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List of First in India Women – GK Questions, भारत में प्रथम महिलाओं की सूची

First in India Women

When we move on to our Indian History, we will found that our India is full of women’s pioneers that have gained a lot of achievements. Here, you will get complete List of First in India Women Personalities that have embarked their presence in the Indian History. By reading these female personalities list and questions related to them, you will be able to enhance your General Knowledge (GK).

भारत में प्रथम महिलाओं की सूची हम अपने पेज के माध्यम से आपको बताने जा रहे है| ये सूची आपके सामान्य ज्ञान को ही नहीं बढ़ाएगी, बल्कि प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओ में भी आपको अच्छे अंक प्राप्त करने में आपकी मददगार साबित होगी | तो आइये जानते है भारत की सफल महिलाओं के बारे में:-

List of First in India Women

First In India Female Personalities – List 1

RoleFemale Personalities
Delhi’s First MayorAruna Asaf Ali
Delhi’s First Woman Chief SecretaryShailja Chandra
 Fastest Asian to swim across the English Channel Anita Sood
First all-women crew to fly an air Force Chetak Helicopter Flight Cadets Cheryl Dutta and Simran Sodhi of IAF
 First Indian woman magistrate appointed in United Kingdom Kantha Talwar
 First India woman mayor in United Kingdom Lata Patel
 First Indian woman President of Indian National Congress Sarojini Naidu
First Indian woman producer and director Fatima Begum
 First Indian woman to become Miss Universe Sushmita Sen
 First Indian Woman to go in space Kalpana Chawla
First woman to head any Wakf Board in India Bader Sayeed
 First Indian woman to reach the final of an Olympic event P.T.Usha
 First Indian woman to win a medal in an Olympic event Karnam Malleshwari
 First Indian woman boxer to win an international event M.C.Merykom
 First Indian woman to Swim across the English Channel Arati Saha
 First Miss Universe of the new millennium Lara Dutta
 First woman Ambassador from India Vijay Lakshmi Pandit
 First woman Central Minister Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
 First woman film star to be a member of Rajya Sabha Nargis Dutt
 First woman Governor of Tamil Nadu Justice M. Fatima Beevi
 First woman judicial officer Anna Chandy
 First woman Minister of an Indian state Vijay Lakshmi Pandit
 First woman Speaker of an Indian state Shano Devi
 Grandma Madonna from India Asha Bhonsle
India’s first Test-Tube BabyKruti Parekh

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First In India Women Personalities – List 2

RoleFemale Personality
India’s first Female Train DriverSurekha Yadav
India’s first Female Tabla MaestroDr. Aban E. Mistry
India’s first Female recognized as Billionth CitizenAstha Arora
India’s first Female to fly an AircraftSarla Thakral
First Female Secretary General of Rajya Sabha in IndiaV. S. Ramadevi
India’s first Female to hold a Union Cabinet Post in Pre-Independent India.Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
First Indian Woman to get Nobel PrizeMother Teresa
First Indian Female to swim across English ChannelArati Saha
First Indian Woman to complete her MBBSKadambini Ganguly
First Indian Woman Chief EngineerP. K. Tresia Nanguli
First Indian Woman to reach AntarcticaMeher Moos in 1976
First Indian Woman Foreign SecretaryNirupama Menon Rao
India’s first Woman Commercial PilotPrem Mathur of Deccan Airways
India’s first Woman Sahitya Award WinnerAmrita Pritam
India’s first Woman to be elected as the General President of the Indian Science CongressDr. Asima Chatterjee
India’s first Woman to win WTA Tennis TournamentSania Mirza
First Indian Woman as Chief Justice of Mumbai High CourtSujata Manohar
First Indian Woman to receive Jnanpith AwardAshapoorna Devi
First Indian Woman BarristerCornelia Sorabji
First Indian woman mountaineer to scale the seven continental peaksPremlata Agarwal
First Indian woman amputee to scale EverestArunima Sinha
First Indian Woman Chairman of Indian Banks AssociationUsha Ananthasubramanian
First Woman Chairperson of National Woman CommissionMrs. Jayanti Patnaik
First Indian Woman to receive Asiad Gold MedalKamaljeet Sandhu
First Indian Woman Speaker of State Assembly of IndiaShanno Devi
First Actress in the Indian CinemaDevika Rani
First Indian Woman Headmistress in schoolSavitribai Phule
First Indian Woman Doordarshan News ReaderPratima Puri
First Indian Woman to reach in Olympic GamesSini Abraham
First Indian Woman to receive Norman Borlaug AwardDr. Amrita Patel
India’s first woman IAS officer after IndependenceAnna Rajam Malhotra
India’s first Woman President of Student’s UnionAnju Sachdeva of Delhi University
India’s first Woman Chairperson of Rajya SabhaViolet Hari Alva

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First In India Women Personalities – List 3

RoleFemale Personalities
The First lady to become Miss WorldReita Faria
First Woman Judge in Supreme CourtMrs Meera Sahib Fatima Bibi
The First Woman AmbassadorMs C B Muthamma
The First  Woman Governor Of a State In free IndiaMrs Sarojini Naidu
The First Woman Prime MinisterMrs Indira Gandhi
The First Woman to climb Mt. EverestBachhendri Pal
The First Woman to climb Mt. Everest  TwiceSantosh Yadav
The First Woman President of the Indian National CongressMrs Annie Besant
The First Woman Chief Justice of a High CourtMrs Leela Seth
The First Woman Pilot in Indian Air ForceHarita Kaur Dayal
The First Woman president of the United Nations General AssemblyMrs Vijaya Laxmi Pandit
The First Woman Chief Minister of an Indian stateMrs. Sucheta Kriplani
The First Woman Chairman of union Public service commissionRoze Millian Bethew
The First Woman Director General  of Police (D.G.P.)Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya
 The First Lieutnant GeneralPuneeta Arora
First Woman Air Vice MarshalP Bandhopadhyaya
First Woman Chairperson  of Indian AirlinesSushma  Chawla
First Woman I.P.S. OfficerMrs Kiran Bedi
The First & last Muslim ruler of DelhiRazia Sultan
The First Woman to Recieve Ashoka ChakraNeerja Bhanot
The First Woman to cross English ChannelAarti Saha
The  First Woman to Recieve Nobel PrizeMother Teresa
The First Woman to Recieve Bharat RatnaMrs. Indira Gandhi
The First Woman to Recieve Jnanpith AwardAsha Purna Devi
The First Woman President of IndiaPratibha Patil

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GK Questions Related to First in India Women Personalities

Q1) Who is the first woman Central Minister of India?

(A) Indira Gandhi

(B) Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

(C) Laxmi Bai

(D) Rajia Sultana

Ans) (B) Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

Q2) Who is the first Indian woman President of UN General Assembly?

(A) Indira Gandhi

(B) Vijay Laxmi Pandit

(C) Kiran Bedi

(D) Leila Seth

Ans) (B) Vijay Laxmi Pandit

Q3) Name the first woman who became the advocate in India?

(A) Cornelia Sorabji

(B) Arti Shah

(C) Kamla Devi

(D) None of the above

Ans) (A) Cornelia Sorabji

Q4) First woman to pass MA in India:

(A) Leila Seth

(B) Kadambani Bose

(C) Thresia

(D) Chandra Mukhi Bose

Ans) (D) Chandra Mukhi Bose

Q5) Who is the first woman to circumnavigate (Sail around the world)?

(A) Kiran Bedi

(B) Ujwala Rai

(C) Anna Chandi

(D) Leila Seth

Ans) (B) Ujwala Rai

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Q6) Who is first woman Chief Justice of a High Court?

(A) Kiran Bedi

(B) Kishori Kamari

(C) Leila Seth

(D) Laxmi Bai

Ans) (C) Leila Seth

Q7) The woman who became first IAS officer in India?

(A) Anna George Malhotra

(B) M. Fatima Biwi

(C) Kiran Bedi

(D) None of the above

Ans) (A) Anna George Malhotra

Q8) Name the first woman who became the Speaker of Lok Sabha in India?

(A) Mrs Sarojini Naidu

(B) Mrs Shanno Devi

(C) Leila Seth

(D) Reita Faria

Ans) (B) Mrs Shanno Devi

Q9) Who is the first woman to win Nobel Prize?

(A) Dina Vakil

(B) Sushmita Sain

(C) Santosh Yadav

(D) P.K. Theresia

Ans) (D) P.K. Theresia

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Q10) Who is the first Muslim woman to sit on the throne on Delhi?

(A) Rajia Sultana

(B) Laxmi Bai

(C) Arti Shah

(D) Leila Seth

Ans) (A) Rajia Sultana

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