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Computer Hardware Questions with Answers | 40+ Multiple Choice, Imp

Computer Hardware Questions

Aspirants, who want to crack the Interview & examination session for Computer Hardware Engineer jobs, they can start their preparation through Computer Hardware Questions and Answers.

Through below listed Multiple Choice Computer Hardware Questions and Answers, you can get complete idea about Computer Hardware Questions, which, is going to be asked in exam or interview session.

And, If anyone wants to strong their knowledge about the term Computer Hardware, Then Take This Quick Computer Hardware Quiz To Find Out How Good Your Computer Hardware Knowledge Is. Explore this completely and get all updated information about Computer Hardware Questions and Answers 2020.

Computer Hardware Questions and Answers

The term Computer hardware is the corporal parts of a computer for example the keyboard, monitor, computer data storage and motherboard etc. So, if you’re going to appear in any interview session or exam for getting Computer Hardware Engineer Vacancies, then start your preparation according to it.

Ques.In ROM BIOS, the acronym BIOS stands for:

  1. Basic Intuitive Output Set
  2. Basic Input Organizational System
  3. Basic Input Output System
  4. Basic Industry Operating System

Answer: Option 3

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Ques.From what location are the 1st computer instructions available on boot up?

  2. CPU
  3. boot.ini

Answer: Option 1

Ques.When referring to instruction words, a mnemonic is:

  1. a short abbreviation for the operand address
  2. a short abbreviation for the operation to be performed
  3. a short abbreviation for the data word stored at the operand address
  4. shorthand for machine language

Answer: Option 2

Ques. How many pins on a VGA?

  1. 15.
  2. 9
  3. 25
  4. 32

Answer: Option 1

Ques.What could cause a fixed disk error?

  1. No-CD installed
  2. bad ram
  3. slow processor
  4. Incorrect CMOS settings

Answer: Option 4

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Ques.What is the difference between mnemonic codes and machine codes?

  1. There is no difference
  2. Machine codes are in binary, mnemonic codes are in shorthand English
  3. Machine codes are in shorthand English, mnemonic codes are in binary.
  4. Machine codes are in shorthand English, mnemonic codes are a high-level language.

Answer: Option 2

Ques.What is modified when changing the system start-up boot sequence?


Answer: Option 1

Ques. Missing slot covers on a computer can cause?

  1. over heat
  2. power surges
  3. EMI
  4. incomplete path for ESD

Answer: Option 1

Ques.Which is NOT typically a Field Replaceable Unit?

  1. System ROM
  2. Power supply
  3. System chassis
  4. Video controller

Answer: Option 3

Ques.Which bus is bidirectional?

  1. data bus
  2. control bus
  3. address bus
  4. multiplexed bus

Answer: Option 1

Ques.What are the most likely conditions for ESD?

  1. Cold and wet
  2. Cold and dry
  3. Hot and wet
  4. Hot and dry

Answer: Option 2

Ques.When installing PCI NICS you can check the IRQ availability by looking at

  1. dip switches
  3. jumper settings
  4. motherboard BIOS

Answer: Option 4

Ques. In which mode can two or more applications be stored in memory at the same time?

  1. Segmented Mode
  2. Unprotected Mode
  3. Real Mode
  4. Protected Mode

Answer: Option 4

Ques.The software used to drive microprocessor-based systems is called:

  1. assembly language programs
  2. firmware
  3. BASIC interpreter instructions
  4. flowchart instructions

Answer: Option 1

Ques.How does a parallel port communicate information to a peripheral device?

  1. one bit at a time
  2. 8 bytes at a time
  3. one byte at a time
  4. 16,555 bytes at a time

Answer: Option 3

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Ques.With respect to a network interface card, the term 10/100 refers to

  1. protocol speed
  2. a fiber speed
  3. megabits per seconds
  4. minimum and maximum server speed

Answer: Option 3

Ques.You suspect a virus has entered your computer. What will not be affected by the virus?

  1. CMOS
  2. Boot sector
  3. Floppy disks
  4. Program files

Answer: Option 1

Ques.A microprocessor unit, a memory unit, and an input/output unit form a:

  1. CPU
  2. compiler
  3. microcomputer
  4. ALU

Answer: Option 3

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Ques. On PC power supplies, the wire attached to pin one is usually:

  1. blue or red
  2. blue or white
  3. red or black
  4. white or orange

Answer: Option 4

Ques.Which Motherboard form factor uses one 20 pin connector

  1. ATX
  2. AT
  3. BABY AT
  4. All of the above

Answer: Option 1

Ques.A hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into:

  1. clusters
  2. sectors
  3. vectors
  4. heads

Answer: Option 2

Ques.A wrist grounding strap contains which of the following:

  1. Surge protector
  2. Capacitor
  3. Voltmeter
  4. Resistor

Answer: Option 4

Ques.Which standard govern parallel communications?

  1. RS232
  2. RS-232a
  3. CAT 5
  4. IEEE 1284

Answer: Option 4

Ques.In laser printer technology, what happens during the conditioning stage?

  1. The corona wire places a uniform positive charge on the paper
  2. A uniform negative charge is placed on the photosensitive drum
  3. A uniform negative charge is placed on the toner
  4. All of the above

Answer: Option 2

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Ques.Which of the following is not a computer bus?

  1. data bus
  2. timer bus
  3. control bus
  4. address bus

Answer: Option 2

Ques.The technique of assigning a memory address to each I/O device in the SAM system is called:

  1. wired I/O
  2. I/O mapping
  3. dedicated I/O
  4. memory-mapped I/O

Answer: Option 4

Ques. A port can be:

  1. strictly for input
  2. strictly for output
  3. bidirectional
  4. all the above

Answer: Option 3

Ques. Suppose that you have a the maintenance package identifies several possible field replaceable units (FRUs) that will resolve the problem. What should you do after turning the power off?

  1. Replace the indicated parts, one at a time in the recommended sequence, until the problem is resolved; return unused FRUs to stock
  2. Replace all of the indicated FRUs at once and return the machine to the customer if the problem is resolved
  3. Follow the same procedure as in ays replace the system board first if it is on the list of possible FRUs If multiple FRUs are indicated, then software is the most likely source of the problem
  4. None of the above

Answer: Option 1 

Ques. What product is used to clean smudged keys on a keyboard?

  1. TMC solvent
  2. Silicone spray
  3. Denatured alcohol
  4. All-purpose cleaner

Answer: Option 4

Ques.To find out how much memory is available, you could type _____


Answer: Option 2

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How Much Scope In Computer Hardware Field?

There is huge scope in Computer Hardware Field and it is the most demanding career field. Currently, it is the highest paying and fastest growing domain in IT sector. Those, who want to make their career in hardware & networking field, they can start their preparation according to above listed Computer Hardware Questions and Answers.

Want to know the eligibility criteria to apply for Computer Hardware Jobs? Then go through this para completely. Applying contenders must have Certificate courses in networking includes LINUX, CISCO certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. And, there are also various courses available for those, who want to pursue their study the field of computer hardware and networking some names are Graduation or Diploma in Hardware & Networking.

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