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Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers, MCQ – (Updated 2021)

Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers

Are you preparing for any engineering examination? Well, we have specified here some updated Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers that are updated as per 2021 exams.  Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline relating to professionalism and deals with study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Start your exam preparation with EEE MCQs.

Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers

Ques1: Resistance is measured in

  1. henries
  2. ohms
  3. hertz
  4. watts

Answer: 2

Ques2: The number of millivolts in 0.06 kilovolts is

  1. 600 V
  2. 6,000 mV
  3. 60,000 mV
  4. 600,000 mV

Answer: 3

Ques3: Eighteen thousand watts is the same as

  1. 18 mW
  2. 18 MW
  3. 18 kW
  4. 18 µW

Answer: 3

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Ques4: Materials with lots of free electrons are called

  1. conductors
  2. insulators
  3. semiconductors
  4. filters

Answer: 1

Ques5: The unit of electrical charge is the

  1. coulomb
  2. joule
  3. volt
  4. watt

Answer: 1

Ques6: Current flows in a circuit when

  1. a switch is opened
  2. a switch is closed
  3. the switch is either open or closed
  4. there is no voltage

Answer: 2

Ques7: If 750 µA is flowing through 11 k of resistance, what is the voltage drop across the resistor?

  1. 25 V
  2. 5 V
  3. 6 V
  4. 146 V

Answer: 1

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Ques8: A resistor is connected across a 50 V source. What is the current in the resistor if the color code is red, orange, orange, silver?

  1. 2 mA
  2. 2 mA
  3. 214 mA
  4. 4 mA

Answer: 2

Ques9: When the pointer of an analog ohmmeter reads close to zero, the resistor being measured is

  1. overheated
  2. shorted
  3. open
  4. reversed

Answer: 2

Ques10: A power supply produces a 0.6 W output with an input of 0.7 W. Its percentage of efficiency is

  1. 57%
  2. 85%
  3. 28%
  4. 7%

Answer: 4

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Ques11: The output of a certain voltage divider is 12 V with no load. When a load is connected, the output voltage

  1. decreases
  2. increases
  3. remains the same
  4. becomes zero

Answer: 1

Ques12: A voltage divider consists of two 68 k resistors and a 24 V source. The unknown output voltage is

  1. 12 V
  2. 24 V
  3. 0 V
  4. 6 V

Answer: 1

Ques13: When the speed at which a conductor is moved through a magnetic field is increased, the induced voltage

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. remains constant
  4. reaches zero

Answer: 1

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Ques14: For a given wirewound core, an increase in current through the coil

  1. reverses the flux lines
  2. decreases the flux density
  3. increases the flux density
  4. causes no change in flux density

Answer: 3

Ques15: If the cross-sectional area of a magnetic field increases, but the flux remains the same, the flux density

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. remains the same
  4. doubles

Answer: 2

Ques16: To produce an 800 Hz sine wave, a four-pole generator must be operated at

  1. 200 rps
  2. 400 rps
  3. 800 rps
  4. 1,600 rps

Answer: 2

Ques17: One sine wave has a positive-going zero crossing at 15° and another sine wave has a positive-going zero crossing at 55°. The phase angle between the two waveforms is

  1. 45°
  2. 40°
  3. none of the above

Answer: 3

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Ques18: What is the capacitance when Q = 60 C and V = 12 V?

  1. 720 F
  2. 5 F
  3. 50 F
  4. 12 F

Answer: 2

Ques19: In a series resonant band-pass filter, a lower value of Q results in

  1. a higher resonant frequency
  2. a smaller bandwidth
  3. a higher impedance
  4. a larger bandwidth

Answer: 4

Ques20: In a series RLC circuit that is operating above the resonant frequency, the current

  1. lags the applied voltage
  2. leads the applied voltage
  3. is in phase with the applied voltage
  4. is zero

Answer: 1

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Above mentioned Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers are based on some concepts including in Electrical Engineering. If contenders want to crack any competitive examination or Interview of the Job, they must check EEE Objective Type Questions. To grab more details regarding the Questions based on the following concepts or downloading Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers PDF, you are required to be in touch with us.

Quantities and UnitsOhm’s Law
Series CircuitsSeries-Parallel Circuits
Branch, Loop and Node AnalysesAlternating Current and Voltage
InductorsRC Circuits
RLC Circuits and ResonanceCircuit Theorems in AC Analysis
Three-Phase Systems in Power ApplicationsVoltage, Current and Resistance
Energy and PowerParallel Circuits
Circuit Theorems and ConversionsMagnetism and Electromagnetism
RL CircuitsPassive Filters
Time Response of Reactive Circuits—-

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Electrical Engineering MCQs:

Applying aspirants are informed that there are various sub-disciplines of the engineering such as Power, Control, Electronics, and Microelectronics etc. Engineers focus exclusively on one of these sub-disciplines but electronic engineering and computer engineering, are considered separate disciplines in their own right.

To grab Engineering Job in this discipline you need to crack selection process that can be possible with the help of Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers, so go through this page that is designed by and check details.

Final Words:

Hope you are satisfied with this page of Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers and if you have any question in this regard you may drop comment in below mentioned comment box. Our team members will solve your query regarding Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers and provide you satisfactory answers as soon as possible.

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