20 Common Interview Questions For Bank PO Exam: Tips To Answer Correctly

Bank PO Common Question

For all those who want to enhance their career in banking sector participates in various competitive exams. But majority of candidates failed in the interview round, so here we have come up with 20 Common Interview Questions For Bank PO Exam. Some brilliant tips are discussed below to answer correctly Bank PO Common Questions correctly.


Everyone know the correct answers but how to present them that attracts interview is examined so, here we will provide you the way in which you must answer to questions in Bank PO Exam. Go through the list of 20 Common Interview Questions for Bank PO Exam that is discussed below. A job in banking services demands the very best of you so, your answers must be best which attracts and satisfy the examiner.

How to prepare for Bank Exam Interview?

Bank Interview preparation is a very spicy side for a participant after qualifying in written exams they all face an interview by participating organizations in which you all need to prove yourself.

Interview schedule only for 15-20 minutes and in some cases it will be less than it so be prepared for less time and it is better to be well prepared and answer first few questions correctly and with confidence.

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Frequently Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Questions for the interview will be different for all candidates they asked you questions about yourself, banking sector, general awareness, current affairs, etc. Here In this article, you can check Bank PO Common Question that will be asked in your interview.

Complete details of Bank PO Common Question are listed below for the ease of contenders who are going to attend Banking Interview. Provided interview question and answers are listed by team members of recruitmentresult.com.

Common Interview Questions for Bank PO Exam

Question 1:Introduce yourself / tell me about yourself?

Answer:There is greater chance that your first question is tell me about yourself or introduce yourself because interviewer want to know about your background and other details with this question. Many interviewers use answer of this question to ask second question.You must include below details inorder to come up with a proper answer

  • Personal information: It shall include your name, parent’sdesignation.
  • Education: Mention the degree you completed, college name & city.
  • Work Experience (for experienced)
  • Any additional qualifications or achievements
  • Your hobby,if any

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Question 2:Why you want to enter Banking Sector after IT OR Why Bank Jobs?

Answer: Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in India providing a wide range of career opportunities to graduates like me.Since, banks are now moving closer to customers, i feel it would give me job satisfaction by helping public.Also these govt banks offer job security which is hard to find in other sectors.

Question 3:Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
Answer: This question would be asked to check how clear you are about the career path. ‘After 5 years,I want to be in your seat’ won’t work in any case.Think realistically, understand the growth opportunities of that job & put it across to them.

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Question 4: How you BE/ B.Tech/ MBA / MCA/ B.Pharm/ ME/ M.Tech is going to help the bank?

Answer:As more candidates with professional degrees are appearing for bank interviews, this has become a common interview question.There must be a reason for all of you to apply for bank jobs.We suggest you to tell that real reason as the panel very well know about the dearth of jobs for engg graduates.How you relate your field of study with banking job is the key to answer this question.So it is upto you to prepare a suitable answer.

So answers like, “Bank job has been my childhood dream OR To become a bank officer is my ambition” are laughable.Avoid them.

You may tell something like these:

  • I have good technical knowledge so it will be easy for me to approach clients in those sectors.
  • Being from a professional college, i have good exposure of working in teams which is necessary in a bank environment.
  • My communication skills are quite good & i am confident of providing good customer services.

Question 5:Banking is about serving in areas where you will not get all the comforts of your posh metro life. How do you think you will be able to manage that?

Answer:Sir, I am well aware of this since as a bank, the organization needs to serve both the rural economy as well as the urban economy. So, this is not a problem for me if I am posted in a remote area as I am prepared for that. Another thing is that I will be transferred from any branch within 3-4 years of time and need to live in the same area for ever. This is an enriching experience since I will get the opportunity to live in different areas with different kinds of people.

Question 6:Tell me the banks which are in loss and which are in profit?

Answer:Must reply with the figures of CASA ratio about the Banks which are making the profit and the ones making the loss.

Question 7:You get training from us and become experienced in banking within 6-7 years of time. After that, you get opportunities from other private sector banks or other organizations with higher pay package. What will be your response?

Answer:Sir, for me being in a job should satisfy me both mentally as well as regarding the financial incentives I receive from the organization I am working for. At the same time, being a human being and an ambitious person, I will definitely try for something better within or outside the organization and if that happens, I will weigh all other pertinent concerns before reaching a decision regarding this.

Question 8:Tell us about some of the problems faced by banking sector in general at present in our country.

Answer:The first and foremost problem that the banking industry faces is regarding Non-Performing Assets since all the banks are suffering because of high increase in these assets and banks have to make provisioning for that thereby decreasing its profit on an overall basis.

Question 9:What are your Strengths?
Answer:I can adapt to situations based on the needs.Once I learn the concepts, I get involved with the work as motivate myself.

The above answer is only sample & wont suit all candidates.So you need to find what your strengths are because in some case the panel will cross question you depending on your response.

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Question 10:What are your weaknesses?
Answer:I get nervous when talking to strangers for the first few minutes.But after that short duration, i can adapt myself & communicate well with that person.

You have to careful while revealing about your weakness.If you are going to say that, “I am an impatient person”, it will create a bad impression because you need to be patient while dealing with customers.

Question 11:Can you shift to another city?

Answer:Yes. I always like to visit new places, meet new people. Working in new environment makes us to learn more and in a better way. Also, as one of my reasons to join banking industry is its rational promotion policy, I can’t expect all of my future promotions in the same city, it’s not possible.

Question 12:Why are you not working anywhere from past 6 months?

Answer:As competition in banking exams is very challenging, I was preparing for bank exams and a job could distract me from my goal. That’s why; I concentrated on bank exams preparations only.

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Question 13:Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Answer:Don’t go into detail about your terrible boss, or the horrible work conditions.
You should answer the question honestly, emphasizing what you did like about working there, while explaining the unavoidable circumstances that led to your departure.

Question 14:Why should we hire you?

Answer:Well, the ball is in your court now and you have to make the most of it. First thing should be the impact you can make in the organization with your set of skills. You can deal with customers very well and you can sell products very well etc. You have the ability to convince people your way and trust me, in banking, you will be valued a lot if you have this within you. Focus on some of the issues facing the organization and offer your skills as a solution to them. This will serve two purposes: They will know that you have done your homework and at the same time, they will very easily visualize your role in the organization.

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Banking Awareness Questions

Question 1:In a Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) Account, at least _____ transaction of deposit or withdrawal in _____ financial years is necessary to keep the account active.

  1. A) 1, 2
  2. B) 1, 3
  3. C) 2, 3
  4. D) 2, 1

Answer: B

Question2:What is the rate of interest offered by Post Office Saving Bank?

  1. A) 5%
  2. B) 4.5%
  3. C) 4%
  4. D) 5.5%

Answer: C

Question3:What is the minimum amount required to get open a Savings Account in Post Office?

  1. A) Account can be opened with Nil Amount
  2. B) Rs 10
  3. C) Rs 50
  4. D) Rs 20

Answer: D

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Question4:In case of a Savings Account in Post Office, what maximum amount of interest earned per year on deposited money is tax free?

  1. A) Rs 5,000
  2. B) Rs 10,000
  3. C) Rs 12,000
  4. D) Rs 8,000

Answer: B

Question5:To avail the facility of Cheque in Savings Account in Post office, what minimum amount is required to get open an account?

  1. A) Rs 500
  2. B) Rs 100
  3. C) Rs 1000
  4. D) Rs 200

Answer: A

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Question6:What is the minimum balance required to be maintained in the Savings Account in Post Office for cheque facility?

  1. A) Rs 500
  2. B) Rs 100
  3. C) Rs 1000
  4. D) Rs 200

Answer: A

Question7:What is the minimum balance required to be maintained in the Savings Account in Post Office in case of non – cheque facility account?

  1. A) Rs 20
  2. B) Rs 10
  3. C) Rs 50
  4. D) Rs 100

Answer: C

Question8:In Post Office, joint account can be opened by ___________ adults.

  1. A) two only
  2. B) three or four
  3. C) two or four
  4. D) two or three

Answer: D

Question9:What is the minimum age required to get open a savings Account in Post Office?

  1. A) 10
  2. B) No minimum age
  3. C) 18
  4. D) 21

Answer: A

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Question10:The Securities and Exchange Board of India was established in accordance with the provisions of which of the following acts?

  1. A) Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1974
  2. B) Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992
  3. C) Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1999
  4. D) Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1985

Answer: B

Question11:Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) was incorporated under which of the following acts?

  1. A) Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  2. B) Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
  3. C) Companies Act, 1956
  4. D) Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007

Answer: C

Question12:Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) is established and incorporated under Section 3 which of the following acts?

  1. A) Small Industries Development Bank of India Act 1989
  2. B) Small Industries Development Bank of India Act 1981
  3. C) Companies Act, 1956
  4. D) Companies Act, 2013

Answer: A

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Question13:As per the advisory of the Reserve Bank of India, only non-bank entities authorised by it under the ______________________ can issue Pre-paid Payment Instrument (PPI) wallets.

  1. A) Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  2. B) Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
  3. C) Companies Act, 1956
  4. D) Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007

Answer: D

Question14:Export–Import Bank of India was incorporated under which of the following acts?

  1. A) Export-Import Bank of India Act 1981
  2. B) Export-Import Bank of India Act 1982
  3. C) Export-Import Bank of India Act 1984
  4. D) Export-Import Bank of India Act 1985

Answer: A

Question15:Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency Ltd. is registered as a company under which of the following acts?

  1. A) Companies Act, 2013
  2. B) Companies Act, 1956
  3. C) Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  4. D) Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934

Answer: A

What Probationary Officer Do?

A Bank Probationary Officer (PO) is the very first level stage to be an officer in the bank.  The work of a Bank PO is generally based on operations in banking, administration and other important work given by the bank.

Probationary Officer in bank plays a vital role in the growth of the bank business in all aspects. He/ She have to take care of loan department and all input and output finance of the bank. Another responsibility of Bank PO is to settle down the complaints and any issue related to accounts of its customers as early as possible.

When PO joins the bank he/she has to complete two years’ probation period to confirm for his/her job without any leave.Salary of a Bank (PO) lies between Rs. 10000-18240/- which increases after successful completion of probation.

Final and Important Note:

Complete details in respect of Common Interview Questions For Bank PO Exam is well structured in our page you can easily get Tips to Answer Interview Questions Correctly. Join us on Facebook or Google + to get all latest and instant updates.

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