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What is Internship- Definition & its Benefits For Students in Career Growth

What is Internship

What is Internship, an internship is job training given to the students who are studying and completed professional education. Internship is like an apprenticeship that is provided by the employer to its interns by which he/ she can gain a practical knowledge of work in the specified field.  

Mainly Internship is provided to the under graduate and student during their education for their perfection in that particular field. In various professional courses students have to do internship for a particular time period, which can either be for some week or for months.


At the time of Internship a students get a chance to increase his skills, strength and to improve their attitude, which we will be helpful for them at the time of job. So students can utilize their experience at the time of working, which they gained in internship. That’s why there are many Benefits of Internship For Students in Career Growth.

Benefits of Internship For Students in Career Growth:

Experience Requirements:

Today in every field big companies demands experience. So it’s though for the fresher’s students to get job in the big MNC without having experience. After taking internship from the good organization it becomes easy to make career in the great organization of your field.

Test-Drive The Talent:

Internship is just as a test drive of your talent because in this period you are tested as a full time employees. Let’s take an example that, if you are going to buy car then you always take a test drive to know its feature before buying. Similarly, a company takes a test of your skills and potentials and on the basis of this company may recruit you as a permanent employee.

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Increase Productivity:

As you know in the internship you will get a training related to your field and in that time period you will get a chance to increase your productivity. By this you will get strength to work in the atmosphere of company because some time it’s difficult to work in the big organization directly after graduation.

Experience Of Teamwork:

At this time you can get experience of team work as you get some task and you have to do those tasks with the unity of your team. With that atmosphere you can easily get a habit of team work and after that when you will apply in any good company it will be plus point for you.

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Chance Of A Firm Offer Of Employment:

If you will Performa your best at the time of training may be you get a permanent job in that organization else your internship letter will help you to get a job in good company. So it is beneficial for you to get a good job.

Gain Confidence In Your Abilities:

With the help of this training you will get Confidence Abilities, which is helps you in your future to make your career brighter. Confidence is the main thing in human to prove he right and when you are going to apply in any organization they will test your confidence.

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Improved Job Opportunities:

As we know there are not big amount of Job Opportunities for the fresher’s students but after the internship you will get opportunities in big amount. So you can choose job according to your preference and choice.

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