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Tricks to Solve Blood Relation | SSC/Railway Ques Shortcuts से करे हल

Blood Relations Tricks

Blood relation is also an important topic for SSC, Bank and other competitive examinations and often 1-2 questions asked in exams from this topic. रक्त संबंध प्रश्न में, परिवार के सदस्यों के बारे में कुछ जानकारी दी जाती है। उस जानकारी के आधार पर आपको परिवार के विशेष सदस्यों के बीच संबंध का पता लगाना होगा। So here on this page, we will provide you Tricks to Solve Blood Relation (Blood Relations Tricks), so that you can solve these questions in a very short time in the exam. To solve these questions, firstly you must have knowledge of the relationship.

Blood Relations Tricks (रक्त संबंध ट्रिक्स)

Types of Blood Relations:

There are mainly two types of blood relations:

  • Blood relation from paternal side
  • Blood relation from maternal side

Table of Blood Relations

RelationUsed Term
Son of father or motherBrother
Daughter of father or motherSister
Brother of fatherUncle
Brother of motherMaternal uncle
Sister of fatherAunt
Sister of motherAunt
Father of fatherGrandfather
Father of father’s fatherGreat grandfather
Father of grandfatherGreat grandfather
Mother of fatherGrandmother
Mother of father’s motherGreat grandmother
Mother of grandmotherGreat grandmother
Father of motherMaternal grandfather
Father of mother’s fatherGreat maternal grandfather
Father of maternal grandfatherGreat maternal grandfather
Mother of motherMaternal grandmother
Mother of mother, motherGreat maternal grandmother
Mother of maternal grandmotherGreat maternal grandmother
Wife of fatherMother
Husband of motherFather
Wife of GrandfatherGrandmother
Husband of GrandmotherGrandfather
Wife of sonDaughter-in-law
Husband of daughterSon-in-law
Brother of HusbandBrother-in-law
Brother of wifeBrother-in-law
Sister of HusbandSister-in-law
Sister of wifeSister-in-law
Son of brotherNephew
Daughter of brotherNiece
Wife of brotherSister-in-law
Husband of sisterBrother-in-law
Son of sisterNephew
Daughter of sisterNiece
Wife of uncleAunt
Wife of maternal uncleAunt
Son/daughter of uncle/AuntCousin
Son/daughter of maternal uncle/maternal auntCousin
Son/daughter of sister of FatherCousin
Son/daughter of sister of MotherCousin
Only son of grandfatherFather
Only daughter of maternal grandfatherMother
Only daughter in law of grandfather/ grandmotherMother
Sons of grandfather other than fatherUncle

Generation (पीढ़ी)

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Important Symbols

Below given are some basic important symbols which are used to represent family relationships. On the basis of following symbols, you can find any blood relationship easily and quickly.

Blood Relation Shortcut Trick

  • While solving blood relation based question, first of all find out that two persons between whom a relationship has to be established.
  • Next, try to find out middle relation.
  • Finally, find out the relationship between two persons to be identified for this purpose.
Trick 1

General Problem on Blood Relation

Shortcut Approach

  • Read the statement from right to left to develop the relation by using blood relation table.

Example: A says to B, “you are the son of my grandfather’s only son”.

(1) How is B related to A?

(2) How is A related to B?


(1) B is Brother of A.

My grandfather’s only son = A’s father (grandfather’s only son means only ONE son. No other son and daughter).

(2) A is either brother or sister to B.

A and B are siblings. B is brother to A as we know the Gender of B. But we don’t know the Gender of A. So we can’t say whether A is Brother or Sister to B.

Example: Pointing to a boy Rekha said, “He is the son of my mother-in-law’s only Child”. How is the boy related to Rekha?

Solution: Boy is the Son of Rekha

My mother-in-law’s only child = Rekha’s mother-in-law’s only child = Rekha’s husband.

The boy is the son of the Rekha’s Husband. So obviously Rekha is the mother to that boy and that boy is the Son of Rekha.

Trick 2

Blood relation based on Family Tree

Shortcut Approach

  • Follow the symbols for male (+) and (–) female.
  • Remember the generations and relations.

Example: Q is the brother of C and C is the sister of Q. R and D are brother and sister. R is the son of A while A & C are wife and husband. How is Q related with D?

Solution: Q is the maternal uncle of D

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Trick 3

Coded Blood Relationship

Shortcut Approach

  • The best way to solve blood relation questions, you try and relate every statement to ‘yourself’. The starting name of the statement could be assumed as your name or you.
  • When the statement is very long, it can get confusing. So, break down every statement in the question into sub statements and solve the question.
  • Do not assume the gender of any person in the question just based on the names given in the question.
  • Draw a family tree where people of the same generation are placed at the same level and the entire diagram is in the form of a hierarchy.

Example: If P + Q means P is husband of Q, P / Q means P is the sister of Q, P * Q means P is the son of Q. How is D related to A in D * B + C / A?

Solution: D is nephew to A

General Method

C / A – C is sister of A.

B + C / A – B is brother-in-law of A (Sister’s husband – brother-in-law)

D * B + C / A – D is nephew of A (Sister’s husband’s son means sister’s son i.e., nephew)

So, D is nephew to A.

Shortcut Method:

By using symbols and generation relations:

So, it is clearly shown that D is nephew to A.

Download PDF – Blood Relations Tricks (रक्त संबंध ट्रिक्स)

रक्त संबंध रीज़निंग का सबसे आसान अध्याय है। यह स्कोरिंग चैप्टर है। एक बार जब आप रक्त संबंध ट्रिक्स के बारे में जान लेते हैं, तो आप कुछ ही मिनटों में इस अध्याय से पूर्ण अंक प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। We hope that Blood Relations Tricks (रक्त संबंध ट्रिक्स) which we have provided on this page are beneficial for you and will help you in better preparation.

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