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HTET Question Paper | (PGT/TGT) Level Wise Previous Year Papers With Answers

HTET Question Paper

Every year Board of School Education, Haryana conducts Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test. Candidates who are going to appear for HTET can prepare for exam from latest HTET Question Paper. HTET Previous year question papers contain the questions which come in previous year exam. Here on this page we provide HTET Question Paper in pdf form, download it and start practicing from it.

Overview – HTET Question Paper

Conducting BodyBoard of School Education, Haryana
Exam NameHaryana Teacher Eligibility Test
CategoryHTET Question Paper

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HTET Question Paper

HTET Question and Answer

1) Who is the father of genetic epistemology?

  1. a) Piaget
  2. b) Bruner
  3. c) Vygotsky
  4. d) Dewey


2) Nature Children are like

  1. a) Imitative
  2. b) Constructive
  3. c) Imaginative
  4. d) Destructive


3) Which of the following is not a product of learning?

  1. a) Skill
  2. b) Knowledge
  3. c) Maturation
  4. d) Physical Structure


4) Teaching-Learning Process fundamentally completed in

  1. a) Class Room
  2. b) School
  3. c) Society
  4. d) Home

Answer – Class Room

5) Which from the following should be used to decrease minor inappropriate behavior?
a) Praise

  1. b) Reward
  2. c) Ignorance
  3. d) Strictness

Answer – Ignorance

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6) Which of the following plants is a total root parasite plant?

  1. a) Urticularia
  2. b) Santalum
  3. c) Wolfia
  4. d) Rafflesia

Answer – Rafflesia

7) Which was not one of the regions in which the English first set up trading posts?

  1. a) Gujarat
  2. b) Bengal
  3. c) Goa
  4. d) Coromondel coasts

Answer – Goa

8) Qyteti Stalin in Albania is known for

  1. a) Natural gas
  2. b) Iron ore
  3. c) Oil
  4. d) Coal

Answer – Oil

9) India’s Biggest Nuclear Research Reactor is named

  1. a) Dhruva
  2. b) Purnima
  3. c) Cirus
  4. d) Apsara

Answer – Dhruva

10) The raw material used for the production of iron is

  1. a) Coke
  2. b) Petrol
  3. c) Limestone
  4. d) Rubber

Answer – Coke

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11) When in each box 5 or 6 dozens of apples were packed, three dozens were left. Therefore, bigger boxes were taken to pack 8 or 9 dozens of apples. However, still three dozens of apples remained. What was the least number of dozens of apples to be packed?

(a) 363 dozens

(b) 315 dozens

(c) 345 dozens

(d) 335 dozens

(e) None of the above

Answer – 363 dozens

12) The average age of a class is 15.8 yr. the average age of the boys in the class is 16.4 yr while that of the girls is 15.4 yr. what is the ratio of boys to girls in the class?

  1. a) 1:2
  2. b) 3:4
  3. c) 3:5
  4. d) None of these

Answer – None of these

13) Water tax is increased by 20% but its consumption is decreased by 20%. Then, the increase or decrease in expenditure of the money is

  1. a) No change
  2. b) 5% decrease
  3. c) 4% increase
  4. d) 4% decrease

Answer – 4% decrease

14) A feeding bottle is sold for Rs 120. Sales tax accounts for one-fifth of this and profit one-third of the remainder. Find the cost price of the feeding bottle.

(a) 64

(b) 72

(c) 68

(d) 76

Answer – 64

15) Two ducks move along the circumference of a circular pond in the same direction and come alongside each other every 54 minutes. If they moved with the same speeds in the opposite directions, they would meet every 9 minutes. It is known that when the ducks moved along the cicumference in opposite directions, the distance between them decreased from 54 to 14 feet every 48 seconds. What is the speed of the slower duck?

(a) 20 feet/min

(b) 15 feet/min

(c) 30 feet/min

(d) 20.83 feet/min

Answer – 20.83 feet/min

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HTET Previous Year Question Paper

There are three levels in HTET Exam – Level 1 for Primary Teacher – Class I to V, Level 2 for TGT Teacher – Class VI to VIII and Level 3 for PGT – Lecturer. To crack the HTET exam application can start preparation with HTET Question Paper. HTET Previous Year Papers gives the idea about type of questions and difficulty level of exam.

Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test is an exam conducted by Board of School Education to check the Eligibility of candidates for teacher posts in Haryana. HTET Question Paper are very important study material to prepare for exam. Job seekers can download HTET Question Paper in pdf form from this page.


Candidates can get more Details about HTET Question Paper by visiting the official website.

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