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First in the World GK | विश्व में प्रथम General Knowledge Questions

First in the World

The complete list of “First In The World” person, thing and places includes all human exploration, adventures, expeditions, discoveries and inventions that were done for the first time in the history of mankind is given on this page. This List is very useful for general knowledge of students preparing for State Services, NDA, CDS, Railways, Bank, list UPSC-prelims, SSC and Entrance Examination.

A closer look at the history of mankind reveals that humans have an innate tendency to produce, discover, and adventure. Many people have maintained this innate human tendency that also verifies the truth of this idea. In this article we are giving a complete details of विश्व में प्रथम General Knowledge (GK) Questions.

In General Knowledge, This Question is always asked who is the first person in the world who is based on any one subject. In which you are asked a Sentence and who is said to have done that work first.

For this, there are many things that have made people worthy of becoming the first person in the world, but we will only talk about the topics that are always asked in Exams. Or you can also say that it is the most famous in the whole world, because of this they are discussed so much.

First in the World

First Woman to Head UN Political ChiefRosemary Dicarlo
First Player to Score 100 Goals for One ClubChristiano Ronaldo
Nepal’s First Woman PresidentBidya Devi Bhandari
First Person to Reach Mount EverestSherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary
First Person to Reach North PoleRobert Peary
First Person to Reach South PoleAmundsen
The First Person to Sail Round the WorldFerdinand Magellan
The First Person to Fly AeroplaneWright Brothers
The first person to land on the moonNeil Armstrong followed by Edwin E. Aldrin
The First Person to Fly AeroplaneWright Brothers
First Woman President of a CountryMarma Estella ‘Isabel’ Martinez Cartas de Peron
The First Person to Reach in SpaceYuri Gagarin
First Person Perform the Heart TransplantationDr.Christian Bernard
The First Person to Win Nobel Prize TwiceMarie Curie
First Person to Swim Across English channelCaptain Mathew Web in 1875
First Woman to Climb Mount EverestJunko Tabei
First Woman Prime Minister of Any Muslim CountryBenazir Bhutto
First Person to Draw the Map of EarthAnaximander
First Ever Woman Prime Minister of CountrySirimavo Bandaranaike
First Woman President of a CountryMaria Estela Piron
First Space TouristDennis Tito
First country to legalise EuthanasiaNetherland
First country to recognise ‘third gender’ on census formsNepal
First country to require SMS for aircraft entryBermuda
First country to draft its constitution on iPadHungary
First country to account for natural assets globallyIndia
First country to ban fur for fashion week eventsNorway
First country to slap ‘Fat tax’ on food productsDenmark
First country to use the Arabic language for domain nameEgypt
First country to sign biodiversity protocolColombia
First country to block 100000 websitesThailand
First country to monitor every car journeyBritain
First country to ban amalgam fillingsNorway
First country to ban use of animal circusesBolivia
First country to have cruise manoeuvrable MissileIndia
First country to approve stem cell therapySouth Korea
First country in the world to introduce internet votingEstonia
First country to launch secretDenmark
First country to use bivalent polio vaccineAfghanistan
First country to adopt the International Labour Organisation (ILO)Brazil
First crossword puzzle in the world was publishedBy London Sunday Express
First country to make a constitutionUnited States of America
First country to appoint LokpalSweden
First Asian city to host Olympic gameTokyo, Japan
First country printed bookChina
First country to start paper currencyChina
First country to start civil service commissionChina
First country to make education compulsoryPrussia
First country to win world cup footballUruguay
First country to organize NAM summitBelgrade
First country to host modern OlympicGreece
First country to set radio telescope satellite into spaceJapan
First country to ban capital punishmentVenezuela
First country to give constitutional status to animal rightsSwitzerland
First country to give voting right to womenNew Zealand
First country to set carbon taxNew Zealand
First country to start VAT (Value Added Tax)Brazil and Germany
First country to start plastic currencyAustralia
First country to sign nuclear agreement with IndiaFrance
First country to send human to moonUSA
First spaceship landed on MarsVIKING ­– 1
First space shuttle launchedColumbia
First religion of the worldSanatan Dharma
First University of the worldTaxila University
First country to brings out the FIATItaly
First country to issue stampsGreat Britain
First animated colour cartoon of full feature lengthSnow white and seven dwarf
First country in Asia to have a UNESCO category one instituteIndia
First country to sign enforcement for sentencesItaly
First country to be affected by industrial revolutionGreat Britain
First country to sign agreements to set up nuclear reactors in IndiaFrance
First country to use iris scans on ID cardsMexico
First developing country to receive doses of donated H1N1 swine flu vaccinesMongolia
First Developing country to contribute to crop Benefit Sharing FundIndonesia
First country in the world to limit banker’s bonusesFrance
First European country to directly receive Azerbaijani gasGreece

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First Heads of State

First Prime Minister of PakistanLiaqat Ali
First Prime Minister of EnglandRobert Walpole
First President of United States of AmericaGeorge Washington
First Prime Minister of BangladeshSheikh Mujibar Rehman
First President of Chinese RepublicSun Yat Sen
First Prime Minister of AustraliaSir Edmunton Barton
First Prime Minister of IsraelDavid Ben-Gurion
First State President of South AfricaCharles Robberts Swart
First President of RussiaBoris Yelstin
First President of NepalRam Baran Yadav

First in the World – Men

First man in spaceYuri GagarinUSSR
First person of African descent in spaceArnaldo Tamayo MéndezCuba
First man to reach the North PoleRobert PearyUSA
First man to scale Mt EverestEdmund HillaryNew Zealand
First man to reach the South PoleRoald AmundsenNorway
First man to circumnavigate the worldEnrique, Magellan’s slaveMalay
First man to land on the moonNeil ArmstrongUSA
First Secretary General of the United NationsTrygve LieNorway

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First in the World – Women

First woman in spaceValentina TereshkovaUSSR
First woman to cross the Atlantic in a solo flightAmelia EarhartUSA
First woman to scale Mt EverestJunko TabeiJapan
First woman to win an Olympic goldCharlotte CooperEngland
First woman Prime Minister in the worldSirimavo BandaranaikeSri Lanka
First American woman in spaceSally RideUSA
First female commander of International Space StationPeggy WhitsonUSA

First Woman Prime Ministers/ Presidents in the World

Srimavo BandaranaikeSri LankaPrime Minister
Golda MeirIsraelPrime Minister
Indira GandhiIndiaPrime Minister
Margaret ThatcherUnited KingdomPrime Minister
Benazir BhuttoPakistanPrime Minister
Khaleda ZiaBangladeshPrime Minister
Edith CressonFrancePrime Minister
Kim CampbellCanadaPrime Minister
Julia GillardAustraliaPrime Minister
Yingluck ShinawatraThailandPrime Minister
Angela MerkelGermanyChancellor
Corazon AquinoPhilippinesPresident
Chandrika KumaratungaSri LankaPresident
Megawati SukarnoputriIndonesiaPresident
Ellen Johnson SirleafLiberiaPresident
Pratibha PatilIndiaPresident
Dilma RousseffBrazilPresident
Park Geun-hyeSouth KoreaPresident
Ameenah Gurib-FakimMauritiusPresident
Bidhya Devi BhandariNepalPresident

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First in the World – GK Questions

Ques 1. The first person to reach Mount Everest   

Ans: Sherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary

Ques 2. The first person to reach the North Pole

Ans: Robert Peary

Ques 3. The first person to reach the South Pole

Ans: Amundsen

Ques 4. The first religion of the world 

Ans: Hinduism

Ques 5. The first country to print book

Ans: China

Ques 6. The first country to issue paper currency 

Ans: China

Ques 7. The first country to commence a competitive examination in civil services  

Ans: China

Ques 8. The first President of the U.S.A.      

Ans: George Washington

Ques 9. The first Prime Minister of Britain   

Ans: Robert Walpole

Ques 10. The first Governor-General of the United Nations

Ans: Trygve Lie (Norway)

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Ques 11. The first country to win the football World cup

Ans: Uruguay

Ques 12. The first country to prepare a constitution

Ans: U.S.A.

Ques 13. The first Governor-General of Pakistan     

Ans: Mohd. Ali Jinnah

Ques 14. The first country to host NAM summit      

Ans: Belgrade (Yugoslavia)

Ques 15. The first European to attack India   

Ans: Alexander, The Great

Ques 16. The first European to reach China  

Ans: Marco Polo

Ques 17. The first person to fly an aeroplane      

Ans: Wright Brothers

Ques 18. The first person to sail around the world    

Ans: Magellan

Ques 19. The first country to send a man to the moon

Ans: U.S.A.

Ques 20. The first country to launch Artificial satellite in the space     

Ans: Russia

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Ques 21. The first country to host the modern Olympics  

Ans: Greece

Ques 22. The first city on which the atom bomb was dropped    

Ans: Hiroshima (Japan)

Ques 23. The first person to land on the moon        

Ans: Neil Armstrong followed by Edwin E. Aldrin

Ques 24. The first shuttle to go in space       

Ans: Columbia

Ques 25. The first spacecraft to reach on Mars

Ans: Viking—I

Ques 26. The first woman Prime Minister of England       

Ans: Margaret-Thatcher

Ques 27. The first Muslim Prime Minister of a country     

Ans: Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)

Ques 28. The first woman Prime Minister of a country      

Ans: Mrs. S. Bandamaike (Sri Lanka)

Ques 29. The first woman to climb Mount Everest   

Ans: Mrs. Junko Tabei (Japan)

Ques 30. The first woman cosmonaut of the world  

Ans: Velentina Tereshkova (Russia)

We hopes that the above provided information about First in the World is understandable to you. We have mentioned details about First in the World GK questions, First In The World Men/ Women on this page. You can stay in touch with us for getting more regular updates or you can bookmark this page of using Ctrl+D for more future updates.

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