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Heat Transfer Quiz | Questions and Answers (MCQ), Online Test, Quizzes

Heat Transfer Quiz

Heat Transfer Quiz helps the applicants to update their knowledge, ability, to find out their confidence level etc. Applicants can try Heat Transfer Quizzes or Online Test in order to test and gain more knowledge about the basics of Heat/ Energy Transfer. Download Heat Transfer Questions and Answers PDF from this page.

Hope below stated Heat Transfer Quizzes are helpful for you to prepare for science competitive exams. We are preparing some more Heat Transfer MCQ Questions and Answers and we will provide you as soon as possible.

Heat Transfer Quiz

Heat Transfer Online Test Questions & Answers

Question 1 In a heat exchanger, floating head is provided to

  1. facilitate cleaning of the exchanger.
  2. increase the heat transfer area.
  3. relieve stresses caused by thermal expansion.
  4. increase log mean temperature gradient.

Answer: 3

Question 2 Leidenfrost point is a term concerned with the

  1. condensation of the saturated vapor on a cold surface.
  2. concentration of a corrosive solution by evaporation.
  3. heat transfer between two highly viscous liquids.
  4. boiling of a liquid on a hot surface

Answer: 4

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Question 3 Shell side pressure drop in a shell and tube heat exchanger does not depend upon the

  1. baffle spacing & shell diameter.
  2. tube diameter & pitch.
  3. viscosity, density & mass velocity of shell side fluid.
  4. none of these.

Answer: 4

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Question 4 In the equation Q = UAΔt; Δt is

  1. geometric mean temperature difference.
  2. arithmetic mean temperature difference.
  3. logarithmic mean temperature difference.
  4. the difference of average bulk temperatures of hot and cold fluids.

Answer: 3

Question 5 With increase in porosity, the thermal conductivity of a solid substance

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. remains unchanged
  4. may increase or decrease; depends on the solid

Answer: 2

Question 6 For an ideal black body

  1. absorptivity = 1
  2. reflectivity = 1
  3. emissivity = 0
  4. transmissivity = 1

Answer: 1

Question 7 Fouling factor

  1. is a dimensionless quantity.
  2. does not provide a safety factor for design.
  3. accounts for additional resistances to heat flow.
  4. none of these.

Answer: 3

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Question 8 In case of vertical tube evaporator, with increase in liquor level, the overall heat transfer co-efficient

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. is not affected
  4. may increase or decrease; depends on the feed

Answer: 2

Question 9 The steam ejector is used to

  1. remove condensate from the steam pipelines.
  2. create vacuum.
  3. superheat the steam.
  4. none of these.

Answer: 2

Question 10  For shell and tube heat exchanger, with increasing heat transfer area, the purchased cost per unit heat transfer area

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. remains constant
  4. passes through a maxima

Answer: 4

Question 11 Crystal size in a continuous crystallizer depends upon the

  1. Rate of heat transfer
  2. Degree of turbulence
  3. Degree of super saturation
  4. All (a), (b) and (c)

Answer: 4

Question 12 What kind of heat transfer happens when the sun is heating your body?

  1. Convection
  2. Density
  3. Conduction
  4. Radiation

Answer: 4

Question 13 Which of the following materials would not work well to block the conduction of heat?

  1. Tin foil
  2. An insulated coffee mug
  3. Fur
  4. Mittens

Answer: 1

Question 14 What is the definition of CONDUCTION?

  1. When heat transfers through the heater or AC in your house
  2. When heat transfers from objects that are touching
  3. When heat is transferred from objects like rays of light or electromagnetically
  4. A hot liquid or air that expands, becomes less dense, and rises or becomes more dense, and sinks

Answer: 2

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Question 15 Black liquor generated during paper manufacture is concentrated in a

  1. Multiple effect evaporators followed by a crystallizer.
  2. Single effect evaporator.
  3. Single effect evaporator followed by a crystallizer.
  4. Multiple effect evaporator.

Answer: 4

Question 16 As a thunderhead builds, warm air at the Earth’s surface rises and cold air high aloft sinks downward. What heat transfer process is occurring here?

  1. Radiation
  2. Convection
  3. Induction
  4. Conduction

Answer: 2

Question 17 Heat from the sun travels to Earth by _____

  1. Insulation
  2. Radiation
  3. Conduction
  4. Convection

Answer: 2

Question 18 Which of the following is not a method of heat transfer?

  1. Induction
  2. Conduction
  3. Radiation
  4. Convection

Answer: 1

Question 19 Bulk of the convective heat transfer resistance from a hot tube surface to the fluid flowing in it, is

  1. Mainly confined to a thin film of fluid near the surface.
  2. In the central core of the fluid.
  3. Uniformly distributed throughout the fluid.
  4. None of these.

Answer: 1

Question 20 Heat transfers from an area of ____temperature to an area of ___ temperature.

  1. It can travel high to low and low to high
  2. High to low
  3. Low to high
  4. High to high

Answer: 2

Question 21 Which of the following statements about radiation heat transfer is true?

  1. Radiant heat transfer explains why a spoon in a cup of hot tea soon feels warm
  2. Radiation heat transfer does not involve particles
  3. A radiant heat source transfers heat by energizing the molecules of air around it
  4. Only glowing objects can be a radiant heat source

Answer: 2

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Question 22 How are heat from the sun and heat from a campfire alike?

  1. They are solar energy.
  2. They move by radiation.
  3. They move by convection.
  4. They move by conduction.

Answer: 2

Question 23 Which one of the following materials would best allow infrared waves to pass through it?

  1. Orange juice
  2. Clear glass
  3. Black paper
  4. Tin foil

Answer: 2

Question 24 The absorptivity of a body is equal to its emissivity

  1. Under thermal equilibrium
  2. At a particular temperature
  3. For circular bodies
  4. None of these

Answer: 1

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Question 25 What is the definition of CONVENTION?

  1. When heat transfers from objects that are touching
  2. When heat is transferred through waves of heat across a distance
  3. When heat is transferred through circulation of liquid or gases

Answer: 3

Question 26 Which one of the following materials would best allow infrared waves to pass through it?

  1. Black paper
  2. Orange juice
  3. Tin foil
  4. Clear glass

Answer: 4

Question 27 The energy stored in an atom’s nucleus is called ________  potential energy

  1. Thermal
  2. Chemical
  3. Nuclear
  4. Electromagnetic

Answer: 3

Question 28 The optimum effective temperature for human comfort is

  1. Same in winter and summer
  2. Not dependent on season
  3. Higher in winter than in summer
  4. Lower in winter than in summer

Answer: 4

Question 29 Pick out the wrong statement.

  1. Thermal conductivity of a dry material is more than that of the damp material.
  2. Bubble size increases with the dynamic viscosity of the liquid in case of nucleate pool boiling.
  3. Vaporization of organic substances in evaporator mostly causes foam formation.
  4. Ratio of its capacity to economy equals the steam consumption in kg/hr in an evaporator.

Answer: 1

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Question 30 A perfect black body is one which

  1. Reflects all the heat radiations
  2. Transmits the heat radiations
  3. Is black in colour
  4. Absorbs heat radiations of all wave lengths falling on it

Answer: 4

Who Should Practice these Heat Transfer Quiz Questions?

  • Anyone wishing to sharpen their knowledge of Heat Transfer Subject
  • Anyone preparing for aptitude test in Heat Transfer
  • Anyone preparing for interviews (campus/off-campus interviews, walk-in interview and company interviews)
  • Anyone preparing for entrance examinations and other competitive examinations
  • All – Experienced, Freshers and Students.

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Heat Transfer Practice Quiz 2019:

Term Heat transfer is the substitute of thermal-energy among corporeal systems and rate of heat-transfer is reliant on the warmth of the systems and the properties of the prevailing intermediate through which the heat is transferred and there is three basic modes of heat transfer are conduction, convection and radiation.

The following Heat Transfer Quiz Questions with Answers will help you to not only adjudge yourself for the knowledge in this particular domain but also this Heat Transfer Practice Test helps you to learn more about the process of Heat Transfer and its Practical Applications. Get Heat Transfer Mock Test Questions from here.

We are preparing some more Heat Transfer question and answers we will provide you as soon as possible. Aspirants must check out these Heat Transfer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers in the above section and enhance the basic knowledge regarding the Heat Transfer Online Quiz. Download Heat Transfer Quiz PDF from above page.

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