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How to Pass CompTIA 2021| Best Tips for CompTIA Network+ / A+ Exam

How to Pass CompTIA

CompTIA Network+ certification basically verifies that an individual’s possesses essential skills and knowledge in networking. Looking for tips for How To Pass CompTIA 2021 in order to develop your career in IT infrastructure? There are some best tips CompTIA Network+ / A+ Exam as well as some important details that will help in passing the test with good scores. So, must check out CompTIA exam secrets and brilliant ricks here.

How to Pass CompTIA

FAQ’s Related CompTIA

Question1:Is the CompTIA A+ hard?

Answer: It looks so much easy to pass the CompTIA A+ Certification exam but the truth is, it is the hardest exam to go through. It requires your dedication, hard work, and most accurate preparation material to secure good grades in CompTIA A+ exam.

Question2:How Long Should I Study For Comptia A+?

Answer: More than half of test takers spent longer than two months studying for each of the two A+ exams. From this small sample size, we also found that the first exam, 220-901, takes longer to study for than the second.

Question3:DOES A+ Certification Expire?

Answer: The policy applies only to the A+, Network+, and Security+ exams; others are not affected “at this time.” Exam certifications now carry a “valid through” date that is good for three years from the exam date. Keeping current doesn’t mean taking a complete test every three years, though.

Question4:What Is The Benefit Of A+ Certification?

Answer: The exam is designed to certify the competency of entry-level PC computer service professionals in installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating personal computers. The A+ certification is sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).

Question5:How Do I Download My CompTIA Certificate?


  • Log in to your CompTIA certification account and press on the Certification tab.
  • Then hit on the PDF certificate link under Downloads for the corresponding certification.
  • The PDF certificate contains a URL and verification code that is used to authenticate your certification.

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Best Tips for CompTIA Network+ / A+ Exam  

  1. Avoid “Brain Dumps”

You must use official CompTIA textbooks or materials for the better preparation. Worst of all, brain dumps can actually get the person posting them in legal trouble since CompTIA exam takers have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

  1. Memorize the Test Objectives

To know the test objectives does more than just prepare you for the layout of the exam.Time is of the essence in these tests and knowing where you are and how much you have left is vital. Not to mention the fact that studying the objectives means you’re more prepared to take and pass your test in general.

  1. Know What Type of Learner You Are

Everyone has different way to learn and have different level of catching the things, so you must be aware of the type of learner you are. Figuring out what works best for you is the best exam trick when you have to do a ton of studying.

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  1. Build a Computer or Set up a Network

To Build a Computer or Set up a Network is especially important for the CompTIA A+ exam and the Network+ exam. It will be essential in understanding not just the theory, but the actual practice.

  1. Be Prepared for CompTIA’s Performance-Based Questions

Performance-based questions (aka PBQs) ask the taker to perform a task or solve a problem in a simulation. More complex than your standard multiple-choice, these questions take time is you are not prepared for the exam. However, they don’t have to bring your test to a screeching pause.

  1. Create a Study Plan to Pass that Test

Plan out the time between now and when you’re going to take your test. Be sure to allow more time for difficult subjects or areas you might need some extra help on.

How Does A+ Compare to Alternatives?

based Questions
Exam Length2 exams,
90 min. each
2-3 exams
Experience LevelEntryEntry
Exam FocusVendor-
technical &
Tied to specific
(e.g., MCSA
Windows 8
Server 2012)
Pre-requisitesNone. 9-12
None. Prior

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based Questions
Exam Length4 exams1 exam,
90 min.
Exam FocusBroad-based intro
to IT. Gateway to
Microsoft’s product-
centric certifications.
Entry level
networking for
Cisco products
& solutions

What Skills Will Be Tested In CompTIA Network+ / A+ Exam?

Six important fundamental concepts will be tested as part of this test, which includes:

  • IT Terminology and Basic Concepts
  • Infrastructure
  • Software Development
  • Applications and Software
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Security

Common Tips for CompTIA Network+ / A+ Exam       2021

Well, to crack an IT test is not that easy because CompTIA Network+ involves lot of preparation and time. Therefore, time management and proper study with preparation tips will make wonders. This networking certification prepares the aspirants to support the network regardless of the platform. However, CompTIA Network+ is solely industry certification covering wireless as well as wired networks.

  • In order to make command on above mentioned topics, you may check ebooks that are easily available on the internet.
  • If you are an IT, student, then these books can be really helpful as you will be able to understand the concepts with ease. But if you are a non IT student or looking for a career change in to IT, then it is always good to attend classroom training.
  • In classroom training, you will be able to learn each concept in detail which is very important for you as a non IT professional.
  • You will also be able to get all your doubts clarified from your trainer.
  • Candidates who don’t have personal classroom sessions can choose the virtual classroom sessions.
  • Do preparation with CompTIA Network+ / A+ Exam Sample Papers.

Final Words!!

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