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Chemistry Questions And Answers, Online Practice Test Series, MCQ Quiz

Chemistry Questions And Answers

Starting your exam preparation in which chemistry is one of the subjects? Well, for your convenience the commonly asked Chemistry Questions And Answers are provided in MCQ quiz format. Aspirants are advised to solve the below given chemistry online practice tests series to analyze their exam preparation.

This Chemistry Quiz will help you to prepare well for your exam as this test is prepared by our one of the best team of To make this test easy we also provided the answers of the questions. So, that you can analyze your performance and score better in your upcoming examination.

Chemistry Questions And Answers

Question 1 Which of the below following is not a type of elements

  1. Metalloids
  2. Gases
  3. Metals
  4. Non Metals

Answer: 2

Question 2 Which of the below acid is found in lemon?

  1. Lactic acid
  2. Tartaric acid
  3. Marlic acid
  4. Citric acid

Answer: 4

Question 3 Artificial rain is produced by?

  1. Silver iodide
  2. Carbon monoxide
  3. Silver nitrate
  4. Copper oxide

Answer: 1

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Question 4 Which of the following is the most electronegative element?

  1. Bromine
  2. Sodium
  3. Oxygen
  4. Fluorine

Answer: 4

Question 5 Milk is a—

  1. Element
  2. Metal
  3. Mixture
  4. None of these

Answer: 3

Question 6 Bar is a unit of—

  1. Energy
  2. Frequency
  3. Pressure
  4. Force

Answer: 3

Question 7 Which element is necessary for construction is nuclear reactors?

  1. Tungsten
  2. Cobalt
  3. Zirconium
  4. Nickel

Answer 2

Question 8 Who is known as father of modern chemistry?

  1. Lavoisier
  2. V. Raman
  3. Ruterford
  4. Einstein

Answer: 1

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Question 9 The mass number of an atom is equal to

  1. The number of nucleons
  2. The number of neutrons
  3. The number of protons
  4. The number of protons and electrons

Answer: 1

Question 10 The number of waves in n x 10th Bohr’s orbit are

  1. n-2
  2. n2
  3. n3
  4. n

Answer: 4

Question 11 The material which can be deformed permanently by heat and pressure is known as

  1. Chemical compound
  2. Polymer
  3. Thermoplastic
  4. Thermoset

Answer: 4

Question 12 Acid reaches with bases to give Salt.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: 2

Question 13 Which if the following fuel is has the maximum calorific value?

  1. Wood
  2. Charcoal
  3. Kerosene
  4. Cow-dung

Answer: 3

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Question 14 Ba is the most powerful reducing agent.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: False

Question 15 In Langmuir’s model of adsorption of a gas on a solid surface

  1. The mass of gas striking a given area of surface is proportional to the pressure of the gas
  2. The mass of gas striking a given area of surface is independent of the pressure of the gas
  3. The rate of dissociation of adsorbed molecules from the surface does not depend on the surface covered
  4. The adsorption at a single site on the surface may involve multiple molecules at the same time

Answer: 1

Question 16 Amount of oxalic acid present in a solution can be determined by its titration with KMnO4 solution in the presence of H2SO4. The titration gives unsatisfactory result when carried out in the presence of HCl, because HCl

  1. Oxidises oxalic acid to carbon dioxide and water
  2. Reduces permanganate to mn2+
  3. Gets oxidised by oxalic acid to chlorine
  4. Furnishes h+ ions in addition to those from oxalic acid

Answer: 2

Question 17 A metal, M forms chlorides in its +2 and +4 oxidation states. Which of the following statements about these chlorides is correct?

  1. MCl2 is more soluble in anhydrous ethanol than MCl4
  2. MCl2 is more easily hydrolysed than MCl4
  3. MCl2 is more volatile than MCl4
  4. MCl2 is more ionic than MCl4

Answer: 4

Question 18 Luorobenzene (C6H5F) can be synthesized in the laboratory

  1. From aniline by diazotisation followed by heating the diazonium salt with HBF4
  2. By reacting bromobenzene with naf solution
  3. By heating phenol with HF and KF
  4. By direct fluorination of benzene with F2 gas

Answer: 1

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Question 19 The pyrimidine bases present in DNA are

  1. Cytosine and uracil
  2. Cytosine and thymine
  3. Cytosine and adenine
  4. Cytosine and guanine

Answer: 2

Question 20 The isotopes of chlorine with mass number 35 and 37 exist in the ratio of _

  1. 1 :2
  2. 2 :3
  3. 3 : 1
  4. 3 :4

Answer: 3

Aspirants are suggested to analyze your performance carefully and work on your weak section. For any help or query you are free to write us or you can comment in the box given below.

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