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12 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright When Speaking in Public – Effective Tips

12 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright

Speaking in front of audience shows your confidence but not everyone has that skill. People usually scared to speak in front of public and for them we are providing the best 12 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright When Speaking in Public.

With the help of these effective tips, one can present his speech in front of audience without any hesitation. The most important things which make you a good speaker are your confidence and your communication skill. If you have positive mind, lots of practice and knowledge about your topic then you will get confidence naturally.

12 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright

What’s your topic?

A person can prepare for anything only if he knows the topic. Read and understand your content, search about your topic and collect some interesting facts about it. If you know what are you going to speak about then you will genuinely overcome your stage fear.

Be Calm and Do Meditation:

On the day of your performance get up early in the morning and meditate for at least 15 – 20 minutes. Choose a comparatively calm place where you can seat comfortably and mediate easily. For meditation you should close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This is one of the best way of relaxing.

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Practice and Practice:

Possibly you all have read, Practice makes a man perfect. So practice your presentation until you memorize it. Notice the person who speaks before you, so you may get some help for speaking. Don’t practice alone all the time. Speak in front of family, friends, and relatives to make some confidence. By this you can reduce your fear of performing in front of others.

Watch Your Own Performance:

If you want to know how you are performing, watch your own performance. You may correct your lines by performing in front of mirror or you record it to see how amazing you are. Check out the area where improvement is required to make your performance better.

Always in Good Posture:

Sometimes we use to do lots of unnecessary things like shaking hands, looking here and there in nervousness and seriously it is not good for an anchor or stage speaker. You need to stand in good posture in front of public and make an eye contact with them.

Live the character:

Be into character, if you really want to overcome stage fear. More you will go in to the depth of the character you will get strength to reduce your fear. Audience will also enjoy your performance if you will know the character properly.

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Consider your Audience:

You should know your audience and present your views in the way they want. If you will prepare a presentation according to the needs, knowledge, and expectations of audience, they will really appreciate it. If you are presenting to a younger audience, manage your words, voice, and language according to them.

Don’t be in Hurry:

Take your time and complete your speech comfortably. Interact with audience and try to speak in an appropriate manner. If you rush your presentation then half of the audience will unable to focus on your words. So from starting till end you need to be in a good momentum.

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Don’t Show Nervousness:

This is the big mistake that we all do. Don’t let somebody see that you are panic on stage or you are having Stage Fright When Speaking in Public. Don’t make a little joke about being worried. May be you feel good by telling audience that you are nervous but by this they will think that you are not eligible for this presentation and they are wasting their time with you.

Be positive and Speak positive:

The most important thing to be kept in mind while speaking in Public is never uses negative statements. Convert your negative thoughts into positive ones and take care of your words while you are on stage.

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Double Check Everything:

To finish the possibility of mistake you can Double Check Everything. If you are having laptop or notes, check out that everything working properly or not. If you forget your notes on stage, don’t get hesitate. That’s why you should know your speech or presentation properly so you can face any hindrance without fear.

Visualize the Outcome:

You may visualize the Outcome of your performance to boost up zeal of doing this. Imagine that you are performing in front of public with kindness, self-confidence and cleverness and also everyone is appreciating you.

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Final Words:

Focus on these points and you will definitely Overcome Stage Fright When Speaking in Public. If you find the above information helpful then you can bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl.+D.

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