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Zoology Quiz – General knowledge, Viva Questions – MCQ Set Online

Zoology Quiz

Zoology Quiz:- All the questions and answers are based on Zoology general knowledge. Questions related to Zoology are often asked in competitive examinations. With the help of given Zoology Quiz Online, you will get help for studying the upcoming exams. Be it any competitive exams Zoology related questions are asked in all of them.

So all the candidates who are looking for Viva questions related to Zoology GK, in this post, all the important questions related to Zoology quiz, Zoology objective questions in hindi pdf, Zoology notes in hindi, Zoology MCQ Set Online are given as a test. The questions given in this test have already been asked in the previous exam and will be asked in the upcoming exam as well. So you read these questions carefully, these questions will be beneficial for your exams.

Zoology is an important part of the General Awareness section for all competitive exams. Be it SSC, Railways or other state level exams, Zoology questions form a big part. By the year 2020, exams like SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC etc. will be held, we are providing you Zoology Quiz. Zoology Quizzes will be provided to help you practice science questions.

If you are preparing for the competitive exam, then we will make you do a full practice of Zoology Questions. As you can tell, the questions of Zoology are asked in all the exams like SSC, Railway, Bank, UPSSSC etc. We have brought here for you the practice set paper of Zoology, where you can practice online.

Zoology Quiz

Ques 1. The outer region of the brain is called

  1. pericardium
  2. duramater
  3. piamater
  4. arachnoid membrane

Answer: Piameter

Ques 2. Vitamin E deficiency is causes

  1. rickets
  2. sterility
  3. night blindness
  4. anaemia

 Answer: Sterility

Ques 3. Plasmodium belongs to this group

  1. protozoa
  2. virus
  3. fungus
  4. bacteria

 Answer: Protozoa

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Ques 4. Number of bones in human body is

  1. 220
  2. 215
  3. 206
  4. 225

Answer: 206

Ques 5. The book origin of life was written by

  1. W. Fox
  2. Pasteur
  3. J. Miller
  4. Darwin

Answer: Darwin

Ques 6. Chicken fox is caused by

  1. virus
  2. bacteria
  3. protozoa
  4. none of these

Answer: Virus

Ques 7. Theory of natural selection was propounded by

  1. Carolus Linnaeus
  2. Charles Lyell
  3. Charles Darwin
  4. James Hutton

Answer: Charles Darwin

Ques 8. Which animal helps in the dispersal of seeds?

  1. cat
  2. snake
  3. bat
  4. pigeon

Answer: Bat

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Ques 9. The process by which organisms obtain their nutrients from food is

  1. nutrition
  2. absorption
  3. digestion
  4. reproduction

Answer : Nutrition

Ques 10. Inner part of the brain is —- in colour

  1. white
  2. red
  3. grey
  4. brown

Answer: White

Ques 11. Which one of the following is known as the silent killer?

  1. cholera
  2. malaria
  3. blood pressure
  4. tuberculosis

Answer: Tuberculosis

Ques 12. The outer region of the cerebrum is called

  1. sulcus
  2. cortex
  3. gyrus
  4. none of these

Answer: Cortex

Ques 13. Snake venom is used as

  1. poison
  2. medicine
  3. fertilizer
  4. hormone

Answer: Medicine

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Ques 14. The flying mammals are known as

  1. volent
  2. arboreal
  3. terrestrial
  4. fossorial

Answer: Volent

Ques 15. The human excretory organs is

  1. heart
  2. skin
  3. kidney
  4. liver

Answer: Kidney

Ques 16. Insulin is secreted by which organ of the body?

  1. kidney
  2. pancreas
  3. intestine
  4. stomach

Answer: Pancreas

Ques 17. The acid present in ants is

  1. acetic acid
  2. sulphuric acid
  3. butyric acid
  4. formic acid

Answer:  Formic Acid

Ques 18. Which is the largest organ in human body?

  1. heart
  2. skin
  3. liver
  4. lungs

Answer: Skin

Ques 19. Plasmodium causes

  1. malaria
  2. typhoid
  3. pyorrhea
  4. kala–azar

Answer:  Malaria

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Ques 20. The major components of honey is

  1. sucrose
  2. maltose
  3. fructose
  4. glucose

Answer: Sucrose

It is a very complicated subject to study Zoology, but it is related to many of our daily matters. Actually, the system of explaining Zoology to us is very complex. Here, with the help of some questions, an attempt has been made to explain the basic things of Zoology very easily.

Zoology questions are asked in every competition exam. Zoology objective is very necessary for almost every exam nowadays. Zoology questions are often asked in various competitive exams like UPSC IAS (Civil Services Examination), SSC, CTET, NTPC, Metro etc.

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On this page, very important Zoology related questions and answers have been published, by studying which students can prepare for various competitive examinations.

Based on the Zoology Quiz Set published above, there are about 20 questions and answers in which you can read the quiz of all Zoology subjects. These Zoology Quiz is an important for SSC, UPSC, Railway, Bank, IBPS Examination. So I hope you like this page, so stay connected with us for more updated information.

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