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AIIMS Mock Test 2019 MBBS Online Practice Test Series, Free Quiz Download

AIIMS Mock Test

Candidates who are preparing for the AIIMS entrance exam must take the AIIMS Mock Test 2019 to see their level of preparation for AIIMS MBBS entrance exam. Here in this page we have provided AIIMS MBBS Online Practice Test Series and AIIMS Online Free Quiz which you can also download easily from here.

AIIMS MBBS Online Practice Test Series plays very crucial role as students gets idea about the question in exams as well as get clear about the pattern of the test paper. Practicing AIIMS Mock Test 2019 regularly can improve the efficiency of aspirants.

AIIMS MBBS Online Mock Test

AIIMS UG Entrance Exam is conducted by the AIIMS Institute for admission in MBBS course in nine campuses of AIIMS. Level of competition in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences entrance Exam is too high. So candidates should work and practice very hard to clear the entrance exam of AIIMS.

Candidates who are going to appear in AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination 2019, they must give AIIMS Mock Test 2019 through this page which is well maintained by the team of

AIIMS Mock Test

AIIMS 2019 Mock Test

Question 1:Which is true about Trpanosoma?

  1. polymorphic
  2. monogenetic
  3. facultative parasites
  4. non-pathogenic

Answer: 1

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Question 2: If ponds and puddles are destroyed, the organism likely to be destroyed

  1. Leishmania
  2. Ascaris
  3. Plasmodium
  4. Trypanosoma

Answer: 3

Question 3: When a single gene influences more than on trait it is called

  1. epistasis
  2. pleiotrophy
  3. pseudodominance
  4. none of these

Answer: 2

Question 4: The contrasting pairs of factors in Mendelian crosses are called

  1. alloloci
  2. multiple allele
  3. alleleomorphs
  4. paramorphs

Answer: 3

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Question 5: Mitral valve is present between

  1. right atrium and right ventricle
  2. right and left ventricle
  3. left ventricle and aorta
  4. left atrium and left ventricle

Answer: 4

Question 6: Which of the following is a connection link between mammals and reptiles?

  1. Peripatus
  2. Balanoglossus
  3. Archchaeopteryx
  4. Ornithorhyncus

Answer: 4

Question 7: The fluid filled space between lens and cornea is

  1. vitreous humour
  2. synovial fluid
  3. aqueous humour
  4. none of these

Answer: 3

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Question 8: The enamel of tooth is secreted by

  1. odontoblast
  2. osteoblast
  3. ameloblast
  4. chondroblast

Answer:  3

Question 9: The percentage of forest cover recommended by the National Forest Policy (1988)

  1. 37 % for plains and 63% for hills
  2. 33 % for plains and 67% for hills
  3. 23 % for plains and 77% for hills
  4. 35 % for plains and 65% for hills

Answer: 2

Question 10: The diversity of the habitats over the total geographical area is called

  1. Alpha diversity
  2. Gamma diveristy
  3. Beta diversity
  4. Delta diversity

Answer: 2

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Question 11: The species of plants that play a vital role in controlling the relative abundance of other species in a community are called

  1. Edge species
  2. Link species
  3. Pioneer species
  4. Keystone species

Answer: 4

Question 12: Barnacles growing on the back of whale is an example of

  1. Mutation
  2. Amensalism
  3. Predation
  4. Commensalism

Answer: 2

Question 13: Plant species having a wide range of genetical distribution evolve into a local population known as

  1. Biome
  2. Ecotype
  3. Population
  4. Ecosystem

Answer: 2

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Question 14: A transgenic food crop which may help in solving the problem of night blindness in developing countries is

  1. Bt soyabean
  2. Flavr Savr Tomatoes
  3. Golden rice
  4. Starlink maize

Answer: 3

Question 15: Which of the following are used in gene cloning

  1. lomasomes
  2. mesosomes
  3. nucleoids
  4. plasmids

Answer:  4

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 AIIMS 2019 Mock Test

  • With the help of mock test for AIIMS MBBS, candidates can get an estimate about their performance for examination
  • The AIIMS online mock test 2019 also helps contenders in getting an idea regarding the structure and pattern of examination
  • Mock test for AIIMS 2019 contains usually those whose questions that are important from examination point of view.
  • AIIMS MBBS Mock Test Online will be as same as actual test.
  • Total number of questions given in AIIMS mock test paper is different from actual test.
  • Aspirants can also keep a rough notebook and a pen/pencil to calculate their score themselves from AIIMS mock test online.
  • Candidates can mark questions from AIIMS mock test free online that they are unsure of under “review” to check and answer them later.
  • AIIMS MBBS mock Test will give idea about the question that can be asked in exam.
  • Apart of practicing from AIIMS UG mock Test, candidates must also go through AIIMS Previous year question Papers or AIIMS question Papers

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AIIMS Exam Pattern

Every year large number of candidates participates in AIIMS Entrance examination but only few applicants are selected. So the aspirants must practice through AIIMS MBBS online mock test free, we have provided here best AIIMS online mock test papers for MBBS for the sake of aspirants to prepare well for the examination.

All India Medical Sciences Entrance examination will be of Objective Type basis. It also follows Negative Marking scheme that is (+1) for correct answer & (1/3) negative marking and Duration Of test will be 3.5 Hours.

Test TypeMarksQuestions
General Knowledge2020

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All India Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

All India Medical Sciences is famous for it’s highly advanced medical science techniques which attracts numerous of patients from different corners of the world. In 1956, it was first established in Delhi and now it has been opened in seven more locations within the country.

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