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Ayushman Bharat Scheme | Eligibility, Mega Healthcare – मिलेगा मुफ्त इलाज

Ayushman Bharat Scheme

Through Ayushman Bharat Scheme, there will be an opportunity for earning even up to Rs. 90 thousand every month!! Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Ayushman scheme across the country.

Mega Healthcare- मिलेगा मुफ्त इलाज

इस योजना के तहत, लगभग 100 मिलियन परिवारों को सालाना 5 लाख रुपये का स्वास्थ्य बीमा मिलेगा। साथ ही, यह योजना 1 लाख लोगों को रोजगार मुहैया कराएगी। इस योजना के तहत, सरकार जन-धन योजना को जन-धन योजना की तरह ही करेगी।

Ayushman Bharat Scheme- Mega Healthcare

There are five states which are still unconvinced with the Ayushman Bharat Scheme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These five states are Telangana, Odisha, Delhi, Kerala and Punjab.

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Ayushman Bharat Scheme

Qualification Required

The youth who will be selected under this program should have Master degree in any subject OR technical qualifications like B.Tech, MBA OR experts from various fields OR M. Phil OR Research experience OR having experience of working in Public Health System Projects.

Who will appoint?

Young Professionals program to be launched by the National Health Agency which also implements Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Under this program people less than 32 years of age will be appointed.

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Who will be appointed

According to the Ministry of Health, the focus of government under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme is to provide treatment facilities to the poor and the disadvantaged sections.

Therefore, to add these people to this scheme easily, the government will need the common people among them, who can tell people the benefits of the Ayushman scheme and persuade them to join the scheme. Apart from this, health friends will also be helpful in ensuring that people can easily get the benefit of insurance.

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What is the Ayushman Bharat Scheme?

This scheme was announced in Budget. Under this scheme, the facility of free health insurance upto Rs. 5 lakhs will be provided to 10 crore households of the country.

It will cover the treatment of almost all serious diseases. There is no limit on family size and age in the scheme for any person (especially women, children and the elderly) to be deprived of treatment.

In this scheme, before and after hospitalization, the expenditure has been included.  Hospitalization has been mentioned for Transportation Allowance which will be paid to the beneficiary. Cure treatment can be done in any government or private hospital in the country.

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How to earn money in Ayushman Bharat Scheme?

The Bank in the Janhanan Yojana is given a fixed amount of Rs. 5000 and according to his work, the incentive is given. It is believed that there will be a similar provision for healthy friends.

These plans can prove to be good for them, who do not have any source of income.  There are 32 crore people in the country and 1.25 lakh bank friends at this time. On the basis of this, the government needs to have at least one lakh health friends to get the benefits of the Ayushman scheme to 100 million families.

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Conditions for Rural Areas

These conditions for those living in rural areas are as follows:

  • A house of raw house and a family where there is no adult member of the age of 16 to 59 years.
  • Family of women heads, in which there is no male between 16 to 59 years of age.
  • Such families in which there are disabled members and no adult member in their care is in the family.
  • Apart from SC and ST, families who do not have land and their income is casual wages.
  • Those families who have no roof and are legally free from bonded wages.

Conditions for Urban Areas

For those living in urban areas, conditions are as follows:

  • will the government use the scheme to the poor living in urban areas.
  • Many categories have been created for the selection of the poor.
  • Overall, in 11 categories, the urban poor have been divided, who can take advantage of this scheme.

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Mega Healthcare Scheme Rejected By 5 States!! Know WHY

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Ayushman Bharat Scheme is rejected by five states that are Telangana, Odisha, Delhi, Kerala and Punjab because according to them they will not implement the programme till their concerns are addressed.

शनिवार को ओडिशा में एक सभा को संबोधित करते हुए, उन्होंने ओडिशा के मुख्यमंत्री नवीन पटनायक पर एक ऐसे कार्यक्रम को अनदेखा करने का आरोप लगाया जो उसके राज्य की मदद करने के लिए बाध्य है। विधानसभा और संसदीय चुनावों से पहले राज्य में राजनीतिक अभियानों के दौरान उन्होंने कहा, “हर कोई आयुषमान भारत योजना के महत्व से अवगत है, लेकिन नवीन बाबू समझ में नहीं आते हैं। ओडिशा सरकार को आगे आना चाहिए और कार्यक्रम में शामिल होना चाहिए।”

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