t post where you live as you are making things easy for the bad guys. What can criminals do with your address?

While you may want your friends to be able to contact you, what if your real phone number falls into the wrong hands. It’s possible that your location could be narrowed down by someone using a reverse phone number lookup tool which is freely available on the Internet.

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#2: Your Current Location

Many people don’t realize that when they post a status update or a tweet, they may also be revealing their current location. Giving out your location information can be dangerous because it tells potential thieves that you might not be at home.

If you really want to share your trip, save it for when you get back. Rather than uploading your photos in real-time, wait until you’re safe at home and upload everything at once. It’s less exciting, I know, but it’s also safer.

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#3: Information About Your Current Job or Work-related Projects

Talking about work-related things on social networks is a bad idea. Even an innocent status update about how mad you are about missing a deadline on a project could provide valuable information to your competitors that they could leverage against your company.

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#4: Curse words

Again, all it takes is one slip and your reputation can be ruined. What may have seemed like a funny post during a night out with the girls can look awkward and offensive in the cold light of day. Don’t risk offending your colleagues, friends or your favorite aunt. Keep it clean!

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#5: Someone else’s news

There are things that people may not want put on Facebook or Whatsapp; like the fact that they are pregnant, moving, getting married or other big news. If you want to congratulate someone, send them a private message.

Unless they have made a huge announcement, changed their profile picture to reflect their news and made it very clear they are willing to talk about it on social media, do not post about it.

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Final Thought

We live in a time when people share everything on Facebook: the joys, sorrows, pics, etc. Sure, that’s a fantastic way to stay connected with those around you and feel significant. BUT don’t forget that there are some things you should never share on Facebook or Whatsapp.

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