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What Are Your Strength and Weakness? Best Answers for Interview Ques

What Are Your Strength and Weakness?

Once or many in a while we all go through the interview session. We all are familiar with the some common questions. And one question that has the most probability to be asked is- What Are Your Strength and Weakness?

This question may sound little hard to answer. This is one of the questions which have to be answered very smartly. You should have a Best Answers to Reply in Interview when you’re asked about your Strength and Weakness.

In beginning this question can confuse you. You must be thinking that I am here to impress the interviewer by telling him about my abilities so why should i tell him about my weakness!

Well, the main objective of interviewer behind asking this question is that he could find out positive and negative qualities in you which could either help out in solving problems or can create a new problem. Here we are providing you the Smart Answers to Reply in Interview for this question one by one.

What Are Your Strength and Weakness?

Strength and Weakness Answers To Job Interview Questions

What Are Your Weaknesses?

First we will talk about our weakness. If interviewer asks this question, you should never say that you do not have any weakness in you. Remember, nobody is perfect. Every human being has some strength and weakness. Candidate should honestly tell his/her weakness. Answer the question keeping your resume details in mind.

You should choose a weakness which could never create any problem in organization. It should not make any difference to the work and result of its working. Your answer must be followed by the steps you are taking to improve yourself at your weakness. This will leave a good impression.

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Remember your weakness should carry a positive outcome and can be improved easily if worked on. There is a list of some weaknesses which should be mostly opted to say during interview.

  1. Trusting everyone easily
  2. Stubborn
  3. Cannot handle more than one work at a time
  4. Easily get disappointed
  5. Lazy about the work in which not interested
  6. Straight forward person
  7. Always try to understand things more deeply which sometimes lead to wastage of time
  8. Emotional
  9. Get nervous while interacting to seniors
  10. Overthinking

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There are some answers to this question by which it will be much clear that how you have to smartly answer this question:

Answer 1

“When I am doing any task, my motive is not just to complete that but also I think that my work should be correct and for that I go on checking it again and again which sometimes extend my working time on 1 task only and I am unable to do my other tasks on time. To improve this I am taking time management classes and also working on speed.”

Answer 2

“Yes I have few weaknesses, one of them is that I became impatient if I know that another person is doing that particular wrong and then I mostly prefer to do all the work on my own rather giving that person the responsibility of work. I know this is not good because it snatches the chance of learning anything from that person and I am trying a lot to change this habit.”

Answer 3

“I am a perfectionist but I am working on my weakness by giving myself some deadlines and it is really helping me a lot in completion of my work on time otherwise because of my this behavior I use to spend my lot of time only on one task, but now I can see a much improvement in my time managing skills also.”

Answer 4

“Till today I have only worked on one task at a time, and I think I am unable to handle more than one task at the same time. No doubt this can create a problem in my work environment. I have to make myself more comfortable so that I can easily work on much more tasks if needed.”

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What Are Your Strengths?

Your answer for this question should force the interviewer to think that he should hire you for this job or a particular post. He does not want to hear the complete list of your strengths. Just pick up 2 or 3 strength which you think are perfect for the job you are applying. You should tell your most helpful strengths on which he could think that he need your help on that particular thing.

You can simply use some common examples if you want to tell at what things you are good.  Interviewer is looking for an answer which is telling about you completely in small quantity of words and also showing confidence in your abilities and qualities.

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Always remember not be over confident at your strength, don’t try to praise yourself. Choose intelligently which strength you are going to speak there before you go for an interview. There are some of the strengths which you can speak confidently in front of interviewer.

  1. Time management
  2. Reliable
  3. Hard worker
  4. Team worker
  5. Attentive
  6. Good listener
  7. Punctual
  8. Problem solver
  9. Determination
  10. Adaptable
  11. Positive
  12. Willingness to take responsibility

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Some answers that will give you an easy way to tell about your strength:

Answer 1

“I can solve any kind of problem easily and I like challenges also. I see the problem from different sides which help in finding the solutions more easily. I always like to work with other people as it helps in doing work with more efficiency and creativity. It also gives knowledge at different aspects. Which is very useful in working with more fluency?”

Answer 2

“My biggest strength is that i like interacting with people. It helps me in building up my confidence and also helps in learning many new things from others. It also helps me to work in any kind of environment without any hesitation and difficulty. I always feel free to keep my views in front of seniors in the same manner I keep it in front of my juniors.”

Answer 3

“My writing skill is my greatest strength. It helped me a lot in collecting enough data about anything. Through my research and writings I can bring out any theme or any information client wants to know about.”

Answer 4

 “Adaptability is the greatest which could help working in any type of place. And I am proud that this is my greatest strength. I can adapt myself anywhere in very less time. Mostly people take lot of time to adapt themselves in new environment due to which they are not comfortable in working. I think that everyone should practice this and make it their strength too.”

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After reading the above tips and answers we hope you understood how to answer strength and weakness question. Well, all above was just a small summary to make you understand this question. All this is not enough to say that you are perfectly prepared with your answer. You have to analyze on your own keeping in mind all the above points.

You have to make your answer according to the organization and job profile you are going to apply for. Remembering all the above points and also having enough knowledge about your job profile and organization you can reach to the best answer.

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