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Necessity of Women’s Education in India – Importance of Girls Education

Necessity of Women’s Education in India

Education is very important for everyone whether it is boy or girl. Somehow, society favors boy’s education only declining Necessity of Women’s Education in India. An educated girl helps to be smarter, learn new things and to know facts of the world

Now days, Importance of Girls Education, benefit the society as well as whole world. Educated women might live healthier and happier life which is enough for promoting girls education.

Some communities are India which still discriminates against education of the girl child and tries to restrict a girl but education gives her the wings to fly. Women’s Education in India plays an important role in growth of India.

It is basic right of Women to be educated, skilled to being superior human being, successful mother and responsible citizen. Importance of Girls Education enlarge standard of living and also compel her kids to learn further and wish them to live a superior life than hers.

Necessity of Women’s Education in India

Importance of Girls Education

Educating a woman means educating the family and the country. Sometimes Women is responsible and sometime Man is responsible and sometime both are responsible for increasing divorce rate. If they understand each other then there will be no quarrels between them and no divorce case will be file in court. At that time women are free to do all kind of work and they will be highly educated. Importance of Girls Education plays vital role.

As we know both women and men are human and if we give same respect to each other and same permit to do such type of work then defiantly India will grow up.

Economic Development And Prosperity: 

Women’s Education in India help in empowering to come forward and contribute towards prosperity and development of the country. There are various women in India which make history by contributing towards development of country.

Economic Empowerment:

Girl Education brings socio-economic changes. Democratic countries have constitution of providing equal rights to both women and men. Economic independence and empowerment will come when we educate the girl child.

Improved life:

Educating leads to developing the skill and knowledge of girls and women for a good life. By getting education girl won’t be lost their identity in fact make their own identity by getting independence. Women has ability to read and learn about her own rights for  general improvement on her life.

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Benefits of Women Education:

There are numerous profit of women education. Here are few of them:

  • Women who are educated are proficient to take charge of their future
  • They earn and give to their family income
  • Women who are educated help reduce child and motherly mortality
  • Educated women are better equipped to take care of their children
  • Have great confidence and takes right decisions
  • Contributes in a positive way to the society and the nation at large

How can we define Women Empowerment

  • Women should know about their rights and have freedom to do anything.
  • Women Empowerment means that she has equal rights for Job, Education and to think about herself.
  • Women should take equal respect as compare to men.
  • There should be a job security when they come under in marriage stage.
  • Women should walk hand to hand with their husband and give equal financial support to their family.
  • There is no need to fear from criminal minded men who treat badly.
  • Women should raise voice against justice if there is any physical and mental torture by the men.

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Women Empowerment 

  • Women Empowerment does not mean to take advantage from the LAW which make for women protection.
  • Women should not harass their innocent family in Laws.
  • As we know government make some law for dowry against the laws side but some women take their advantage and wrongly blame in court.
  • It really does not mean that extorting money from innocent family who want to make you daughter in law in their home.
  • Women Education Plays an important role at this time because it also help when she is not working in any organization. Some points are:
  • At present when you are going to take admission in school for your child then school management will get interview first of parents.
  • Women should be well qualified if she want to give proper education to their children.

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Importance of Women’s education in India

In India Women’s education has been the most important concern for both government and the civil society, as it has been time and again verified that women play a major role in the overall development of the society. Women’s education is of vast importance in a country because it not only helps women to answer to the challenges and transform their lives.

Today with an estimated 165 million women aged over 15-16 still illiterate and only one in 100 making it to the matriculation level, India still has a long way to go in accomplishing the vision of quality and equality in education. While in urban India, women’s education has taken a great momentum, the practice is quite slow in rural India.

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