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Global Democracy Index 2021 | Ranking, List Of Democratic Countries

Global Democracy Index

Check out the updated list of Democratic Countries from this page and their ranking as well. We have mentioned here Global Democracy Index 2021 ranking in which India slipped 10 places to 51st position in Democracy Index. The Economist released a democracy list of 165 countries. According to this report, India’s Democracy score declined due to the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir and the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act. Must have a look at below listed Democratic Countries

You have heard about Global Democracy Index, But may be some of you would not know about what is Global Democracy Index 2021 and Ranking. Through this article, you will know the complete List Of Democratic Countries.

Democracy is such a system of all countries in which people have been given the right to elect their ruler according to their own desire, on the other hand there are some countries where there is an illegal military coup and regain rule or the descendants of kings. Every year the Economist Intelligence Unit of The Economist Group releases the Global Democracy Index which analyzes the state of democracy in countries around the world.

In this, their ranking is determined by numbering countries on the basis of fair elections, pluralism, how the government functions, political participation, political culture and civil liberties. The 2021 rankings include 165 countries and two regions.

Global Democracy Index

Global Democracy Index With Ranking

1Norway9.87Full democracy
2Iceland9.58Full democracy
3Sweden9.39Full democracy
4New Zealand9.26Full democracy
5Finland9.25Full democracy
6Ireland9.24Full democracy
7Denmark9.22Full democracy
Canada9.22Full democracy
9Australia9.09Full democracy
10 Switzerland9.03Full democracy
11Netherlands9.01Full democracy
12Luxembourg8.81Full democracy
13Germany8.68Full democracy
14United Kingdom8.52Full democracy
15Uruguay8.38Full democracy
16Austria8.29Full democracy
Spain8.29Full democracy
18Mauritius8.22Full democracy
19Costa Rica8.13Full democracy
20France8.12Full democracy
21Chile8.08Full democracy
22Portugal8.03Full democracy
23South Korea[n 2]8.00Flawed democracy
24Japan7.99Flawed democracy
25United States7.96Flawed democracy
26Malta7.95Flawed democracy
27Estonia7.90Flawed democracy
28Israel7.86Flawed democracy
29Botswana7.81Flawed democracy
30Cape Verde7.78Flawed democracy
31Taiwan7.73Flawed democracy
32Czech Republic7.69Flawed democracy
33Belgium7.64Flawed democracy
34Cyprus7.59Flawed democracy
35Italy7.52Flawed democracy
36Slovenia7.50Flawed democracy
Lithuania7.50Flawed democracy
38Latvia7.49Flawed democracy
39Greece7.43Flawed democracy
40South Africa7.24Flawed democracy
41Timor-Leste7.19Flawed democracy
42Slovakia7.17Flawed democracy
43Malaysia7.16Flawed democracy
Trinidad and Tobago7.16Flawed democracy
45Colombia7.13Flawed democracy
46Panama7.05Flawed democracy
47Bulgaria7.03Flawed democracy
48Argentina7.02Flawed democracy
49Suriname6.98Flawed democracy
50Jamaica6.96Flawed democracy
51India6.90Flawed democracy
52Brazil6.86Flawed democracy
53Tunisia6.72Flawed democracy
54Philippines6.64Flawed democracy
55Ghana6.63Flawed democracy
Hungary6.63Flawed democracy
57Poland6.62Flawed democracy
58Peru6.60Flawed democracy
59Croatia6.57Flawed democracy
60Dominican Republic6.54Flawed democracy
Lesotho6.54Flawed democracy
62Mongolia6.50Flawed democracy
63Romania6.49Flawed democracy
64Indonesia6.48Flawed democracy
65Namibia6.43Flawed democracy
66Serbia6.41Flawed democracy
67Ecuador6.33Flawed democracy
68Thailand6.32Flawed democracy
69Sri Lanka6.27Flawed democracy
70Paraguay6.24Flawed democracy
71El Salvador6.15Flawed democracy
Guyana6.15Flawed democracy
73Mexico6.09Flawed democracy
74Papua New Guinea6.03Flawed democracy
75Hong Kong6.02Flawed democracy
Singapore6.02Flawed democracy
77North Macedonia5.97Hybrid regime
78Ukraine5.90Hybrid regime
79Albania5.89Hybrid regime
80Bangladesh5.88Hybrid regime
81Fiji5.85Hybrid regime
82Senegal5.81Hybrid regime
83Moldova5.75Hybrid regime
84Montenegro5.65Hybrid regime
85Madagascar5.64Hybrid regime
86Armenia5.54Hybrid regime
87Malawi5.50Hybrid regime
88Liberia5.45Hybrid regime
89Georgia5.42Hybrid regime
Honduras5.42Hybrid regime
91Bhutan5.30Hybrid regime
92Nepal5.28Hybrid regime
93Guatemala5.26Hybrid regime
94Kenya5.18Hybrid regime
95Tanzania5.16Hybrid regime
96Morocco5.10Hybrid regime
97Benin5.09Hybrid regime
Zambia5.09Hybrid regime
99Uganda5.02Hybrid regime
100Mali4.92Hybrid regime
101Kyrgyzstan4.89Hybrid regime
102Bosnia and Herzegovina4.86Hybrid regime
Sierra Leone4.86Hybrid regime
104Bolivia4.84Hybrid regime
105Haiti4.57Hybrid regime
106Lebanon4.36Hybrid regime
107Gambia4.33Hybrid regime
108Pakistan4.25Hybrid regime
109Nigeria4.12Hybrid regime
110Turkey4.09Hybrid regime
111Ivory Coast4.05Hybrid regime
112Burkina Faso4.04Hybrid regime
113Algeria4.01Hybrid regime
134Republic of the Congo3.11Authoritarian
145United Arab Emirates2.76Authoritarian
159Saudi Arabia1.93Authoritarian
161Equatorial Guinea1.92Authoritarian
165Central African Republic1.32Authoritarian
166Democratic Republic of the Congo1.13Authoritarian
167North Korea1.08Authoritarian

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Lists of Democratic Countries in the World 2021

Countries With Democracies in North America

  • Canada – Full democracy
  • Costa Rica – Full democracy
  • Dominican Republic – Flawed democracy
  • El Salvador – Flawed democracy
  • Jamaica – Flawed democracy
  • Mexico – Flawed democracy
  • Panama – Flawed democracy
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Flawed democracy
  • United States of America – Flawed democracy

Countries With Democracies in South America

  • Argentina – Flawed democracy
  • Brazil – Flawed democracy
  • Columbia – Flawed democracy
  • Ecuador – Flawed democracy
  • Guyana – Flawed democracy
  • Paraguay – Flawed democracy
  • Peru – Flawed democracy
  • Suriname – Flawed democracy
  • Uruguay – Full democracy

Countries With Democracies in Europe

  • Austria – Full democracy
  • Belgium – Flawed democracy
  • Bulgaria – Flawed democracy
  • Croatia – Flawed democracy
  • Cyprus – Flawed democracy
  • Czech Republic – Flawed democracy
  • Denmark – Full democracy
  • Estonia – Flawed democracy
  • France – Full democracy
  • Germany – Full democracy
  • Greece – Flawed democracy
  • Hungary – Flawed democracy
  • Ireland – Full democracy
  • Italy – Flawed democracy
  • Latvia – Flawed democracy
  • Lithuania – Flawed democracy
  • Luxembourg – Full democracy
  • Malta – Flawed democracy
  • Netherlands – Full democracy
  • Poland – Full democracy
  • Portugal – Full democracy
  • Romania – Flawed democracy
  • Serbia – Flawed democracy
  • Slovakia – Flawed democracy
  • Slovenia – Flawed democracy
  • Spain – Full democracy
  • Switzerland – Full democracy
  • United Kingdom – Full democracy

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Countries With Democracies in Asia

  • Hong Kong – Flawed democracy
  • India – Flawed democracy
  • Indonesia – Flawed democracy
  • Israel – Flawed democracy
  • Japan – Flawed democracy
  • Malaysia – Flawed democracy
  • Mongolia – Flawed democracy
  • Philippines – Flawed democracy
  • Singapore – Flawed democracy
  • South Korea – Flawed democracy
  • Sri Lanka – Flawed democracy
  • Taiwan – Flawed democracy
  • Timor-Leste (East Timor) – Flawed democracy
  • Thailand – Flawed democracy

Countries With Democracies in Africa

  • Botswana – Flawed democracy
  • Cape Verde – Flawed democracy
  • Ghana – Flawed democracy
  • Lesotho – Flawed democracy
  • Mauritius – Full democracy
  • Namibia – Flawed democracy
  • South Africa – Flawed democracy
  • Tunisia – Flawed democracy

Countries With Democracies in Oceania

  • Australia – Full democracy
  • Papua New Guinea – Flawed democracy

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Rankings Are Given On Five Scales:

In this report, the situation of democracy in the countries of the world has been assessed on five scales –

  • Electoral Process and Pluralism
  • The Functioning of Government
  • Political Participation
  • Political Culture
  • Civil liberties

All these scales are related to each other and on the basis of these five parameters, the condition of free and fair elections and democratic system in any country is ascertained. This index is ranked on the basis of a scale of 1–10 points.

Key Points Related To The Index:

In this index, 165 countries and 2 regions of the world have been ranked on the basis of four types of standards based on their governance –

  • Full Democracies
  • Flawed Democracies
  • Hybrid Regimes
  • Authoritarian Regimes

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In this index, only 22 countries out of 167 countries have been declared as fully democratic countries. A total of 54 countries are included under the defective democratic category. A total of 37 countries are included in the hybrid governance category. A total of 54 countries are included in the authoritarian rule category.

Norway, Iceland and Sweden rank first, second and third in this index with a score of 9.87, 9.58, 9.39. In this index, North Korea is ranked last on the basis of a score of 1.08 points. Compared to the year 2018 index, scores of 68 countries have decreased and 65 countries have gained in the score.

Ranked Based On Four Such Standards:

  • Full Democracy

Complete democratic countries are those where civil liberties and fundamental political freedoms are fully respected. Here, there is a political culture compatible with the adherence to democratic principles which puts pressure on it.

These nations have a legitimate system of government checks and balances which is a truly independent judiciary. Whose decisions are fully applied. Where governments function adequately and where there is independent media. These nations have only limited problems in democratic functioning.

  • Flawed Democracies

 Flawed democracies are nations where elections are fair and free and basic civil liberties are respected, but there can be issues (eg violation of media freedom). These nations have significant faults in other democratic aspects. These include issues of underdeveloped political culture, low level of participation in politics and governance.

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  • Hybrid Regimes

These are the countries where regular electoral fraud takes place, they prevent a fair and independent democracy. These nations usually have governments that create the scope for political opponents, non-independent judiciaries, widespread corruption, oppression and pressures imposed on the media, chaotic rule of law and underdeveloped political culture.

  • Authoritarian Regimes

Countries with totalitarian rule are those where political pluralism has disappeared or is very limited. These nations are often autocratic monarchies or dictatorships. There may be some traditional institutions of democracy here, but violation of civil liberties is common. Even if elections are held here, they are not fair and free. At the same time, the media is often state-owned or controlled by groups associated with the ruling regime. The judiciary is not independent in these countries.

According to the EIU, in the four categories in which the governance of any country is divided, the country achieving more than 8 points is included in complete democracy. Whereas a country with more than 6 but less than 8 or 8 points is put in the category of flawed democracy, a country with more than 4 but less than 6 or 6 points, and a country with 4 or less points in the category of authoritarian rule.

India is placed in the category of flawed democracy in the index, that is, India got more than 6 but less than 8 or 8 points. Norway tops the list. Stay in touch with us for more information.

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